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Green Screen TRACER 110cm
Tracer Green Screen 110cm Photography Backdrop

Tracer Photography Backdrop is a must-have gadget for every photography enthusiast and streamer. With the Tracer Green Screen backdrop you will quickly and conveniently create a professional recording studio in the comfort of your home. Give your film productions a whole new quality. The "green screen" backdrop will be perfect for livestreams on social networks and on other communication platforms.

• Diameter when unfolded: 110 cm.
• High-quality, flexible material.
• Can easily be attached to a chair.

Your own Hollywood
Tracer photography backdrop allows you to work in the Chroma Key (Green Screen) technique, which involves replacing the real background with any image – a solution commonly used in the film and television industry to generate any scenery around the recorded or photographed object. With the help of the Tracer product, you can appear in your dream location: in the mountains, on a beach, in a tropical forest, or even in a completely made-up reality – it all depends on your imagination. You can also add interactive or animated elements. This is certainly a great way to personalize your videos and convey your content in a visually appealing way.

For amateurs and professionals alike
The Tracer photography backdrop has the form of a circle with a diameter of 110 cm, which will allow you to accurately fill the frame with the selected scenery. It is made of high-quality material, which makes it very durable, resistant to scratches and mechanical stress. The backdrop material does not generate light reflections and has a saturated, deep colour, which makes it ideal for post-production processing. It is also very flexible, so it can be easily adapted to the user's requirements, as well as creaseless and resistant to fading.

Easy to attach
The backdrop has a convenient mounting system and can easily be attached to a chair or other surface, which makes it easy and comfortable to work with.
LIGHTING / Ring lamps

A dash cam is a device necessary for every driver. On the one hand, it provides reliable evidence in the event of an accident, and on the other – it allows recreational recording of your journey. How to choose the right device for you? TRACER knows the answer to this question.

• 2Mpix front camera, 140 degrees angle.
• 0.4Mpix rear camera, 60 degrees angle.
• 4” IPS touch screen.
• G-sensor.
• Parking mode.
• Loop recording.
• Motion detection.
• Aluminium housing.

Full HD quality
The recording turns out to be useless if it is of poor quality, in which case its credibility can be easily undermined. Therefore, when choosing a dash cam, it is worth choosing a device that will ensure high quality of the recorded image. The TRACER CRUX Dash Cam provides recordings from two cameras: the front camera, which records the image in 2Mpix (Full HD) quality, and the rear camera (0.3Mpix). Wide-angle lens of the front camera allows you to register image in the range of 140 degrees, which means that you will not miss any detail of what is happening on the road.

Clear display
The 4-inch IPS touch screen allows for convenient operation of the device and playback of recordings, maintaining realistic colours. The display is made of hardened glass, which makes it durable and resistant to damage.

Safety in every situation
The TRACER camera is equipped with a number of features that will ensure your safety not only on the road, but also at a stop. Thanks to the availability of parking mode, the device also records events when your car is in a garage. Active motion detection means that recording is triggered when a moving object is detected and will last until the motion stops, so you can be sure that your camera follows the development of the situation also where you are not there. An additional protection is the built-in G-sensor, thanks to which the device will start recording when it detects an impact.

Convenience of use
Our dash cam is a compact device with an ergonomic shape which ensures convenient use. It is mounted on the windshield with a special mount, which ensures a very stable fixing, and at the same time allows for quick removal. The camera is powered by a 150 mAh battery, which ensures its stable operation.

Loop recording
The Tracer Dash Cam is also equipped with a loop recording function, so you do not have to worry that an important event will not be recorded due to insufficient memory space – when the dash cam detects such a situation, it will automatically overwrite the oldest recordings. The camera housing is made of aluminium, which ensures resistance to damage.
RGB RING Lamp TRACER 26cm with tripod
TRACER Ring RGB ring light with stand

The LED ring light is a unique type of steady light that allows you to evenly illuminate the photographed object. The ring light with modern LEDs accurately reproduces colors and imitates daylight, which makes it perfect for taking portrait photos and shooting vlogs. The Tracer ring light will ensure perfect lighting, no matter what it is used for - it will help you prepare sophisticated makeup as well as take a cute selfie.

• Useful luminous flux of 600-1700 L.
• 153 LEDs.
• 18 colors of light.
• Pilot.
• Lamp diameter 26 cm.
• Phone stand.
• Color temperature 2800-7000 K.
• Compact size.

