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Speakers TRACER 2.1 Tumba BLUETOOTH
Enjoy the unique sound of your favorite songs. Tracer Tumba is a multimedia set operating in a 2.1 system – a perfect fit for users looking for high-quality and intensity of sound. A unique design and flawless sound from a wooden subwoofer and two wooden satellites makes this set a must-have for every music lover.

• Bluetooth connection.
• Integrated USB port and a 3.5 mm mini-jack.
• FM radio.
• Karaoke mode – get your party started and enjoy the music.
• Remote control.

There’s more to Tumba speakers than just elegant design – they guarantee unforgettable experience when listening to music. The set comes with a remote control allowing for a full control over multimedia functions. The 2.1 sound system (two satellites and a subwoofer) allows to generate treble and mids through the two satellites, and full, deep bass through the subwoofer. Thanks to this system, the sound is really extraordinary.

Wireless connection
Speakers support Bluetooth technology, allowing you to get rid of the tangled wires and cables on your desktop – it will now look elegant and stylish. The Tracer Tumba set is compatible with all devices equipped with the Bluetooth module or a popular 3.5 mm headphone mini-jack. To make the Tumba set even more convenient, it is fitted with a MicroSD slot and an FM radio. You can listen to music from any source, not just from tablets, smartphones or other players.
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Wattmeter Tracer Powersale
Nobody likes to pay high bills, especially for electricity. Electronic devices have more and more presence in our homes, they improve our work and everyday life, but often use a lot of electricity. Incorrectly selected electricity tariff can lead to high expenses. Now you can control energy consumption and cost. Using the wattmeter, you will quickly identify the biggest "energy vampires" and be able to enjoy greater savings by changing the devices to use less electricity or a more favourable tariff.

• Large, legible display.
• Easy operation and large buttons.

100% control over energy consumption
The wattmeter, when connected to a given device, measures the energy it consumes. After setting the electricity tariff, you can calculate electricity consumption of your TV or game console during operation and stand-by periods. Power consumption is displayed in watts / volts / ampers and hertz.

Useful operation modes
The meter has 7 operating modes enabling reading of such values as the total amount of energy, voltage / frequency, power factor, maximum and minimum power as well as cost of electricity consumption. The device has all the required certificates, so you can be sure of its safety and accuracy.

– displayed values: power factor, energy consumed, frequency, power consumption, load, voltage, current time, fees amount
– measurement accuracy: 1%
– load: max. 3680W
– outlet for the grounding pin
– battery: Ni-Mh 3.6V
– operating temperature: -10° C to +40°C

Wide range of measurement:
– electricity measurement: 0.0 ~ 9999,9kWh
– power measurement: 0.0 ~ 9999W
– current measurement: 0.01 ~ 16A
– voltage measurement: 200 ~ 240V; 50 / 60Hz

Modes of operation
– mode 1: Time / Watts / Cost
– mode 2: Time / Total amount of energy
– mode 3: Time / Voltage / Frequency
– mode 4: Time / Current / Power factor
– mode 5: Time / Minimum power
– mode 6: Time / Maximum power
– mode 7: Time / Price
TRACER T-Fit Limana S6
TRACER T-Fit Limana S6 is new device from the "smart wearables" line, which will come in handy both in summer and winter, among those who value sports and modern technologies. This is a smart band of the latest generation, which boasts a minimum price and maximum possibilities. The device works on iOS and Android, and connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0.

Running comrade
T-Fit Limana S6 lets you arrange many healthy measurements and check-ups, and above all: pulse, oximetry and blood pressure. This is a useful function for physically active people as well as for all those who care about their health and well-being. The band will also save the distance of your walk and calories burned, and if it decides that you haven’t moved for too long - it will suggest you when to get up from the desk or the couch. The sleep monitor will also allow you to check if your body is properly regenerating at night.

Phone on a wrist
T-Fit Limana S6 enables you to read notifications and text messages directly from the band's screen. You can choose from a range of applications and allow them to show notifications on the T-Fit. Run, explore, walk! –and stay up-to-date with your social media. Libra S5 will also notify you about the incoming voice call, even if the phone is deep down in the depths of the shopping bag.

Life gets easy
With the help of the band you can personalize your training goals and track your progress. It will plan alarms and notifications with you. It will help you manage your time - day and night. It works on the battery for about 2-3 days, and it is charged from the USB port pulled directly from the T-Fit. It is therefore the maximum convenience for each user. IP54 and big display helps everyone everyday also.

Screen resolution: 128x128, 1.44 inches
Memory: 512 + 16
Battery: 150 mAh
Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0,
Water resistance: IP54
Measurements: pedometer, pressure, oximetry, heart rate monitor
Travel & Adventure
Car camera TRACER MobiMirror FHD V2 PRO
Tracer MobiMirror FHD V2 PRO – Your irreplaceable travel companion

The Tracer MobiMirror FHD V2 Pro Car Camcorder will help you feel safer on the road than ever before. The Tracer MobiMirror device will be useful not only for recording beautiful routes and landscapes, but primarily as evidence in the event of an accident or other traffic incident. A large 5” display makes it easy to use.

• High-quality Full HD videos.
• Two cameras – front and rear – mean twice as much recording area and more evidence in the event of a dangerous incident while on the road.
• G-Sensor – event detection sensor.
• Easy installation – camera clips over the rear-view mirror.

Great picture in high quality Full HD
The camcorder will record an accident, a collision or an irresponsible behaviour of another road user. And all this in high-definition Full HD – every detail will be clearly visible regardless of the time of day or weather conditions, which will make you even better protected against dishonest road users. The Tracer MobiMirror Car Camcorder is your personal witness on the road.

Parking support
Tracer MobiMirror device with the in-built rear camera allows you to observe the rear of the car when reversing, which may be helpful, for example, during risky parking manoeuvres in a narrow space. The Tracer MobiMirror Car Camcorder offers 170 degree view with the front camera and 120 degree view with the rear one, so that everything in front of and behind your car will be clear and visible.

Event detection function
An undeniable advantage of the Tracer MobiMirror device is also the G-sensor which reacts to overloads caused by collisions, bumps on the road or accidents. The camcorder equipped with such a sensor protects the recording against deletion in the event of a dangerous incident. Additionally, the camera records in a loop, which means you will never run out of space on the memory card.

Quick and convenient installation
The Tracer MobiMirror Car Camcorder is an easy-to-mount adapter that fits onto a standard rear-view mirror. This way you can quickly and easily install the camcorder in your car. The camcorder saves your videos on a microSD memory card and converts them using the popular H.264 compression standard. Tracer MobiMirror FHD V2 Pro is an irreplaceable companion on every journey.
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