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If you have a mobile phone with wireless charging, and at the same time you are an active person and you value unlimited solutions, our device will surely catch your attention. The 10W charger is compatible with all devices equipped with wieless charging function, also with 5W charging. One thing is certain - wireless charging is the future, and we will also secure your phone with strong suction cups! Meet TRACER WIRELESS MOBILITY!

Its advantage is the ease of use of the phone even while charging. TRACER WIRELESS MOBILITY is equipped with 8 suction cups, as well as a head that allows you to easily write messages, play your favorite battles or take photos, even when we are in the process of charging the energy level on our smartphone. Most importantly - the presented product is fully safe for use, because after attaching it to the suction cups, the possibility of dropping the phone also…drops. The temperature is always under control, because the charger does not heat up due to specially selected materials.

TRACER WIRELESS MOBILITY means maximum comfort and easy use. The device is light, portable, easy to take on a journey. It can be used through the phone case, which will not affect the quality of charging. A huge advantage is the extended stand of the device. It can be used as a telephone stand when watching a movie, reading an article or talking on a communicator. Another use is placing it between the fingers of your hand, which makes it easier to use the smartphone while charging. Do not be surprised in any situation!
HDD external enclosure TRACER USB 3.0 HDD 2.5" SATA 723-2 AL
Frame adaptor for installing 2.5 "disks at the 5.25" drive in laptops Supports all 2.5 "SATA disks up to 12.7 mm in height. No drivers required. USB3.0 technology enables fast data transfer.
Gaming headset TRACER GAMEZONE Madman RGB
• HIGH QUALITY SOUND: stereo sound headset with multicolor rainbow RGB light. Delivers a clear, crisp and rich sound, 50 mm drivers for better gaming atmosphere.
• BUILT FOR COMFORT: Extra light earphone with padded earmuffs and adaptive PU leather headband for long-wearing comfort, suitable for game enthusiasts, professional gamer, allowing you many hours of gaming fun.
• NOISE CONTROL: Professional gaming headset with noise isolation closed earcups design, covers your entire ear and cuts out external sound effectively. Put on the headphone, World belongs to you.
• FLEXIBLE MICROPHONE: 180 degree rotation mic with super noise-reduction, picks up sounds with great sensitivity and remove the noise. Memory mic cord & durable hose design, allow random rotation.
Audio / Headphones
Paper Sheredder TRACER Cutter TRX-119
Typhoon Shredder is ideal for those looking for affordable and reliable shredder while holding all the necessary functions.Security Level 3rd
HOME & OFFICE / Shredders & Laminators
TRACER T-Band Libra S5
TRACER T-Band Libra S5 is new device from the "smart wearables" line, which will come in handy both in summer and winter, among those who value sports and modern technologies. This is a smart band of the latest generation, which boasts a minimum price and maximum possibilities. The device works on iOS and Android, and connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0.

Running comrade
Libra S5 lets you arrange many healthy measurements and check-ups, and above all: pulse and blood pressure. This is a useful function for physically active people as well as for all those who care about their health and well-being. The band will also save the distance of your walk and calories burned, and if it decides that you haven’t moved for too long - it will suggest you when to get up from the desk or the couch. The sleep monitor will also allow you to check if your body is properly regenerating at night.

Phone on a wrist
T-Band Libra S5 enables you to read notifications and text messages directly from the band's screen. You can choose from a range of applications and allow them to show notifications on the T-Band. Run, explore, walk! –and stay up-to-date with your social media. Libra S5 will also notify you about the incoming voice call, even if the phone is deep down in the depths of the shopping bag.

