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Gaming headsetTRACER GAMEZONE Raptor V2 RGB
Are you looking for a gaming headset with unusual looks and exhilarating sound quality? Tracer GAMEZONE Raptor V2 RGB is a set created just for you. Impressive RGB backlight, durable metal headband and breakthrough construction make it the best choice for gaming geeks. The headset belongs to the popular GAMEZONE line, created especially for gamers who value the combination of the highest quality and advanced features of gaming devices.

• Captivating sound quality in games.
• Construction of double transducers.
• RGB LED backlight.
• Flexible microphone with backlight.
• Controller on the cabel.
• Splitter 2x mini-jack.
• Metal headband.

Stunning RGB backlight
Express your style or current mood using the available colour combinations. The RGB LED backlight on the earcups makes the Tracer GAMEZONE Raptor V2 headset fit perfectly into the gaming style. Whether you're playing day or night, your headset will always look impressive. Choose your favourite colour from the available backlight sequences using the controller on the cable.

100% focus during the game
The metal structure of the headband with automatic height adjustment makes the set very sturdy and durable, making it a perfect companion during many gaming marathons. Each gamer appreciates not only the quality of the headset, but also the convenience of use. Specially shaped and padded with delicate, elastic leather, the earcups guarantee exceptional comfort so that you can immerse yourself in the sound and play for hours. Effective isolation of distracting sounds from the environment will allow you to fully focus on the game.

Top-level communication
The flexible microphone with backlit tip has been equipped with the function of reducing background noises. From now on, nothing will interrupt the conversation with your teammates. From now on your voice will always be extremely sharp, and every command crystal clear.

Superb sound quality
Immerse yourself in the amazing sound quality offered by the Tracer GAMEZONE Raptor V2. The breakthrough design of the headphones ensures greater clarity and less distortion. And all this thanks to the use of separate transducers with a diameter of 50 mm for bass and smaller 23 mm for treble. Optimal tuning and a cleaner, more balanced sound will help you easily locate your opponent in the game. You will hear even the softest murmur of a sneaking enemy.

Compatible with many platforms
The included splitter with two 3.5mm mini-jack connectors is perfect for gamers who want to connect the headset to a device with one mini-jack input. Gamers using PC, PS4, Xbox One platforms or any other platform equipped with this socket will be able to take full advantage of the capabilities of the headset.
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Speakers TRACER 2.1 Hi-Cube RGB Flow BLUETOOTH
Immerse yourself in the extraordinary sound quality offered by the Tracer Hi-Cube set and rediscover the unique sound of your favorite songs. Tracer Hi-Cube is a multimedia set operating in a 2.1 system – a perfect fit for users looking for high-quality and intensity of sound. A unique, gaming design and flawless sound from a subwoofer and two satellites makes this set a must-have for every music lover. Tracer 2.1 Hi-Cube speakers are part of the popular Gamezone product line addressed to gamers who appreciate the combination of high-quality design and advanced functions of gaming devices.

• Satellites and the subwoofer made of high-quality material.
• RGB backlight.
• Clear, flawless sound.
• Bluetooth

RGB rainbow-colored backlight
Express your style and complement your interior thanks to the unique illumination of the Tracer Hi-Cube set. Enchanting, rainbow-colored RGB LED backlight makes your speakers not only a perfect gaming gadget, but also an impressive decoration that will add a touch of style to your interior. The RGB rainbow-colored backlight of Tracer Hi-Cube speakers, combined with your favorite music, will create an extraordinary atmosphere.

Enjoy flawless sound
Tracer Hi-Cube speakers’ total power is 20 W. Thanks to the use of high-quality transducers, we guarantee clear, flawless sound and perfect reproduction of bass and treble. The Tracer Hi-Cube set ensures flawless sound and deep, intense bass. High quality housing allows for a clearer sound and better reduction of distortions. The subwoofer, responsible for generating a strong, clear bass sound, will do great when mirroring sounds of explosions or gunshots during gaming sessions. It is additionally equipped with bass controls that will allow you to adjust the sound to each genre of music.

High-quality housing, bluetooth
The Tracer Hi-Cube set frames were designed so as to enhance their effectiveness and increase the volume, maintaining the modern, gaming design at the same time. A heavy-duty housing made of high-quality material will ensure durability for many years. Enjoy all the small sounds in your favorite songs. Moreover, the set design is compact – it will fit perfectly in bigger and smaller rooms. Bluetooth control included in the set improves the comfort of use, allowing to adjust the speaker sound without leaving the couch.
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TRACER Rocket wireless speaker with Bluetooth and TWS

The Tracer Rocket wireless speaker is perfect for people who often use wireless audio playback from Bluetooth devices. Use the exceptional power of the Tracer Rocket speaker, check its abilities in a spot that is most convenient for you, without the necessity to use cables.

