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Microphone TRACER Flex
A multimedia multi-direction microphone with high sensitivity and a broad frequency range. It is a perfect solution for conferences and studying foreign languages. A flexible design allows to set up the microphone in all positions. The microphone features a power-off switch for added convenience.
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Microphone TRACER S5
The microphone on a tripod, having a simple look and high functionality. The microphone is supplied with both a handy desk stand, and microphone connectorthat allows attachment to the side of the desk for example.
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Microphone TRACER Screamer
A multimedia multi-direction microphone with high sensitivity and a broad frequency range. It is a perfect solution for conferences and studying foreign languages. A flexible design allows to set up the microphone in all positions. The microphone features a power-off switch for added convenience.
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Microphone TRACER Spider RGB
TRACER Spider RGB Microphone

Are you looking for a microphone with an original design? Excellent sound quality and solid construction are also a priority? Then Tracer Spider RGB is the perfect choice for you! Attractive backlight, great sound and noise reduction are just some of the advantages of the Tracer microphone. The Tracer Spider microphone belongs to the popular GAMEZONE line, designed especially for demanding gamers who expect advanced gaming features and parameters from their equipment. High-quality materials used to manufacture Tracer GAMEZONE products guarantee great durability even with very intensive use.

• Impressive RGB backlight.
• Noise reduction.
• Durable tripod.
• 360 degree rotation.
• Quick mute.

Clear sound in any situation
The Tracer microphone is a device that will provide you with unforgettable emotions during gaming marathons. Thanks to the high-quality sound, your communication with your team will be smooth, and the noise reduction feature will ensure that your commands will be conveyed with crystal clarity. The Tracer microphone will also increase the audio quality of your next gameplay livestreams – it will be the perfect choice if you want to show off the history of your struggles in your favourite game. You can also use it to record podcasts, vlogs or content for a YouTube channel – this versatile device will work in any situation.

Tailored to your needs
Modern design of the Tracer microphone will impress each of your gaming friends. The device has built-in RGB LEDs, which will allow you to get impressive backlight in the dark. You can use the single colour or multi-colour mode, easily adjusting the microphone settings to your current needs. The device is mounted on a durable, stable tripod, which ensures comfortable use during long hours of gaming marathons or recording professional content. The adjustable angle of inclination and the possibility of 360 degrees rotation allow for a perfect adjustment to the user's preferences.

The Tracer microphone is made of high-quality materials, and its robust construction ensures durability and protects the device against damage. It is equipped with a USB-C port, thanks to which you can easily connect it to any device compatible with this standard. The microphone does not require configuration – it is ready to work immediately after connecting. The use of a universal 5.8” thread allows you to mount the device on any selected holder, so you can use your microphone in many ways.
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Microphone TRACER Studio
Tracer Studio Omni-directional Microphone

Are you looking for a powerful but compact-sized microphone? The Tracer Studio is a small mic styled like a stage device; great sound quality and a solid construction are its main advantages. It also boasts minimalist design, great sound and high level of noise reduction. This classic omni-directional microphone will be perfect for home studio YouTube recordings, Skype conferences or karaoke nights - it can be removed from the mic stand. You don't have to worry about difficult driver installation and hardware configuration - the product is ready for use as soon as it's connected!

• Minimalistic, classic design.
• Omni-directional microphone.
• Mic sensitivity: 58 dB +/- 3 dB.
• Bandwidth: 30 - 16,000 Hz.
• Noise reduction.
• Robust metal construction.
• Built-in on/off switch.
• 1.8 m cable.

Compact size
Styled to resemble a stage device, the tiny Tracer Studio microphone will impress every user. The device is placed on a durable, stable tripod, making its use during long Skype conferences convenient and comfortable.

Omni-directional microphone
The Tracer Studio omni-directional microphone collects sounds from all over the place, so it can be used when you want to record a group of people at the same time, e.g. a singing band.

Background noise reduction
A significant advantage of the Tracer Studo device is the noise reduction function - it eliminates unwanted background sounds, which will guarantee you a 'clean', noise-free recording of your target sound.
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Microphone set TRACER Premium PRO USB
In an era of extreme popularity of Internet video streaming, increasing importance of videoconferences and hours-long videogame tournaments, a well chosen microphone is essential to effective and comfortable communication. The times of camera-integrated mics are over – with Tracer Premium Pro USB Set, you’ll feel like a professional podcaster, and your voice will sound crystal clear.

• Condenser microphone, cardioid.
• Large membrane.
• Microphone sensitivity: 45dB+/- 2 dB.
• Noise reduction.
• Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz.
• Plug&Play.
• Shock mount included in the set.
• Stand with 6.25 mm thread (5/8”).
• Mount handle – diameter: 2.8 cm (1,1”).
• USB interface.
• POP filter and foam shield.

