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Mobile battery TRACER 8400 mAh black
Mobile battery TRACER 8400 mAh blackCheck
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Mobile battery TRACER 8400 mAh black
External mobile power source that will make you forget about
problems with flat battery in your portable equipment! For all
those who like to be cautious, who care about availability and
comfort, but don’t always find themselves with a socket at
hand. For those preoccupied with games, so that they never
have to repeat another level! In all these situations, what you
need is the Mobile battery. The housing is made of high quality
plastic to provide your device with additional protection. Built-in
LEDs indicate the charge level of the device. The front casing
features a USB 2.0 port (adapter cable for Micro and Mini USB
is included). Next to it is a Micro USB port used to recharge the
device. Inside you find a lithium-ion battery with high capacity
of 8400mAh and maximum charging current of 5V-2,1A.
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