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Mouse & Keyboard Set TRACER Octavia II NANO USB
Mice and keyboards / Sets (keyboard + mouse)
Mouse TRACER Dual 2,4Ghz+BT
Dual mouse is equipped with both wireless transmission modules - 2,4Ghz and BT . 7 mouse buttons , with dpi resolution up to 1600 max.
Mice and keyboards / Mice
Mice and keyboards / Mice
Keyboard TRACER Gamezone LoCCar
Full-size Tracer GAMEZONE LoCCar keyboard is perfect for less advanced players. As many as 12 built-in multimedia keys allow to manage your media comfortably and optimally. An additional visual upgrade is a 3-zone LED keyboard backlight, which will make the use of your keyboard more pleasant not only during your gaming marathons, but all the time!

• RGB backlight.
• Versatile USB connection.
• 12 multimedia keys.

RGB backlight
A beautiful illumination will make your evening gaming sessions fascinating. 3-zone LED keyboard backlight allows you to adjust the design of your Tracer LoCCar keyboard to your taste and mood. Enhance your gaming experience with modern RGB backlight.

Multimedia keys and high quality
The Tracer LoCCar keyboard is fitted with 12 multimedia keys that allow you to manage sound quickly and comfortably. Membrane switches and solid construction guarantee high durability even during your fiercest duels.

Versatile connection
A 1.3 m cable and a USB interface allow you to connect the keyboard to computers and laptops. A lightweight, durable construction makes this device perfect for gamers.
Mice and keyboards / Keyboards
Keyboard with touchpad TRACER Smart RF 2,4 Ghz
Do more with the Tracer Smart RF keyboard

Tracer Smart RF is an ergonomic wireless keyboard that is perfect for both home entertainment as well as long hours of office work.

• Convenient connection to a PC and easy installation.
• Elegant design.
• Quick access to main functions.
• Wireless operation with a range of up to 10 m.
• Built-in large touchpad.
• Lifespan up to 20 million clicks.
• Powered by two AA batteries.

Quick access to main functions
Six multimedia keys and a built-in touchpad allow you to do much more in less time. The Smart RF keyboard improves the comfort of using TVs, video game consoles, notebooks and classic PCs. Thanks to the multimedia keys, it provides instant access to music, e-mail and many other functions.

High-quality wireless connection in the 2.4 GHz band
Write, work and play, wherever you like. The 2.4 GHz wireless connection eliminates delays, communication drops and distortions within an operation distance of up to 10 meters.

Design that pleases the eye
Elegant and slim design makes the device blend in with any interior. Membrane mechanism and low key profile ensure comfortable use even when working with more content. The low profile of the keys makes writing not only comfortable, but also very quiet. This is a perfect proposition for home-grown writers and bloggers.

A touchpad instead of a mouse
The touch panel with two large buttons ensures comfort and precision of operation, successfully replacing a mouse. Controlling a Smart TV, a video game console and other multimedia devices has never been so convenient.

Simple plug and play installation
Configuration takes only a moment. Just connect the wireless receiver to the USB port on a video game console or a TV and the device will be immediately detected and configured. The Tracer Smart RF keyboard is compatible with the following Windows operating systems: 95/98/ME/XP/Vista/7/8/10.
Mice and keyboards / Keyboards
Tracer Brawler is an interesting proposition for gamers looking for a compact gaming keyboard for one-hand operation. The device belongs to the popular Gamezone line, created especially for gamers who value the combination of the highest quality and advanced features of gaming devices.

• Designer RGB backlight.
• 6 multimedia keys.
• Membrane switches
• Long USB connection cable

This small keypad is perfect for the most popular FPS games such as Doom or Counter Strike, it will meet the requirements of both beginners and more advanced gamers.

RGB backlight and 100% comfort of use
Equipped with an expressive RGB backlight, the keyboard will make every nighttime gamplay more enjoyable. The keypad allows the user to choose from among three backlight modes. Ergonomic shape and proper wrist support provide comfort and convenience even during long hours of gaming sessions.

Multimedia keys
The Tracer keypad has 6 multimedia keys, which allow you to quickly adjust the backlight, using the three available modes, the sound and more.

Membrane switches = higher durability
This model features high quality membrane switches that provide a lifespan of up to 20 million clicks. Built from durable materials, the gaming keypad will let you enjoy your favourite game for hundreds of hours. Fast keystrokes guarantee instant game response.

Versatility and speed of USB connection
The Tracer Brawler gaming keypad has a 1.4 m long USB cable and plug & play technology, so you can quickly connect it to any PC or laptop with a USB connection.
Mice and keyboards / Keyboards
Enter the game world in an impressive way with the Tracer GAMEZONE Neo gaming mouse, designed specifically for gamers. Aggressive look, RGB backlight, 7 buttons and a sensitive optical sensor are all you need in your virtual adventure. The device belongs to the popular Gamezone line, created especially for gamers who value the combination of the highest quality and advanced features of gaming devices.

• Optical sensor and 4800 dpi resolution.
• Teflon sliders.
• Ergonomic design and e-sport character.
• Perfect for right-handed gamers.
• 10 million clicks.
• Mechanical switches.
• Rainbow RGB backlight

Perfect for right-handed gamers
The right-handed profile provides adequate support for the hand and unburdens the wrist during long hours of gaming sessions. The Tracer GAMEZONE Neo mouse will work with any title, regardless of whether you prefer shooters, RPGs or strategies. By skilfully reading the mouse button clicks, our Tracer mouse will do everything to help you defeat your opponents.

Teflon slides and optical sensor
The precision of shots is provided by an optical sensor working at a maximum resolution of 4800 DPI. Durable teflon sliders are designed so that the mouse movements are smooth and precise, ensuring the highest control over the game. The lifespan of the buttons is up to 10 million clicks, or as many as 10 million commands issued in the game to defeat the enemy, or 10 million shots to raise your stats and develop your character.

Impressive RGB backlight
Check all the colour combinations given by the rainbow RGB backlight. The silent click mechanism and interesting illumination will make every nighttime gameplay more enjoyable. The e-sport character of the mouse as well as ergonomic and durable construction will provide comfort during long hours of gaming sessions.

Do not waste time – plug and play.
The easy-to-use Tracer GAMEZONE Neo mouse is ready to use right out of the box. Plug and play without any additional, complicated software. Equipped with Plug&Play technology and a 1.5-meter Tracer cable, this gaming mouse is ready for action right away.
Mice and keyboards / Mice
The Tracer Lightray keyboard, although designed for the needs of beginner players, is also ideal for more advanced users. The device offers access to 12 multimedia buttons, which significantly affects the comfort of use, transforming the computer into a real electronic command centre.

Multicoloured LED backlight gives the equipment a character, and also makes evening playing sessions nicer. The product is equipped with anti-ghosting technology and WINDOWS key lock, so you can fully indulge in exciting gameplay without worrying about accidentally returning to the desktop in the least expected moment.

Lightray is a full-sized keyboard based on membrane switches, providing a very high response time. It has additional anti-slip pads that provide excellent grip and pull-out supports that allow you to adjust the inclination of the keys to your preferences. The whole is complemented by a long cable with a USB plug, compatible with all computers and laptops that support this standard.
Mice and keyboards / Keyboards
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GameZone Series
Tracer GameZone is a line of products addressed to demanding gamers who expect specific functionalities and operational parameters of each element of their PC.