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The Tracer FHD WEB007 Webcam is a modern device for demanding users. You can talk for hours with your friends and create interesting video recordings in Full HD quality, which you can then present to the Internet community. Whether you conduct on-line training for an international corporation or you are a vlogger and want to share your achievements – the Tracer webcam is a great choice for you.

• Full HD image
• Wide field of view – 120°
• 2MP CMOS matrix
• Light correction sensor
• Built-in microphone

High picture quality
The Tracer FHD WEB007 Webcam captures image in Full HD quality at 30 frames per second (with HD 720p resolution at an amazing speed of 60 fps), which ensures exceptional sharpness and attention to detail. Now you can be sure that your recipients will see you clearly during each video call. It also means you can record spectacularly smooth footage so that your viewers experience the emotions with you during live streaming.

See every detail
The Tracer FHD WEB007 Webcam lens provides a 120-degree field of view, so you don't have to wonder if you have enough space in the frame to capture the selected content. Are you planning to start vlogging? The Tracer webcam will allow you to record every detail and the built-in microphone will provide high-quality, clear sound during the recording.

A wealth of colours
Thanks to the CMOS matrix, the Tracer WEB007 Webcam can reproduce every detail, situational dynamics and colour much better. From now on, your message will always be characterized by vivid, realistic colours, and the quick response of the device will allow you to catch all the nuances during live streaming.

Bright image in any conditions
It is a cloudy, autumn day and you want to shoot another material for your vlog? Not a problem with the Tracer Webcam. Thanks to the light correction sensor, your image will always be perfectly lit, even despite difficult weather conditions. Auto-correction of lighting will ensure that you always get a clear and high-quality footage, and you will be able to focus only on the content of the episode being recorded.
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Are you looking for a practical solution that will allow you to freely conduct video chats and conferences? Or maybe you dream of a vlogging career? The Tracer HD WEB008 Webcam is the perfect solution for you. The device guarantees not only high-quality image, but also clear sound – you will not only share important information during an on-line meeting, but also capture every detail during live streaming.

• HD quality image
• 100° lens viewing angle
• Lighting auto-correction
• Built-in microphone
• Manual focus adjustment

HD quality image
The Tracer webcam captures images in HD quality at 30 frames per second, so you don't have to worry about the sharpness and richness of details. Whether you're hosting a webinar, video-conference, or chatting with friends, the content will be presented to your interlocutors in good quality and vibrant, natural colours.

Wide viewing angle
The viewing angle of the Tracer webcam is 100°, which means that it will capture not only you, but also part of the environment in which you are recording. You don't have to worry anymore about the quality of your online presentation, the Tracer webcam will make sure that your audience sees exactly what you want to convey.

Good quality in any lighting
Cloudy day with poor lighting? You don't have to worry about harsh recording conditions anymore. Lighting auto-correction of the Tracer webcam adapts to the situation, delivering brighter images with better contrast. Now video calls on a rainy autumn afternoon will not be a problem for you. Thanks to the manual adjustment, you can precisely adjust the sharpness of the image to your needs.

Versatile device
The Tracer WEB008 Webcam is equipped with a built-in microphone, which will ensure good communication with your interlocutor and allow you to conduct business conferences at home. The device has a USB input, which makes it compatible with any desktop and laptop computer. The 1.5 m long cable guarantees safe connection and use.
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