• TWS technology – create a powerful Stereo set.
• Integrated FM module.
• Power: RMS 15 W.
• Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connection – no more ‘cable spaghettis’.
• Multi-colored LED backlight.
• Plays music from memory cards and USB devices.

Create your stereo set thanks to the TWS technology
The Tracer Rocket speaker is equipped with True Wireless Stereo technology. You may connect two speakers together to make your music twice as powerful. Create one, powerful stereo system and enjoy flawless sound quality.

LED backlight
Create an awesome party vibe. Turn the multi-colored LED backlight on and surprise your friends with beautiful colors. You want a karaoke party? It’s easy! Just connect a mic to the speaker and you may party all night long.

Modern design
Attractive design and lightweight structure make the speaker very versatile and easy to transport. The Tracer Rocket will be perfect for weekend city breaks, BBQ parties, and holiday travels.

Endless sound – from many different sources
The Tracer Rocket speaker allows you to enjoy your favorite music continuously for 3 long hours! Spend your free time the way you like it and listen to your favorite playlist from your USB device or a memory card inserted in the speaker. If you prefer listening to the radio – no problem! The Tracer speaker is also equipped with an integrated FM module.
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Microphone set TRACER Studio PRO
With a professional recording studio microphone kit in your setup you’re ready to swing into action at any time, whether you’re doing voiceover, podcast, vlogging, dictation, gaming or streaming. This microphone set can be used for recordings at home or professional studio.
• CONDENSER MICROPHONE– Internal chipset and PCBA of microphone is designed for simple use, which requires no additional phantom power to power up. Just insert the 3.5mm pin of the microphone into the audio jack of your desktop, then there you go, start to be a YouTuber or enjoy the game chat with your friend.
• MIC STAND - MICROPHONE BOOM ARM AND CLAMP - Adjustable scissor microphone arm with high quality steel and heavy-duty springs. Your mic will always stay in place once you put your adjustable mic boom arm into the perfect position. With this boom microphone stand you can complete your recording or broadcast with no interruptions or frustrating retakes because your suspension mic arm will stay exactly where you want.
• STUDIO BOOM MIC STAND TABLE MOUNTED - Enhances recording and broadcasting quality by stabilizing and isolating your microphone from bumps and rattles on the desk or table. The padded desk clamp on this broadcasting mic stand prevents damage to the desk surface and reduces vibration noise.
• SCISSOR ARM with full swivel and height adjustable boom arm allows for perfect placement of your microphone arm stand.
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TRACER Splash L wireless speaker with Bluetooth and TWS

The Tracer Splash L is a great option for music lovers who like to listen to it outdoors. Using the Tracer Splash speaker, you may enjoy fantastic sound at a party, picnic, or watching a movie on your smartphone with some friends.

• TWS technology – create a powerful Stereo set.
• Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connection – no more ‘cable spaghettis’.
• Durable battery – 8 long hours of music.
• Degree of protection IPX6 – perfect for boating or swimming.
• Plays music from memory cards.
• Manages phone calls.

Create your stereo set with the TWS technology
The Tracer Splash L speaker is fitted with the True Wireless Stereo technology allowing you to pair up several speakers using Bluetooth. Create one, powerful Stereo set and enjoy perfect sound.

High-quality water tightness
Use your Tracer Splash L speaker at beaches, picnics, lakeshores, and on boats. The degree of protection IPX6 ensures full protection from water splashed from different directions with flow rate of 100 liters per minute. Enjoy flawless audio, and don’t worry about the speaker getting wet!

Enjoy the comfort
Listen to your favorite music without limitations of constantly tangled cables. All you need to do is use Bluetooth function to connect the Tracer speaker to your mobile device – and you may enjoy the music. To make this even more comfortable, copy your playlist to a memory card that you may store in your speaker and play it whenever you want.

Endless music thanks to a durable battery
The Tracer Splash L speaker is equipped with a durable battery that allows you to listen to your favorite music continuously for 8 long hours! Use its indefinite abilities to make your free time even more enjoyable.
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Elegant, portable, high-performance Bluetooth speaker with powerful dual 10W drivers
Express the true power and life of your music with the TRACER Champion bluetooth speaker. A total 20W of vibrant, thrilling, energetic sound with weighty bass.
Experience high-quality, room-filling audio output that brings your music to life.
Instantly connect and wirelessly stream music from almost any device at a range of up to 10m (33ft) via Bluetooth 4.2 (or use the included 3.5mm audio cable)
8+ hours of powerful playtime from the large 2000mAh battery. Enjoy your music for days without charging.
Premium speaker build with the added charm of a durable woven fabric surface. A more appealing and comfortable look and feel that complements your home.
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Modern TRACER Mobile Pro headphones are an ideal offer for individuals looking for good, universal headphones of superior quality. Bluetooth connection and multimedia universality enable reproduction of musical files from computers and mobile devices such tablets or smartphones while enjoying their high quality sound. Convenient buttons for volume adjustment and changing files will also allow to change the basic settings of the sound. An in-built microphone is adapted to telephone connections.

