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Are you a videoblogger? Do you record your own songs or movies? If so, this microphone is perfect for you! Create your own mini recording studio at home with the Tracer GAMZEONE Gamer LED USB. The Tracer device is a high-quality condenser mic intended for aspiring streamers, YouTubers, and people creating their own podcasts. Thanks to our attention to details, solid construction and use of highest class materials, our product is durable and reliable even with hours and hours of operation. All this combined with elegant design makes this microphone not only perfect for making high-quality recordings, but also damage-resistant and neat-looking, which is very important to every user.

• Condenser microphone with a large membrane.
• Adjustable inclination angle.

Record like a pro
Enjoy the perfect sound thanks to a microphone with a precise cardioid characteristics of sound recording. The device records most sounds reaching it from directly in front. This solution allows to reduce sound coming from the back of the mic. The Tracer GAMZEONE Gamer LED USB microphone is perfect for gaming, streaming, podcasts, dubbing.

Noise-free recordings
A large bandwidth and an active noise reduction system makes the registered sound clear and free of distortions. The device will be perfect for recording gamingonline communication, conferences and chats.

Efficient and user-friendly
The adjustability of the inclination angle – allows to find the optimal angle allowing to present the tone of voice or instrument perfectly.

Quick USB connection
The digital USB output and automatic installation make it impossibly easy to connect and to use. All you need to do is connect the TRACER GAMZEONE Gamer LED USB microphone to a computer using the USB port, and after a few seconds you’ll be able to enjoy the full potential of the device. You’ll need no additional drivers, and a 1.4 m cable will ensure a convenient connection to any device equipped with a USB port.
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Headphones TRACER T1 TWS BT
You need elegant headphones that will keep up with you as you travel through the urban jungle every day? You like listening to the music during jogging or biking? The Tracer T1 TWS BT headphones were designed for active lifestyle lovers. Long battery life, wireless operation and an integrated microphone are just a few of their many functionalities.

• Wireless operation in Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
• Range – up to 10 meters.
• Case with 300 mAh powerbank function.
• Accepting calls using an integrated button.
• Flawless sound quality.
• Integrated microphone.
• Stylish and lightweight design.

Connect to any device
Enjoy your wireless connection during high-intensity workout, walking or chilling on your couch at home. TRACER T1 TWS BT headphones use modern Bluetooth 5.0 technology to connect with any other device supporting this function. The Bluetooth 5.0 technology ensures stable connection to devices located within a 10 m range. Relish in your favorite music anytime, anywhere, without all the tangled wires and cables.

Headphone case with charging function and integrated 300 mAh powerbank
A lightweight, compact design allows to easily store your headphones in a bag, glove box, or pocket. A handy case with charging and powerbank functions protects your device from wear and prevents you from losing them. An integrated battery will allow you to listen to the music or make phone calls continually for up to 3 hours. When the headphone battery is low, just put them in the case – in a few minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite music.

Flawless sound
No more limits – let music give you some extra motivation to train. Deep bass, crystal clear treble and perfect, flawless sound without distortions or noise will boost your energy during workout.

Make phone calls in stereo mode
An integrated microphone, along with HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP profile support allows to use the product also for making phone calls with high sound quality. An integrated button allows you to answer the call without the need to get your device out of your pocket. A microphone with noise reduction will allow the caller to hear everything very clearly.

Ergonomics and comfort
Elegant, lightweight TRACER T1 TWS BTheadphones have been designed so as to fit snugly in your ears and not to fall out during intensive activities. Unique shape of the earbuds makes them safe and perfectly fitted even during heavy workout.
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