High performance LEDs
The Tracer ring light is an incredibly compact device. Equipped with LED diodes which ensure better light and greater durability than traditional light sources. LED diodes are also very energy-efficient, which is very important if you plan to use the lamps every day, for many hours at a time. The device allows you to adjust the brightness level, which makes the lighting power fully adaptable to your needs.

Perfect for work
The Tracer light is equipped with LEDs with a color temperature from 2800 to 7000 K, allowing you to obtain the light temperature similar to the temperature of daylight. This lighting is perfect for any kind of activity: work or studying; it is also great if you need natural color reproduction. So if you're planning a photoshoot, preparing professional makeup, and want to get a well-lit effect with a realistic color palette, choose the Tracer ring light.

Remote control
The lamp comes with a wireless remote control. In addition to switching on and off, brightening and dimming, it also allows you to precisely select one of 18 colors and to operate the lamp from a distance.
LIGHTING / Ring lamps
Dash cam TRACER G-Park Silver
Tracer G-Park Silver FHD Dash Cam Set

Dash cams are devices increasingly used by drivers. This rear-view mirror dash cam provides evidence in the event of a crash or accident. Protect yourself against attempts to make fraud insurance claims by dishonest road users. With the Tracer G-Park Silver you will feel much safer on the road than before. Tracer Dash Cam also works great for recording charming routes and landscapes. Large 4.5” display and manual control panel enable easy operation. Due to its clever design, the dash cam, mounted on the rear-view mirror, does not limit visibility through the windshield and ensures comfort of use.

• Night mode.
• Loop recording.
• Convenient control panel.
• Sound recording.
• Built-in memory card slot up to 32 GB.
• Parking mode.
• 150 degree front camera.
• 100 degree rear camera.
• Motion detection.
• Accelerometer.
• Recording in Full HD 1080p.
• High-quality 4.5” IPS display.
• Built-in 200 mAh battery.

Great quality recordings in Full HD
The Tracer Dash Cam will record any incident on the road, an accident, a crash or irresponsible behaviour of another road user. And all this in Full HD. Every detail of the recording will be clearly visible regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. Additionally, recording with audio function allows you to create a complete picture of the traffic situation or to save your own comments in a recreational or training recording.

Convenient loop recording
For greater comfort of use, the Tracer G-Park Silver Dash Cam is equipped with a large and easy to read 4.5” IPS display and a loop recording feature. You will never run out of space on your memory card again! Loop recording means that when the memory card is full of previously recorded material, the device will start to overwrite the existing files with new ones. The Tracer Dash Cam saves files on a microSD memory card and compresses videos in the popular H.264 codec. Tracer G-Park Silver FHD is an irreplaceable companion on every journey.

Parking support
The Tracer G-Park Silver device, with the help of the rear camera, also allows you to observe the rear of the car while reversing, which will certainly be helpful, for example, during risky parking manoeuvres in a narrow space. The Tracer Dash Cam is powered by a 200 mAh battery, which ensures its stable operation.

Night mode
The extremely useful night mode allows the Tracer device to maintain its functionality also at night or in poor light conditions – none of these circumstances will prevent your camera from working and recording any situation.

Safety in every situation
The TRACER Dash Cam is equipped with a number of useful functions that will ensure your safety not only on the road, but also at a stop. Thanks to the availability of parking mode, the Tracer G-Park device also records events when your car is in a garage or a public parking lot. Additionally, the Tracer Dash Dam offers 150 degree view with the front camera and 100 degree view with the rear one, so that everything in front of and behind the car will be clear and visible.

Hassle-free installation
The Tracer Dash Cam is extremely easy to install. The device is an adapter that fits onto a standard rear-view mirror, so you can quickly mount the dash cam in your car without any additional tools. The Tracer G-Park Dash Cam is equipped with a USB power connector, which makes it a very versatile device, compatible with commonly used computer equipment.
Cameras / Dashcams
Mobile phone stand TRACER TV79 - with BT, FM, USB, Powerbank function
Tracer TV79 Bluetooth Speaker Phone Stand

Tracer TV79 is an innovative device with a retro TV look. A designer Bluetooth speaker with a phone stand will quickly refresh your interior arrangement. The Tracer TV79 stand is incredibly compact and provides full stability and security for your smartphone. The built-in 5W loudspeaker provides crystal clear sound. Just put the phone on the stand and you can easily watch all kinds of content: movies, sports broadcasts, recipes.

