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Gaming set Tracer Stir REV.2 USB
Mice and keyboards / Sets (keyboard + mouse)
Wireless Tracer Set RF Nano consists of a full-size keyboard and a mouse with an understated design, smooth curves, and compact size. This set will allow you to freshen up your workplace and ensure maximum performance, free of limitations resulting from too many wires and cables. Choose an ergonomic solution that will make long hours spent at your computer less tiring.

? Mouse equipped with optical sensor.
? 5 buttons.
? Resolution: 1000 DPI.
? Membrane keyboard switches.
? 4 multimedia keys.
? Low key stroke.
? Quiet operation.
? Wireless connections.

Comfortable and quiet operation
Full-size Tracer keyboard with four multimedia keys is an ideal solution for beginner gamers. Low keystroke allows for comfortable use even for several hours at a time. Membrane switches make the keyboard’s operation quiet and soft. Thanks to those features, even if you hit the keys quickly and intensely, it won’t disturb you or other people in the room. Moreover, this low-profile keyboard will ensure your comfort and make your work more effective.

Universal profiling
Symmetrical profiling makes the mouse perfect both for left- and right-handed users. Ergonomic structure of the Tracer mouse guarantees stable support for the hands and relief to the wrist when operating the device. Optical sensor working at maximum resolution of 1000 DPI ensures precision and accuracy.

Aesthetic minimalism
High-quality design and elegant housing makes the Tracer wireless set a perfect complement to any interior, and a very professional addition to any office.

Easy connection
Seamless connection to computers or laptops using wireless connection - Wireless 2.4 GHz technology. The set is very easy to connect – all you need to do is connect a small nano-receiver to a USB interface in your PC or laptop, and you can enjoy quick and reliable functioning of your devices. The Tracer keyboard and mouse may be placed as far as 10 meters from the nano-receiver; discover the freedom provided only by use of a wireless set.
Mice and keyboards / Sets (keyboard + mouse)