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Battle Heroes
Gaming headset TRACER BATTLE HEROES Gunman RED
An interesting proposition for e-sports enthusiast looking for good headphones with an interesting design at an attractive price. Accurate sound reproduction will allow you to quickly identify reload, movement and shot the enemy, making the model ideal for FPS type games.

Built-in microphone is used when communicating with other players and visible pilot seated on the cable will quickly change the basic settings for sound or mute the microphone.

Used special materials with earmuffs provide a comfortable game even for many hours without fatigue.
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Gaming headset TRACER GAMEZONE Gladiator
Tracer Gladiator equipment is perfect for any fan of computer games. Equipped with three connectors (2x minijack and USB) allow connection to any kind of equipment, the lightweight and comfortable housing will provide you comfort during long hours of skirmishes.

Built-in foldable microphone ensures effective communication with other participants in the multiplayer mode, and adjust audio controller will significantly reduce the time required to adjust settings during the game.

A two-meter cable allows you to change the position and distance to the computer. With its sturdy konstrukcjiu cable, headphones will serve you trouble-free for many years. Additional visual impressions provides LED backlight, which presents a particularly impressive during the night sessions in front of the monitor.
Audio / Headphones
Speakers TRACER 2.1 Moonlight BLUETOOTH
Speakers MOONLIGHT is the multimedia set designed for users who want a product with an attractive design and reasonable prices combined with outstanding sound from the wooden subwoofer and satellites. SD Micro card reader and USB port that works with any USB stick

MOONLIGHT speakers is enhanced with:

- SD Micro card reader
- USB2.0 port
-Bluetooth module
Audio / Speakers
Headphones Tracer Mobile sound, Bluetooth® connectivity, and mobile-friendly features, all in a stylish, contemporary design. The new Mobile sound, adds advanced Bluetooth and mobile features it all in a sleek design that’s both comfortable and head-turning. Tracer engineers have combined generous 40mm drivers with goodBass performance, treating your earsto expansive frequency response (20hz to 20KHz) with full, undistorted bass. Bluetooth technology allows wireless connectivity with phones, tablets and music players
Endurance is designed for comfort, style, and durability.
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Battle Heroes
Gaming headset TRACER BATTLE HEROES Riot V2
It does not matter if you are playing, listening to music or working - your comfort is a key to success. Riot V2 headphones model is equipped with high quality soft ear cushions. Thanks to this you can use your headphones without being tired for long time. Built-in microphone and volume controller placed on ear cup allows you to set everything quickly and very precise. 3 connectors ( 2x minijack and USB for LED only) will allow you to connect to various devices. Functional design ensures comfort even with long hours of competition! You will appreciate our headphones during night gaming session thanks to red LED backlight of the headphones.
Audio / Headphones
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GameZone Series
Tracer GameZone is a line of products addressed to demanding gamers who expect specific functionalities and operational parameters of each element of their PC.
Battle Heroes Series
Gaming accessories addressed for novice enthusiasts of computer games. The Battle Heroes products have key gaming parameters, enriched by an interesting design and lighting effects.