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Mechanical Keyboard Tracer GAMEZONE Radiant
Enter the game with the modern Tracer GAMEZONE AXX keyboard. Light up your command centre using 6 stunning backlight modes. The full-size Tracer GAMEZONE AXX keyboard belongs to the popular Gamezone line, created especially for demanding gamers who value the combination of the highest quality and advanced features of gaming devices.

• High quality mechanical switches.
• Multicolour key backlight.
• Anti-ghosting.
• WinLock key.
• 11 multimedia keys.

Mechanical switches
Mechanical switches used in the Tracer keyboard ensure a well-perceivable keystroke. Such switches mean above all rapid response time in any game. Good key quality guarantees high durability even during the toughest duels. Tracer GAMEZONE AXX keyboard has up to 11 multimedia buttons.

RGB backlight
Impressive illumination will make each gameplay more enjoyable. With 6 advanced RGB backlight modes you can customize your Tracer GAMEZONE AXX keyboard design to suit your taste and mood. Enhance your gaming experience with the ability to adjust backlight intensity and built-in modes of special lighting effects.

Smooth gameplay without distraction with Anti-ghosting and Win Lock
The Tracer keyboard features a useful anti-ghosting function, which means the device does freeze when you press several keys at the same time. Anti-ghosting provides optimal gaming performance and full control while issuing multiple commands. Thanks to the Win Lock function, you can play without fear of accidental disruption of the gameplay. Secure your gaming session by blocking the Windows key. With the Win Lock function you can effectively prevent such unpleasant surprises as a sudden return to the desktop.
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Speakers TRACER 2.0 Loop RGB USB
Set of speakers with unique design - play your music, games, watch movies and enjoy stunning RGB effect.
- Rainbow RGB lightning effects with automated color cycle
- Works with every device with 3,5 mm input
- Large, illuminated volume controller at the front
- Metal mesh front cover for extra protection
- USB powered, no wall power needed
- 6 Watt RMS
Audio / Speakers
Enter the game world in an impressive way with the Tracer GAMEZONE Neo gaming mouse, designed specifically for gamers. Aggressive look, RGB backlight, 7 buttons and a sensitive optical sensor are all you need in your virtual adventure. The device belongs to the popular Gamezone line, created especially for gamers who value the combination of the highest quality and advanced features of gaming devices.

• Optical sensor and 4800 dpi resolution.
• Teflon sliders.
• Ergonomic design and e-sport character.
• Perfect for right-handed gamers.
• 10 million clicks.
• Mechanical switches.
• Rainbow RGB backlight

Perfect for right-handed gamers
The right-handed profile provides adequate support for the hand and unburdens the wrist during long hours of gaming sessions. The Tracer GAMEZONE Neo mouse will work with any title, regardless of whether you prefer shooters, RPGs or strategies. By skilfully reading the mouse button clicks, our Tracer mouse will do everything to help you defeat your opponents.

Teflon slides and optical sensor
The precision of shots is provided by an optical sensor working at a maximum resolution of 4800 DPI. Durable teflon sliders are designed so that the mouse movements are smooth and precise, ensuring the highest control over the game. The lifespan of the buttons is up to 10 million clicks, or as many as 10 million commands issued in the game to defeat the enemy, or 10 million shots to raise your stats and develop your character.

Impressive RGB backlight
Check all the colour combinations given by the rainbow RGB backlight. The silent click mechanism and interesting illumination will make every nighttime gameplay more enjoyable. The e-sport character of the mouse as well as ergonomic and durable construction will provide comfort during long hours of gaming sessions.

Do not waste time – plug and play.
The easy-to-use Tracer GAMEZONE Neo mouse is ready to use right out of the box. Plug and play without any additional, complicated software. Equipped with Plug&Play technology and a 1.5-meter Tracer cable, this gaming mouse is ready for action right away.
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HDD external enclosure TRACER USB 3.1 Type-C HDD 2.5'' SATA 726 AL SILVER
HDD external enclosure TRACER USB 3.1 Type-C HDD 2.5" SATA 726 AL SILVER is a compact device, but there is no compromise when it comes to the transfer speed. Dimensions: 119 * 74 * 11 mm will allow for any storage and transport of the enclosure along with your files, because the enclosure can easily fit in a woman's purse, briefcase, laptop bag and of course in a suitcase.
The device is designed as trendy and cool, with a very interesting way of assembling it with a hard drive. There is no possibility of scratching, damaging or resetting the memory. In addition, the material used also affects the aesthetic experience. The presented model boasts an elegant matt black that will definitely be noticed and remembered. The given model boasts an attractive silver colour with black parts, and it will fit almost any consumer’s taste.
The external interface offers USB3.1 data transfer speed 10 Gb / s. Connect with USB Type-C cable and use the newest transfer technology. Forget about limits, have access to your files anytime you need! The device supports SATA drives up to 2 TB.
The enclosure supports: Windows SE / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / 8/10 i MAC iOS. The device supports UASP and TRIM technologies.
Gaming headset TRACER GAMEZONE Aligator RGB rainbow LED
Tracer GAMEZONE Aligator Headset is a great proposition for any gamer looking for a set with good parameters and a competitive price. Interesting RGB backlight, durable metal headband and earcups made of breathable material make it a perfect companion for virtual adventures. The headset belongs to the popular GAMEZONE line, created especially for gamers who value the combination of the highest quality and advanced features of gaming devices.

