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Tracer RATERO RF 2.4 GHz White wireless mouse
Tracer RATERO RF 2.4 GHz wireless mouse

An office mouse doesn't have to be ordinary. Meet the Tracer RATERO wireless mouse designed for the special tasks you do every day. It offers reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity without interference or lag. Ergonomic shell, minimalist design with RGB backlight, made of high-quality materials with attention to the smallest detail, five keys and the Pixart 3065 sensor make this mouse a unique tool that perfectly blends with any interior.

• Built-in 650 mAh battery.
• Esthetic and minimalistic design.
• PIXART 3065 optical sensor.
• USB-C charging cable.
• 5 buttons and scroll wheel.
• 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity.
• RGB backlight.
• Adjustable resolution of 800/1200/1600 DPI.
• Symmetrical profiling.

Perfect for all users
The symmetrical profiling of the mouse ensures comfortable work for both left and right-handed users. The Tracer RATERO mouse has a smart, ergonomic design, which means it provides optimal support for the hand during long use.

Sensitive adjustable sensor
The optical PixArt 3065 sensor is responsible for accurate and operation with a sensitivity of up to 1600 DPI. The RETERO mouse allows you to quickly switch between 3 sensitivity levels during use (800 DPI/1200 DPI/1600 DPI), which makes the device perfectly prepared for every task.

RGB rainbow backlight.
Check out the color combinations offered by the RGB rainbow backlight. A multi-colored illumination will make your evening time spent in front of a computer more pleasant. Lightweight structure and aesthetic design adds a unique flair to the device.

Plug in and go.
No additional software or drivers are necessary to use the Tracer RATERO mouse. All you need to do is connect the USB nano receiver included with the mouse to a free USB port on your computer or laptop and it is ready to go. With the Plug & Play technology, the mouse is ready to work right out of the box.
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TRACER Boogie V3 Wireless Speaker with TWS and Bluetooth

A good sound system makes the party for you? Choose Boogie V3 from Tracer. This high-quality wireless speaker will charm your guests with great power and functionality. Play your favourite music from Bluetooth-compatible devices and enjoy great sound.

• TWS technology – create a powerful stereo.
• Built-in FM radio.
• RMS power 15W.
• Bluetooth wireless connection.
• Karaoke mode and microphone included.
• Multi-colour RGB LED backlight.
• Music reproduction from memory card and USB storage devices
• With shoulder strap for easier carrying.

Get any party going
Strong and clear sound, combined with the karaoke mode and the included microphone will make every house party you host memorable for your guests.
Strong sound
Tracer Boogie V3 speaker features True Wireless Stereo technology, which enables you to conveniently connect two speakers together and get even more punch out of your music. Tracer Boogie V3 is a guarantee of a successful party and great sound.

Rainbow LED backlight
Set a unique atmosphere at any party with multi-colour LED backlight. Thanks to the speaker's power, any song will sound just amazing. And if you like singing, just plug the microphone into the Boogie speaker, switch to the appropriate mode and your karaoke party setup is ready.

Convenient carrying
Sturdy construction and the included shoulder strap make it easy to take your Tracer speaker with you wherever you go. Modern design of the Tracer Boogie speaker will fit perfectly into any interior, and the possibility of wireless operation means that you can also use it during outdoor events.

Music for hours
With the Tracer Boogie V3 speaker you will be able to play your favourite music for up to 10 hours. Play a playlist from a USB storage device or a memory card connected to the speaker. Prefer radio broadcasts? No problem. The Tracer speaker also has a built-in FM module.
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Powerbank TRACER 10000 mAh 2A slim White
Tracer Powerbank 10,000mAh

Compact, minimalist design and high performance – these are the main advantages of the Tracer Powerbank. This small, inconspicuous device contains high-performance polymer cells which will provide you with additional power for your mobile devices at any time. Large capacity of 10,000mAh allows you to charge your smartphone several times. The device has been enclosed in an aesthetic, slim casing so that it can easily fit even in a pocket.

• 2x USB ports.
• 1x USB-C port.
• Large capacity of 10,000mAh.
• Polymer battery.
• Slim and light design.