• Bluetooth
• High-capacity battery
• Foldable headphones with metal headband
• Clear sound – large, 40 mm converters

Robust design
Metal headband in combination with the folding option make the unit very robust, durable and ideal for frequent use. Additionally, due to adequate location of the volume and track buttons, change of basic sound and volume settings is much quicker.

Your favourite music lasting longer
Enjoy your favourite pieces much longer without frequent breaks to recharge. High-capacity, 300 mAh, lithium-polymer battery guarantees a long working time of the headphones while playing the files as well as during telephone conversations – up to 8 hours.

Modern Bluetooth connection
Enjoy freedom offered by wireless Bluetooth connection. Tracer Mobile Pro headphones connect through Bluetooth 4.1 with any compatible device serving this function. Bluetooth 4.1 guarantees stable connection with devices up to 10 m distant.

Clear sound
High-capacity, 40 cm converters ensure precise sound reproduction. Use of HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP profiles will allow you to listen to musical files, radio and other sounds through the headphones.
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Elegant, portable, high-performance Bluetooth speaker with powerful 10W drivers and passive radiators
Express the true power and life of your music with the Warp Wireless Speaker. A total 10W of vibrant, thrilling, energetic sound with weighty bass
Instantly connect and wirelessly stream music from almost any device at a range of up to 10m (33ft) via Bluetooth 4.1 (or use the included 3.5mm audio cable)
10+ hours of powerful playtime from the large 2000mAh battery. Enjoy your music for days without charging. IPX5 standard will protect your speaker from water - just in case.
Audio / Speakers
• Trendy 2.0 speaker set for PC and laptop
• 12W RMS
• Stylish, metallic design
• Volume control and headphones connection conveniently on the front side
• USB-powered – no wall power needed
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Speakers Soundbar + Subwoofer TRACER Quinto BLUETOOTH
Discover how amazing your favourite music can sound. Tracer Quinto is an advanced set: soundbar + subwoofer operating in the 2.1 system. A perfect solution for those seeking high quality and sound power.

• Bluetooth connection and 3.5 mm mini-jack.
• 11W RMS.
• Compact dimensions.
• Elegant look.

Bluetooth and mini-jack
With the Bluetooth technology, you can connect to your soundbar in just a few seconds. Forget about the tangle of cables on your desk, now it will be stylish and elegant. The Soundbar + Subwoofer set is compatible with devices equipped with a Bluetooth module and a popular 3.5 mm mini-jack. You can freely listen to music from tablets, smartphones, mp3 players or laptops. Both the mini-jack connector and the Bluetooth module switch are placed on the front of the soundbar. The set also features a MicroSD card slot.

Feel the power of sound
With the Tracer Quinto Soundbar, you'll get extraordinary experience already with the first use. The large size of the speaker allows you to enjoy crystal clear sound with a strong and clean bass from a separate, wooden subwoofer. Thanks to the power of 11W RMS, now your favourite series or shows will take on a new appeal. The 20 Hz-20 kHz bandwidth will make the sounds from any computer game dynamic.

Elegant look
The small dimensions of the whole set make it easily fit on your desk under the monitor screen. The compact casing, sturdy and stylish mesh on the front part of the soundbar and backlit volume potentiometer prove that it is a device thought out in every detail.

Subwoofer: 170 szer. * 190 gł. * 220 wys. mm
Soundbar: 470 szer. * 65 gł. * 70 wys. mm
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Battle Heroes
Gaming headset TRACER BATTLE HEROES Xplosive White
Tracer Xplosive headphones are designed for comfort and ergonomics, which ensures comfort of use. Sponge earmuffs are covered with high-quality material that allows for long use without fatigue. The advantage of the device is also attractive design. The integrated microphone allows for precise positioning and excellent communication - adjustable using a controller placed on the cable. High quality individual components ensures smooth operation of the headphones.
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GameZone Series
Tracer GameZone is a line of products addressed to demanding gamers who expect specific functionalities and operational parameters of each element of their PC.
Battle Heroes Series
Gaming accessories addressed for novice enthusiasts of computer games. The Battle Heroes products have key gaming parameters, enriched by an interesting design and lighting effects.