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Microphone set TRACER Studio PRO
• SUPERIOR SOUND QUALITY – Tracer Studio Pro Lite condenser microphone applied advanced technology, efficiently reduced the noise, also enlarged the dynamic range, which ensure you will get perfect performance while you are using it.
• FULL METAL STRUCTURE -- This wired handheld mic comes with all metal body, super smooth touch and stable structure, metal mesh head with foam filter layer can effectively reduce the handing noise.
• EASY TO OPERATE -- This professional mic comes with an XLR 2,5 meters long cable which can directly plug to 3.5mm input, fully supports various devices
• WIDE APPLICATION: ideal choice for professional streaming, YouTube, gaming, Podcast, Skype, stage performance, business meeting, for recordings at home or professional studio etc.
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Paper Sheredder TRACER Cutter TRX-119
Typhoon Shredder is ideal for those looking for affordable and reliable shredder while holding all the necessary functions.Security Level 3rd
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TRACER T-Band Libra S4
TRACER T-Band Libra S4
The latest model of a sports smart band is a continuation of the smart wearables line by TRACER, which focuses on providing users maximum functionality without compromising the budget and maintaining an elegant design.
Put it on your wrist once, feel its usefulness on your hand, and you'll never want to part with it again. Smart band of the latest generation will be a great companion of everyday lifestyle, both for fans of technology and physical activity.

TRACER T-Band Libra S4 is a small device with maximum capabilities. A very big advantage is a beautiful 0.96 inch color display in IPS technology known from new smartphones. The screen resolution is 160 x 80 dpi. Using T-Band is simple and intuitive, most of it just includes using one central button in the middle of the panel. The fun is maximized by fun animations in pleasant colors. It is also waterproof, class IP67.

For your convenience, the T-Band is equipped with a 105 mAh battery and a huge efficiency of the battery, which allows for continuous work on one charging even up to 14 days! Charging is easy, because just pull out the panel with the screen from a soft and flexible bar to find a USB port that matches the standard chargers or the USB port on your computer. You do not have to worry about losing a dedicated charging base, which is often not ensured by competitive solutions.

T-Band Libra S4 is based on solutions that will satisfy beginner and advanced athletes. The NRF52832 chipset is known on the market due to the high precision of measurements and energy efficiency. Your smart band will help you measure and preserve the measurement results such as a pedometer, calorie counter, distance meter, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor and blood pressure monitor. These types of functionalities not only support the evaluation of the training, but also the overall performance of the whole organism. All of the people that care about being fit and healthy will be satisfied with the product. An additional option is to use the stopwatch within just a short click, which will be appreciated by every athlete exercising in the intervals.

The software allows you to match the accuracy of measurements to the currently performed activity. You can choose the following disciplines: running, walking, climbing, cycling, tennis, badminton, basketball, football. Based on the effort put into a given discipline, the algorithm will calculate the actually burnt number of calories, which allows you to accurately arrange the training plan and adjust the diet to it. The T-band will also remember that you should take meds, drink water, or advise you to get up from your company's desk from time to time.

T-Band Libra S4 is also a miniature phone on your wrist. It will show you messages and notifications from a paired phone, so you can always be up to date, even during physical activity, or when you simply do not feel like looking for a phone in the back of your bag. It also helps you find a phone - it will send an alarm signal so that you can locate it with your hearing. You can also synchronize it with the dates of the meetings or the time of the alarm clock so that you always remember about it. Smart band is therefore a response to the needs of both athletes and gadgets maniacs.
Automatic car mount with 10W wireless charger TRACER WIRELESS AUTOMATIC
TRACER WIRELESS AUTOMATIC - energetic, convenient, modern

An elegant, sturdy, stylish smartphone holder for a phone equipped with a wireless charging function that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding users. It charges the phone with 10W power, does not overheat and instantly complements the energy level of the mobile device - even if we drive the car only for quick shopping. Its distinguishing feature is the automatic adaptation to the size of the phone with the help of intelligent sensors on the sides. It is also distinguished by a solid, strong arm, which is easy to operate while driving, and at the same time, even under extreme conditions, it will keep our phone in place. The arm is fully rotatable and flexible.

If you are already a happy owner of a phone with a wireless charging function, you have certainly got used to the maximum convenience of this technology. Nothing gets tangled up, everything is always at hand, all you have to do is place your smartphone in the right place and without double checking, you enjoy the charging of the battery of our mobile device. But you may feel limited, however, that the wireless charger is permanently in your room, and after all you spend a lot of time driving around the city, traveling, trying to cope with everyday duties - at that times you also need a full battery and do not want to compromise. Our new charger fits in the car holder and will always keep your smartphone's battery sufficient to use!