High quality guarantees safety
The use of high-quality cells in this mobile charger makes the device not only very efficient, but also safe, which has been confirmed during laboratory tests as well as during everyday use. Classic, versatile design, high-quality workmanship and casing made of very durable plastic will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding users.

Power boost always at hand
With the Tracer Powerbank, you will forget what it means to have you smartphone battery running flat on the go. You can freely use your tablet, watch videos on the go or listen to music – and whenever you need, just connect the portable Tracer battery and worry not about the battery level dropping.

Two ports equals twice as many possibilities
Trace Powerbank is equipped with 2 USB ports, which means that you can charge two devices at the same time. This mobile battery is the perfect companion for those who use several devices while travelling. You can also lend your energy to a friend.

Safety of use
High-quality materials used to build Tracer mobile battery ensure stable power supply and proper heat management. This means that the powerbank is safe to use, very durable and does not overheat.
Power banks / POWER BANKS
Powerbank TRACER 20000 mAh 2A Blue
Tracer Powerbank 20,000mAh with two USB ports

Compact and above all efficient – this is the Tracer Powerbank. It is an indispensable device when extra power is needed. Large capacity of 20,000mAh is enough to charge your smartphone or tablet several times. Built-in, high-quality polymer battery offers stable performance, longer working time and safety of use.

• Large capacity of 20,000mAh.
• 2x USB port.
• 1x USB-C port.
• Polymer battery.
• Slim and light construction.
• Timeless design.

Additional power always at hand
With the Tacer Powerbank, you never have to worry about a flat battery in your smartphone – you can quickly top it up using your portable powerbank. Whenever the need arises, connect the Tracer Powerbank to your device and continue to use it freely.

Convenient USB-C port
Tracer Powerbank is equipped with two USB ports and a modern USB-C port, thanks to which connecting devices for charging is quick and easy. You no longer need to check which side up to insert the connector, as the USB-C standard is reversible for your convenience. This type of port also offers more power compared to previous generations of USB ports, thus accelerating the charging process.

Safety of use
Built-in, high-quality polymer battery in this mobile charger always guarantees high efficiency and safety of use, which has been confirmed during laboratory tests. Aesthetic design, small dimensions and high-quality workmanship will appeal to the tastes of even more demanding users.
Power banks / POWER BANKS
LED Desk Lamp TRACER LUNA with Wireless charger 10W
The Tracer Luna LED desk lamp with wireless phone charger effectively illuminates your workplace while providing the energy necessary to power your smartphone, both wirelessly and via USB port! Long hours of work, doing homework or painting at a desk can cause heavy eyestrain. Eyes are worth caring for – choose the Luna desk lamp designed to provide optimal concentration of the luminous flux on the target area or object without tiring the eyes.

• Inductive fast smartphone charging of 10W.
• 3 color temperatures (warm, neutral, cool).
• Light source: LEDs.
• Lifetime of up to 15,000 h.
• Elegant timeless design.

Wireless and wired smartphone charging
You can conveniently charge your smartphone while working, doing homework or manual work. The Tracer Luna desk lamp has a built-in 10W inductive charger in its base. Just put a smartphone with inductive charging function on the lamp base and wireless charging starts automatically. If your phone has no inductive charging function, Luna will power it via a USB port at the back of the lamp base.

Three color temperatures
The Tracer Luna desk lamp provides a bright light with a power of 3.5W and a luminous flux of 230 lm. The color temperature (warm, natural or cold) from 3000 to 6500 K can be smoothly adjusted according to your individual preferences.

Light intensity adjustment
Light intensity can be adjusted in each of the available color modes, which means you can always tailor your Luna light type and intensity settings to the current conditions and individual needs.

Adjusting the light tilt angle
The design of the Luna lamp allows for double adjustment of the position of the light source. The spotlight to be tilted forward at the base, and the light angle can be adjusted in the upper section of the lamp.

Long lifespan
The Tracer Luna desk lamp is an aesthetic device that will blend with any interior design. It is made of durable plastic and has LEDs with a lifespan of up to 15,000 hours. Luna desk lamp will accompany you for many years. SMD LEDs used as a light source prevent the device from heating up, making it a safe choice for your child's room.