High sound quality
The absolute star of the Tracer Premium Pro Set is the professional condenser microphone with cardioid directional characteristics. Thanks to that feature, its sensitivity is a lot higher than in other dynamic models; it also has a wide frequency range, low distortion and low noise level. The mic picks up sound in the clearest and most natural way possible; therefore, it will also be perfect in professional and home studio recording, as well as during YouTube streaming.

Background noise reduction
The cardioid characteristics gives this microphone a wide sound reception area in the axis and maximum reduction outside it. It ensures a 2/3 background noise reduction in comparison to its omnidirectional counterparts. Thanks to that feature, the Tracer mic will be a perfect solution when recording podcasts – you may rest assured that your listeners will only hear your voice and everything you want to say, without any background noise. A great advantage of this device is the noise reduction function – it reduces undesired sounds from your surroundings which guarantees crystal clear quality of your recording. Foam shield and POP filter are also included in the set for an extra layer of protection.

Comfortable recording
The Tracer Premium Pro microphone is fitted with a USB interface which makes it exceptionally versatile and user-friendly – it does not need any external interfaces. All you need to do is connect it to any device with a USB port – and you’re done! Thanks to the Plug&Play function, the mic doesn’t need any configuration – it is ready for action as soon as you connect it.

Comfortable mic stand included in the set
A steel, adjustable stand with double arm is included in the set; it allows you to use the microphone in a stable and safe manner. Leaning (120 degrees), rotating (360 degrees) and horizontal movements allow to adjust the microphone’s position so as to make it more comfortable to the speaker. The stand may also be used with Blue Yeti and Blue Snowball microphones. A shock mount with 2.8 diameter may be used with most mics available in the market – it allows you to use the stand with the equipment you’ve already got.
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Microphone set TRACER Studio PRO
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Microphone set TRACER Studio PRO USB
With a professional recording studio microphone kit in your setup you’re ready to swing into action at any time, whether you’re doing voiceover, podcast, vlogging, dictation, gaming or streaming. This microphone set can be used for recordings at home or professional studio.
• CONDENSER MICROPHONE– Internal chipset and PCBA of microphone is designed for simple use, which requires no additional phantom power to power up. Just insert the USB plug of the microphone into your desktop, then there you go, start to be a YouTuber or enjoy the game chat with your friend.
• MIC STAND - MICROPHONE BOOM ARM AND CLAMP - Adjustable scissor microphone arm with high quality steel and heavy-duty springs. Your mic will always stay in place once you put your adjustable mic boom arm into the perfect position. With this boom microphone stand you can complete your recording or broadcast with no interruptions or frustrating retakes because your suspension mic arm will stay exactly where you want.
• STUDIO BOOM MIC STAND TABLE MOUNTED - Enhances recording and broadcasting quality by stabilizing and isolating your microphone from bumps and rattles on the desk or table. The padded desk clamp on this broadcasting mic stand prevents damage to the desk surface and reduces vibration noise.
• SCISSOR ARM with full swivel and height adjustable boom arm allows for perfect placement of your microphone arm stand.
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Are you a videoblogger? Do you record your own songs or movies? If so, this microphone is perfect for you! Create your own mini recording studio at home with the Tracer GAMZEONE Gamer LED USB. The Tracer device is a high-quality condenser mic intended for aspiring streamers, YouTubers, and people creating their own podcasts. Thanks to our attention to details, solid construction and use of highest class materials, our product is durable and reliable even with hours and hours of operation. All this combined with elegant design makes this microphone not only perfect for making high-quality recordings, but also damage-resistant and neat-looking, which is very important to every user.

• Condenser microphone with a large membrane.
• Adjustable inclination angle.

Record like a pro
Enjoy the perfect sound thanks to a microphone with a precise cardioid characteristics of sound recording. The device records most sounds reaching it from directly in front. This solution allows to reduce sound coming from the back of the mic. The Tracer GAMZEONE Gamer LED USB microphone is perfect for gaming, streaming, podcasts, dubbing.

Noise-free recordings
A large bandwidth and an active noise reduction system makes the registered sound clear and free of distortions. The device will be perfect for recording gamingonline communication, conferences and chats.

Efficient and user-friendly
The adjustability of the inclination angle – allows to find the optimal angle allowing to present the tone of voice or instrument perfectly.

Quick USB connection
The digital USB output and automatic installation make it impossibly easy to connect and to use. All you need to do is connect the TRACER GAMZEONE Gamer LED USB microphone to a computer using the USB port, and after a few seconds you’ll be able to enjoy the full potential of the device. You’ll need no additional drivers, and a 1.4 m cable will ensure a convenient connection to any device equipped with a USB port.
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