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Gaming headset TRACER EXPLODE V3
The Tracer GAMEZONE Explode V3 Headset is a combination of fierce gaming style with extraordinary comfort and high-quality, strong sound. Earcups covered with high-quality, pleasant-to-touch material ensure comfort during long hours of use. Tracer Explode V3 is a proposal for both pro gamers and ordinary users looking for a set with good parameters and a competitive price. The Tracer Explode V3 Headset belong to the popular GAMEZONE line, created especially for gamers who value the combination of fierce gaming design and the highest quality of workmanship with advanced features of gaming equipment.

• Built-in microphone.
• Earcups made of pleasant-to-touch material
• Large 40 mm transducers.
• Durable metal headband.

100% focus during the game
Each user will surely appreciate not only the quality of the headset and the powerful sound it offers, but also the comfort of use. Specially shaped and padded with delicate, elastic material, the earcups guarantee exceptional comfort so that you can immerse yourself in the sound and play for hours. Comfort for many hours without pressure sores and abrasions. With the Tracer Explode Headset, you can effectively isolate yourself from distracting ambient sounds and allow yourself to fully focus on the game.

Supervise the gameplay without interruption
The built-in microphone has been equipped with background noise reduction technology so that nothing disturbs your conversations with other gamers. From now on your voice will always be extremely sharp, and every command crystal clear. The controller on the cable allows for quick and precise changes of settings.

Superb sound quality
Discover the stunning sound quality offered by the Tracer GAMEZONE Explode V3 gaming set. Large and efficient 40 mm diameter transducers used in the headset ensure precise sound reproduction. Optimal tuning provides cleaner sound and a wealth of high and medium tones.

Compatible with many platforms
The popular 3.5mm mini-jack connector used in the Tracer headset ensures its versatility. Gamers using PC, PS4, Xbox One platforms or any other platform equipped with this socket will be able to take full advantage of the capabilities of the headset. Durable, almost 2-meter cable and a 3.5 mm min-jack connector with an additional adapter with two mini-jack connectors provide even greater freedom of use.
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Headset TRACER Office V2
Listening to music, playing games, phone calls, chats and working with people require a versatile headset that does well in each of these activities. The Tracer Office V2 headset is a versatile solution at an attractive price point!

• Perfect for laptops
• Microphone switch on the cable
• 4-pin combo jack
• 2 x 3.5mm adapter included in the set
• 1.2m cable

Comfortable earpads effectively isolate sounds from the outside. Forget about distracting sounds from your environment and enjoy the sounds of your music.

The headset is equipped with a flexible microphone, which can be adjusted to your needs. It features background noise reduction technology, which makes your voice clean and clear.

The Tracer headset is equipped with a 4-pin combo jack connector, so it can be connected not only to any AUDIO device, but also to a smartphone. Gamers using PC, PS4, Xbox One platforms or any other platform equipped with this socket will be able to enjoy the headset to its fullest capacity. The included adapter with two 3.5mm mini-jack connectors is perfect for users who want to connect the headset to a device with dual mini-jack input.

• Transducer: 40 mm
• Sensitivity: 115 ± 5 dB / mW
• Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20000 Hz
• Impedance: 32 ?
• Microphone impedance: 2.2 ?
• Microphone diameter: 4 x 1.5 mm
• Microphone sensitivity: - 45 dB ± 3 dB
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Are you looking for a practical solution that will allow you to freely conduct video chats and conferences? Or maybe you dream of a vlogging career? The Tracer HD WEB008 Webcam is the perfect solution for you. The device guarantees not only high-quality image, but also clear sound – you will not only share important information during an on-line meeting, but also capture every detail during live streaming.

• HD quality image
• 100° lens viewing angle
• Lighting auto-correction
• Built-in microphone
• Manual focus adjustment

HD quality image
The Tracer webcam captures images in HD quality at 30 frames per second, so you don't have to worry about the sharpness and richness of details. Whether you're hosting a webinar, video-conference, or chatting with friends, the content will be presented to your interlocutors in good quality and vibrant, natural colours.

Wide viewing angle
The viewing angle of the Tracer webcam is 100°, which means that it will capture not only you, but also part of the environment in which you are recording. You don't have to worry anymore about the quality of your online presentation, the Tracer webcam will make sure that your audience sees exactly what you want to convey.

Good quality in any lighting
Cloudy day with poor lighting? You don't have to worry about harsh recording conditions anymore. Lighting auto-correction of the Tracer webcam adapts to the situation, delivering brighter images with better contrast. Now video calls on a rainy autumn afternoon will not be a problem for you. Thanks to the manual adjustment, you can precisely adjust the sharpness of the image to your needs.