Life gets easy
With the help of the band you can personalize your training goals and track your progress. It will plan alarms and notifications with you. It will help you manage your time - day and night. It works on the battery for about 6 days, and it is charged from the USB port pulled directly from the T-Band. It is therefore the maximum convenience for each user.
Automatic car mount with 5W wireless charger TRACER WIRELESS MAGNETIC
TRACER WIRELESS MAGNETIC - magical magnet, wireless charging

A minimalistic phone holder that also has the function of a wireless charger - reliable and elegant, created for the classic interior of your car. Thanks to the easy-to-install magnetic sticker on the backcover, it keeps your smartphone in check with full stability. At the same time, you can charge your phone while driving thanks to the built-in powerful 5W induction charger. You can rotate the handle 360 degrees and use it in all conditions.

Perhaps, as a fan of modern gadgets, you have already started your adventure with wireless charging phones. It's a really convenient solution. You are no longer looking for a cable desperately, just to fnd it tangled or damaged. You do not have to try the plug at different angles. You put the phone on the base of the wireless charger - and voila, your smartphone gains energy.

What if we told you that you can also have same convenience in the car?
Have you ever dreamed of permanently using the car holder as an induction charger?

With TRACER WIRELESS MAGNETIC it's easy peasy.

Our new product is a 2in1 type solution – a wireless charger + magnetic holder mounted to the car's air vent.

Mount the magnetic sticker on the backcover of your phone, put it on the TRACER WIRELESS MAGNETIC device and enjoy the strong protection of the phone against falling. If two users use the car, do not worry - we offer two stickers in the set. The holder is used for both wireless and non-wireless telephones. If you like comfort, good design, high quality and safety, try our product. Thanks to the mounting on the air vent, the phone screen is always close to you. The smartphone can be operated with one hand, at any time. The magnetic field has no negative effect on the signal, so you can use the telephone without interference.

Induction charger supports 5W charging, it can also charge smartphones with fast 10W charging, of course with reduced power - but this ensures full compatibility. Charging begins immediately after you put the smartphone on it and is indicated by a diode light. It does not matter if you need to charge your battery from scratch, or you do not want to lose the battery level during intensive use, for example using navigation or listening to music from your phone. Now you can safely focus on driving the car. Nothing surprises you on the road if you take the TRACER WIRELESS MAGNETIC charger with you.

Set includes:
- magnetic holder with charging function
- two magnetic stickers
Tracer Soundcharge T1 - a useful gadget for every driver

Soundcharge T1 is a modern car transmitter with a hands-free speakerphone system. FM transmitter allows you to significantly expand the functions of the car audio system. With the Soundcharge device, you can enjoy your favourite songs on a long car journey. If you need to use the transmitter, simply connect it to the cigarette lighter socket. Navigate, talk and listen to music wherever you are!
• Modern design, nice and big screen
• Hands free calls
• Bluetooth streaming (cordless)
• MicroSD up to 32 GB
• Quick Charge 3.0

Impressive design
Nowadays the design plays the key part, which is why the Soundcharge T1 transmitter has been designed to perfectly fit into both the modern and the older interior of the car. This is an extremely functional gadget that will enhance the visual qualities of your car. Convenient to use, the transmitter is equipped with a large 1.4 "display, and the gooseneck helps you adjust the handlebar in any angle.

Hands-free speakerphone system for more driving comfort
Built-in microphone lets the transmitter be used as a set to conveniently have telephone conversations while driving a car. Device transmits voice calls from a mobile phone to the car stereo via Bluetooth, which significantly increases the safety and comfort of travel.

Streaming Bluetooth
This convenient and functional device allows you to stream music from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.2. From now, on while driving, you can enjoy your favorite songs even from the Tidal and Spotify applications.

Music from the MicroSD card
With Soundcharge T1 you can listen to your favorite songs in the popular MP3 / WMA / WAV formats and in the lossless FLAC format directly from the car radio speakers. All you need to do is connect a MicroSD card to the device. The FM transmitter is a great convenience for owners of older car models whose radio sets only support CDs or cassette tapes. The device supports cards with a maximum capacity of 32 GB.

Quick charge 3.0 - fast charging for new mobile devices
Equipped with two USB ports, Soundcharge T1 can act as a charger for smartphone, tablet or navigation. The USB Quick Charge port provides super-fast power source.
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