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Car Charger TRACER 12-24V Multicharge 3xUSB 7,2A + PD 18W
The TRACER 12-24V MULTICHARGE 3xUSB 7.2A + PD 18W car charger was created for both the driver and the passengers. It has a total of 3 USB ports for charging mobile devices or navigation as well as a USB-C port with PD 18W function, which allows you to charge selected Macbooks and netbooks that support the newest technology. It is a small and classy-looking device useful on every journey. In total, it supports up to 7.2A.

The TRACER MULTICHARGE device consists of three moduls.
The first is a panel for the driver - the charger is easily mounted in the 12-24V cigarette lighter socket. This part has a built-in standard USB port. It guarantees that the driver stays in close proximity of a 2.4 A power source. They can use this energy to charge a smartphone, tablet, navigation, video recorder or music player. It is compatible with all the accessories mostly needed while driving.

The second part is a 1.5 m cable that connects both MULTICHARGE charger panels. The length is optimal – doesn’t fail to connect you. The cable does not tangle, does not curl, and easily reaches the rear seats of the vehicle. It is flexible, flexible and guarantees stable work for many years and hundreds of thousands of kilometers of journey.

The third part is a panel intended for passengers in the backseat. For the convenience of users, it is supported by a special sliding buckle, which can be attached to support the seat or newspaper holder in the cover. The charger for the passenger has two USB ports that support up to 3A and are used to charge smartphones, tablets, sport cameras, music players and any other gadgets compatible with this method of charging.

The Power Delivery port will also be a treat, which is also on this panel. This is the latest technology, available with a USB-C cable from the latest smartphones and netbooks. Power Delivery (PD) ensures that the device is charged with the maximum current that it is able to support, which speeds up your charging process. We're happy with a really smart choice of charging power, while protecting the battery. The technology is used in flagship smartphones, as well as laptops, portable consoles and many other devices loaded with a USB-C cable. TRACER MULTICHARGE uses 18W (5V / 3A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A) charging.