Versatile device
The Tracer WEB008 Webcam is equipped with a built-in microphone, which will ensure good communication with your interlocutor and allow you to conduct business conferences at home. The device has a USB input, which makes it compatible with any desktop and laptop computer. The 1.5 m long cable guarantees safe connection and use.
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Gaming set Tracer Stir USB
Gaming set Tracer GAMEZONE Stir USB is perfect for every player.

• Gaming set: keyboard + mouse
• LED backlight
• Versatile USB connection

As many as 12 built-in multimedia keys allow to manage your media comfortably and optimally. An additional visual upgrade is a 3-zone LED keyboard backlight, which will make the use of your keyboard more pleasant not only during your gaming marathons, but all the time!

The optical sensor of the mouse allows you to work in resolutions in the range of 800-1600 DPI, which ensures very good precision of shots. Intuitive housing equipped with six buttons will provide you with comfort during the next struggle.
Mice and keyboards / Sets (keyboard + mouse)
TRACER Splash M wireless speaker with Bluetooth and TWS

The Tracer Splash is a great option for music lovers who like to listen to it outdoors. Using the Tracer Splash speaker, you may enjoy fantastic sound when watching a movie on your smartphone or tablet with your friends. Enhance the sound from your mobile devices.

• Modern TWS technology – pair up the speakers and enjoy flawless sound.
• Wireless and quick Bluetooth connection – no more ‘cable spaghettis’.
• Durable battery – 6 long hours of music.
• Degree of protection IPX6 – perfect for your trips to the lakeshore.
• Compact design.

TWS technology
The True Wireless Stereo technology allows you to pair up several speakers. Use Bluetooth to create one, powerful Stereo set and enjoy perfect sound.

High-class water tightness
The Tracer Splash is watertight, which allows you to enjoy your favorite music on a beach or a boat. The degree of protection IPX6 ensures full protection from water splashed from different directions with flow rate of 100 liters per minute. Products with this degree of protection are perfect for sailing enthusiasts (water tightness in the rain or splashing water).

Compact design
Thanks to the compact design, you may take the speaker with you anywhere you want – on a trip, party, beach, or walk. Don’t let its lightweight structure and small size deceive you – it’s a powerful device that, combined with solid bass, will guarantee an awesome music experience.

Enjoy the comfort of Bluetooth function
Listen to your favorite music without limitations of constantly tangled cables. All you need to do is use Bluetooth function to connect the speaker to your mobile device – and you may enjoy the music.

Endless music thanks to a durable battery
The Tracer Splash speaker is equipped with a durable battery that allows you to listen to your favorite music continuously for 6 long hours! Make your music experience great during meetings with your friends, without worrying about time limits.
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Do you need a speaker that works well both at home and on the go? Or maybe you like to listen to music outdoors, while barbecuing or on the beach? Tracer Rave Mini is a light, modern device that you can take with you anywhere you want. Using Bluetooth technology, you can easily pair it with your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player or laptop, and thanks to the TWS function – also with another speaker. Tracer Rave Mini is a great choice for all music lovers who do not want to give up an active lifestyle.

• Rich and clear sound.
• Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
• TWS system to play twice as strong.
• Built-in microphone.
• MicroSD memory card reader.
• USB port.

Music always with you
Thanks to wireless technology, you can enjoy your favourite music wherever you are. The Tracer Rave Mini speaker works with any device equipped with a Bluetooth module, which means that you only need a smartphone or tablet to play your party playlist. The Bluetooth 5.0 standard ensures a stable connection within a radius of 10 m, and the use of the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) system will allow you to connect two speakers through one phone, providing super powerful sound.

High-capacity battery
The Tracer Rave Mini speaker is equipped with an extremely efficient battery that provides up to 6 hours of uninterrupted music playback. You don't have to worry anymore that a discharged battery will ruin your evening and the party can last much longer. The built-in USB port makes it easy to recharge the device by connecting it to a computer, for example.

Music from the memory card
Discharged smartphone? No problem. The Tracer Rave Mini speaker is equipped with a microSD card reader. All you need to do is transfer your favourite songs to a memory card and you can listen to the selected playlist without connecting to your phone or tablet. The use of a universal 3.5 mm mini-jack connector provides additional compatibility with most devices.

Phone calls
The Tracer Rave Mini wireless speaker is not only about relaxing with your favourite music. It also allows you to stay connected with your friends. The built-in microphone will allow you to safely make phone calls while driving, successfully replacing the hands-free set. High quality sound will allow both you and your interlocutor to enjoy crystal clear conversation.
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