• Up to 5 hours of battery life.
• Built-in 500 mAh battery.
• FM radio.
• USB and SD card reader.
• 5W loudspeaker.
• Dimensions: 190x90x130 mm.

Take your music with you - anywhere
Thanks to Bluetooth wireless connectivity, you can use this mini TV wherever you are. The Tracer stand works with any smartphone equipped with a Bluetooth module, which means that to play a party playlist or broadcast a match, all you need is a smartphone. The Bluetooth 5.0 standard ensures a stable connection within a 10 m radius.

Long-lasting battery
The Tracer TV79 stand with a speaker is equipped with a powerful battery that provides up to 5 hours of uninterrupted operation. You no longer have to worry that a discharged battery will ruin your evening. The built-in USB port makes it easy to recharge the device by connecting it e.g. to a computer.
GSM car holder TRACER U33 Telescopic
Tracer Telescopic Phone Holder

The Tracer car holder is a must-have accessory for every driver. Fast and strong windshield or cockpit mount ensures the stability of the phone while driving, which is especially important when the smartphone is used as a GPS. The Tracer holder allows you to safely use the phone while driving. The device guarantees maximum phone protection and ensures the driver's comfort while traveling.

• Designed for smartphones with a diagonal of up to 7”.
• Suction cup allowing to mount the device on the windshield or cockpit.
• 170 mm extendable arm.
• 270 degree rotation.
• Tough and resistant material.
• Stable grip.

Perfect fit
The Tracer car holder is made of high-quality materials - you can be sure that it will serve you for many years. Designed for smartphones with a screen size of up to 7”, which makes it perfect for most popular models available on the market. Its great advantage is the telescopic arm, extendable up to 17 cm, and a rotating phone holder which allows you to set the phone in the most comfortable position. Thanks to a strong and stable grip, you can be sure the phone will not slip and fall to the floor, which might damage it.

Easy installation
The Tracer car holder is designed to be mounted on the windshield or cockpit. A strong suction cup with silicone ensures easy and quick installation, removal of the handle and adjustment of its position.

Safe use and transport of your phone
In the car, your smartphone is used not only to make and receive phonecalls - it usually also becomes a GPS device or a music player. It's not safe to leave it in the space between the front seats or on the dashboard shelf. Sometimes all it takes is to brake or accelerate suddenly to make the phone fall to the floor, which prevents its comfortable use, and often damages the device. Therefore, it is useful to invest in a stable car holder that will ensure safety of use and guarantee convenient access to the mounted device.
Microphone TRACER Spider RGB
TRACER Spider RGB Microphone

Are you looking for a microphone with an original design? Excellent sound quality and solid construction are also a priority? Then Tracer Spider RGB is the perfect choice for you! Attractive backlight, great sound and noise reduction are just some of the advantages of the Tracer microphone. The Tracer Spider microphone belongs to the popular GAMEZONE line, designed especially for demanding gamers who expect advanced gaming features and parameters from their equipment. High-quality materials used to manufacture Tracer GAMEZONE products guarantee great durability even with very intensive use.

• Impressive RGB backlight.
• Noise reduction.
• Durable tripod.
• 360 degree rotation.
• Quick mute.

Clear sound in any situation
The Tracer microphone is a device that will provide you with unforgettable emotions during gaming marathons. Thanks to the high-quality sound, your communication with your team will be smooth, and the noise reduction feature will ensure that your commands will be conveyed with crystal clarity. The Tracer microphone will also increase the audio quality of your next gameplay livestreams – it will be the perfect choice if you want to show off the history of your struggles in your favourite game. You can also use it to record podcasts, vlogs or content for a YouTube channel – this versatile device will work in any situation.

Tailored to your needs
Modern design of the Tracer microphone will impress each of your gaming friends. The device has built-in RGB LEDs, which will allow you to get impressive backlight in the dark. You can use the single colour or multi-colour mode, easily adjusting the microphone settings to your current needs. The device is mounted on a durable, stable tripod, which ensures comfortable use during long hours of gaming marathons or recording professional content. The adjustable angle of inclination and the possibility of 360 degrees rotation allow for a perfect adjustment to the user's preferences.