Technical parameters:
Supply voltage: DC 5V 2.4 A
Rated power: 3.5 W
Maximum power: 20 W
USB port output: DC 5V 1A
CRI> 80
Lumens: 230 lm for a flux of 360 degrees
Color temperature: 3000-6500 k
Lamp height: 370 mm
Lamp base dimensions: 120 x 180 x 15 mm
Material: ABS
Product lifespan: 15 000 h
Recommended power supply (not included): DC 5V-3A
LIGHTING / Desk and night lamps
Travel & Adventure
Tracer automatic beach tent 220 x 120 x 125 cm
Tracer automatic beach tent

The automatic Tracer beach tent is a perfect gear for holiday trips. The tent will provide protection against strong sun and wind, so you can fully relax in nature. Anglers will also love it.

• Size: 220 x 120 x 125 cm.
• Fast setup and fold down.
• Material: polyester and metal.
• Protects against wind and sun.
• Provides good insulation against wet floor.
• Windows/vents.

Instant setup
The Tracer tent uses an automatic mechanism, which makes its unfolding and folding very simple in less than a minute. No more wasting time with setting up a traditional tent – you need just one minute to start enjoying your beach time. The Tracer tent can be folded down just as quickly as it opens up, which is especially convenient in sudden bad weather when you have to collect your belongings in just a few moments and be ready to go.

Perfect shelter
The Tracer tent provides sun protection for all individuals with sensitive skin who should avoid sun exposure. You no longer have to give up on a sunny holiday by the sea – with the Tracer beach tent, you can enjoy safe sunbathing. The polyester floor provides insulation against wet ground, and windows provide the necessary ventilation to avoid high temperatures inside the tent. The metal frame makes the tent stable.

Easy to carry with you
The Tracer tent is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. Despite its size, it does not take up much space in the luggage as the flexible frame can be folded into a compact size. Made of a dirt-resistant polyester fabric, the tent can be easily kept clean and hand- or machine-washed if soiled.
Travel & Adventure
Pop up Beach Mat TRACER BLUE 180 x 80cm
TRACER beach mat

The Tracer beach mat is a must-have for every camper and beach fan. You can take it to the beach or in the wild, on a holiday trip to the seaside, or a short weekend trip to a lake, a meadow or a park to be as comfortable as possible. It is also a perfect gear for outdoor sports activities.

• 180 x 80 cm.
• Provides good insulation against wet floor.
• Easy to carry.
• Convenient cover included.

A must-have for summer trips
A beach mat is indispensable during a holiday trip to the seaside. It weighs next to nothing and takes up little space in your luggage, so it's perfect even for a trip by train or bus. It is waterproof, it does not absorb water or sand.

Versatile use
The Tracer beach mat will be perfect for every trip. Made of high-quality materials, it is wear-proof and durable. A picnic, camping, concert, music festival – the Tracer mat will make each of your trips a success!

Always with you
The Tracer mat weighs next to nothing and is very handy – you can take it with you on any hiking trip. The Tracer mat can accompany you on every trip, and when you come home, you can hand-wash it effortlessly.
Travel & Adventure
Beach pop up mat TRACER Mint with shelter 145 x 70cm
TRACER beach mat

The Tracer beach mat is an essential gear for sunbathing, camping or picnic. From now on, you and your child will enjoy every holiday or short weekend trip to the beach or meadow even more. The mat will perfectly protect younger children from the sun.

• 145 x 70 cm.
• Waterproof.
• Provides good insulation against wet floor.
• Easy to carry.
• Canopy protecting against the sun with adjustable tilting angle.

A must-have for summer trips
A beach mat is indispensable during a holiday trip to the seaside. It is waterproof, it does not absorb water or sand. The canopy protects younger children or the face of adults from the sun. Beach time has never been so comfortable!

Versatile use
The Tracer beach mat will be perfect for every trip. Made of high-quality materials, it is wear-proof and durable. A picnic, camping, going for a longer walk to the park with your child – the Tracer Mint mat will make each of your trips as enjoyable as it can be!

Take it with you wherever you go
The Tracer mat is very lightweight and handy, so you can take it with you on any hiking trip or for a walk with your child to the park. It is easy to fold in just a few seconds. The Tracer mat can accompany you on every trip, and when you come home, you can clean it effortlessly – just hand wash it if soiled, or wipe it with a damp cloth to refresh the mat.