The holder is solidly made and protects your phone on every route - we know because we tried it on several rally routes! The suction cup is strong and matches well to the windscreen of the car. The arm is long and adjustable (up to 16 cm), which allows you to work freely with the phone on the route, e.g. when using maps, dialing a phone number, reading notifications. The USB-C cable in the set provides a free flow of energy for charging.

But what's the most convenient - you do not have to adjust the grip to the size of your smartphone. TRACER WIRELESS AUTOMATIC uses the highest-class infrared sensors that will spread the base of the handle after detecting the smartphone, and then adjust to its width automatically, without your one move. This is the latest technology in the service of your comfort. Such a convenient option also improves your safety on the road - you do not spend time on trivial activities and you can focus fully on driving.
Even if you do not have a wireless charging feature on your phone, the grip will recognize your phone and adjust to its size.

The induction charger operates at the highest speed of 10W fast charge, it is also compatible with devices operating on only 5W. Charging begins instantly. It helps not only to charge the battery from the energy deficits, but also to maintain the battery level when we use our phone on the route, car navigation or as a hands-free speakerphone.
Gaming headset TRACER GAMEZONE Madman RGB
• HIGH QUALITY SOUND: stereo sound headset with multicolor rainbow RGB light. Delivers a clear, crisp and rich sound, 50 mm drivers for better gaming atmosphere.
• BUILT FOR COMFORT: Extra light earphone with padded earmuffs and adaptive PU leather headband for long-wearing comfort, suitable for game enthusiasts, professional gamer, allowing you many hours of gaming fun.
• NOISE CONTROL: Professional gaming headset with noise isolation closed earcups design, covers your entire ear and cuts out external sound effectively. Put on the headphone, World belongs to you.
• FLEXIBLE MICROPHONE: 180 degree rotation mic with super noise-reduction, picks up sounds with great sensitivity and remove the noise. Memory mic cord & durable hose design, allow random rotation.
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Cooling station TRACER Icestorm 17"
The device designed for all users of notebook computers. Built-in large quiet fan highlighted in blue. A separate button for switching on and off. Suitable for any size computer from 12" to 17". All this is powered by USB cable - requires no external power supply. Lightweight and durable construction of plastic with metal grille is very resistant to falls and easy to carry with a laptop. Additional USB port to power small devices. Ability to set a laptop on a higher elevation for better posture while working.
Choose the best side of power! Enter the world of game and adventure. Take advantage of the possibility of a chair during a long hours of sitting work. Relax after a hard day. The GAMEZONE MASTERPLAYER chair will never disappoint you and will adapt to your lifestyle. You can sit on it, lean back at a comfortable angle, and even lean your feet on the footrest.

Solid and sturdy
You've been dreaming about a gamer's chair for a long time, but you are not sure if it will serve you long enough? MASTERPLAYER will experience even the most difficult moments of your battles. It is made of high quality thick eco-leather, which looks good in any interior. This coating is easy to clean. Stylish stitching ensures durability of the material as well as an effective design. The wheels do not slip and do not twist during use. We used class three gas lifts which, combined with a stable body, enables lifting up to 150 kg.

Make life easier
The MASTERPLAYER chair is easy to use from the moment of assembling. The kit includes all the screws, pads and a screwdriver you need for your safety and comfort. Assembled chair does not take up a lot of space at the desk, you can also move away, put out the footrest and sink into the world of relaxation.

Get some calm time... after battle and whenever
The chair takes care of your relaxation and every detai countsl. It is a piece of furniture with adjustable height from 120 to 170 cm and adjustable back tilt by 150 degrees. In the set you will find two pillows - for your head and back, the exact arrangement can be adjusted using tapes depending on your height. The armrests are soft and contoured for maximum ergonomics. The star of the party, however, is a footrest, thanks to which you can relax like in a hotel bed. Binge-watching, napping during the game, meditation - the choice is yours!

A physiotherapist for a geek
The MASTERPLAYER chair was made in accordance with the most modern ergonomic principles. It is characterized by a high support for the back, which will benefit people with medium and high height. It is adjustable in terms of height and yaw, so each user will find the right support point for the spine. No more excuses during a long gaming session!

Dimensions: 69 x 70 x 120-170 cm
Fabric: eco leather + fabric
Height adjustment: yes, 120-170 cm
Adjustment of the armrest: no
Seat reclining adjustment: yes, up to 150 degrees
Footrest: yes
Maximum lifting capacity: 150 kg
Gas lifts: 3rd class
Pillows included: pillow for back, pillow for the head
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