The Tracer microphone is made of high-quality materials, and its robust construction ensures durability and protects the device against damage. It is equipped with a USB-C port, thanks to which you can easily connect it to any device compatible with this standard. The microphone does not require configuration – it is ready to work immediately after connecting. The use of a universal 5.8” thread allows you to mount the device on any selected holder, so you can use your microphone in many ways.
Audio / Microphones

As you probably know, road safety is a priority, so it is worth equipping your car with a good quality dash cam. This device will not only take care of potential evidence during an unforeseen event, but also allows you to record your rout as a memory from your car journeys. The TRACER Orion Dash Cam is perfect for this purpose.

• 3Mpix front camera, 150 degrees angle.
• 0.4Mpix rear camera, 60 degrees angle.
• 4.5” IPS touch screen.
• G-sensor.
• Parking mode.
• Loop recording.
• Motion detection.
• Night mode.
• Audio recording.
• Aluminium housing.

A reliable companion on the road
TRACER ORION has many functions thanks to which it provides valuable evidence in every situation. The recorded image comes from two cameras: front camera (3Mpix) with a viewing angle of 150 degrees and rear camera (0.3Mpix) with a viewing angle of 60 degrees. This solution allows you to deliver a clear, detailed recording of a larger space. Additionally, recording with audio function allows you to create a complete picture of the traffic situation or to save your own comments in a recreational or training recording.

Useful parking mode
TRACER Dash Cam is equipped with parking mode, which allows for recording also at a stop, and motion detection, which triggers the recording when a moving object or an impact is detected (G-sensor). Night mode allows the device to maintain its functionality also at night or in poor lighting conditions – none of these circumstances will prevent your camera from working.

Convenient operation
TRACER Dash Cam has an easy-to-read 4.5-inch IPS touch screen, which enables easy, convenient operation and access to all functions. You can also play back recordings with natural, well-reproduced colours. It is made of hardened glass, which makes it resistant to scratches and damage. The device is equipped with a microSD card slot with a maximum capacity of up to 128GB, but you do not have to worry about the lack of memory space – the loop recording function allows you to overwrite older recordings so that nothing prevents you from recording a sudden, disturbing situation.

Easy to attach
The camera is attached to the rear view mirror with a special mount, which enables easy and quick mounting and removal. Its housing is made of aluminium, making it resistant to damage. It is equipped with a USB power connector, which makes it a very versatile device, compatible with generally used computer equipment.
TRACER Smartwatch SM5 ARGO
TRACER SM5 ARGO Smartwatch

Discover a new level of SMART LIFE.

TRACER SM5 ARGO Smartwatch is your companion that combines the functions of a phone, a watch, a coach and an assistant.

BT calls!
The watch allows you to make and receive calls directly from your wrist! Easy as pie! Connect your watch to your phone via BT and within a second you will have access to all contacts on the phone.

The 21st century has its rights and comforts. All conversations will be perfectly audible through the built-in speaker and microphone.

SM5 ARGO is equipped with a number of functions facilitating the organization of time and work – like the work mode monitor or water consumption monitor.

If you want to take care of your condition, SM5 ARGO is a great tool that will support your effort. It will help fans of physical activity thanks to sports modes and the possibility of planning and analysing training sessions. Blood pressure measurement, heart rate monitor or oximeter will allow you to constantly monitor your activity level and fatigue. The device's IP67 protection class makes the watch resistant to rain, splashes and other demanding weather conditions.

Pair your devices and allow access to social networks, and you'll always be up to date when someone sends you a message or invites you to an interesting event. Don't reach for your phone, it's a waste of time!
If you forget where your phone is and you want to find it efficiently, you can use the "find my phone" function. Your watch will send an alarm and help you find your missing device. Do you wish to monitor not only your work, but also you rest time? Check the quality of your sleep with your new wrist companion!

TRACER SM5 ARGO is equipped with a 1.28'' touch screen, covered with hardened glass. High screen resolution of 240*240 pixels makes the device very easy to read.
It has an elegant case, a stylish round display and a strap in a selection of sizes. Once you put it on, you'll never want to part with it again.

• Display – 1.28'' IPS TFT, 240*240p
• Touchscreen
• Bluetooth 5.1
• Protection class IP67
• BT calls
• G-Sensor
• Blood pressure measurement
• Heart rate monitor
• Oximeter
• Menstrual cycle monitor
• Sleep monitor
• Water consumption monitor
• Work mode monitor
• Call and SMS info
• Sports modes
• Pedometer, distance tracker, calorie counter
• AdorHealth app
• 300mAh battery; stand-by for approx. 144 hours
• Dimensions: 4.6*1.15cm; weight 49g
• Android 5.0+; iOS 9.0+