• Earcups made of breathable material.
• LED backlight.
• Flexible microphone with LED backlight.
• Large 50 mm transducers.
• Metal headband.

Impressive LED backlight
Express yourself with colour. Colourful LED backlight on the earcups gives the Tracer GAMEZONE Aligator Headset a predatory gaming character. Your headset will always look unique and impressive.

Comfortable and padded earcups
Every fan of long hours of gaming marathons will appreciate the durable metal headset construction. Specially shaped earcups, trimmed with breathable material, guarantee comfort and convenience. Effective isolation of distracting sounds from the environment will allow you to focus on the ongoing duel or car race.

Talk to others without hindrance
A flexible microphone with a backlit end has been equipped with background noise reduction technology so that nothing disturbs your conversations with your teammates. From now on your voice will always be extremely sharp, and every command crystal clear.

Superb sound quality
Discover the amazing sound quality offered by the Tracer GAMEZONE Aligator. Large and efficient 50 mm diameter transducers ensure precise sound reproduction. Optimal tuning provides cleaner sound and a wealth of high and medium tones.

Compatible with many platforms
The popular 3.5mm mini-jack connector used in the Tracer headset ensures their versatility. Gamers using PC platforms, smartphones and other devices equipped with this socket will be able to take full advantage of the capabilities of the headset.
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Notebook charger 65W USB-C TRACER Smart Power
High-quality accessories are crucial to proper functioning of your equipment. Even small and, apparently, insignificant details may influence your performance and safety of your work. This versatile Tracer adapter will allow you to charge your notebook quickly and comfortably. Tracer Smart Power is compatible with most devices fitted with USB-C port supply function.

• Compact design.
• Safety at work – OCP, OVP and SCP protection.
• Compatible with most laptops powered through the USB-C port.
• Charging power – 65 W.

Safety and comfort
This small adapter is easy to carry, therefore you can always have it with you and charge your device any time you need it. The charger will be perfect both at home and at work as your principal or secondary adapter. The Tracer Smart Power adapter has advanced triple surge suppression and protection against overheating and overloading.

Reach for more
You can benefit from the versatile compatibility of the adapter. The Tracer Smart Power adapter has been fitted with a popular USB-C interface to fit all your devices. The Tracer Smart Power offers voltage ranging from 5 to 20 V.
Speakers Soundbar TRACER Nino BLUETOOTH
• Connect wired (PC/TV) or with wireless Bluetooth technology (phone/tablet)
• Space-saving, horizontal shape: fits below your PC monitor or TV screen
• 6W RMS
• Rich stereo sound
• Large, illuminated volume control button
• Front side headphone connection
• USB-powered: no wall power needed
Soundbar: 470W*65D*70H mm
Audio / Speakers
This simple to use and reliable device will allow you to fully focus on your presentation. Forget about stress, with the Tracer Bolt laser presenter you can freely control your slide show. With the Tracer Bolt presenter, you will always make the perfect impression.

Convenience without complications
The Tracer presenter will provide you with convenience during presentations. Eight practical buttons allow you to freely change the slides, making it easy to focus on communicating the most important information. Intuitive button layout allows you to focus your attention on the audience, and a bright red laser pointer will be clearly visible on every background.

Reliable connectivity
Wireless 2.4 GHz technology allows you to freely move the pointer around the screen and change slides even from a distance of 20 meters. Forget wires that get in your way. The nanoUSB receiver is stored in the device, in a special built-in compartment. You no longer have to worry about getting it lost or damaged.

High compatibility
The Tracer Bolt laser presenter is compatible with both Windows and macOs systems as well as with any popular slide show software. You no longer have to worry that your indicator will not work during the meeting.

• Interface: USB 2.0
• Power supply: 1 x AAA
• Number of buttons: 8
• Volume control
• Sensor technology: laser
• Receiver: nanoUSB
• Data transmission: Wireless RF 2.4 GHz
• Maximum range: up to 20 m