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Green Screen TRACER 110cm
Tracer Green Screen 110cm Photography Backdrop

Tracer Photography Backdrop is a must-have gadget for every photography enthusiast and streamer. With the Tracer Green Screen backdrop you will quickly and conveniently create a professional recording studio in the comfort of your home. Give your film productions a whole new quality. The "green screen" backdrop will be perfect for livestreams on social networks and on other communication platforms.

• Diameter when unfolded: 110 cm.
• High-quality, flexible material.
• Can easily be attached to a chair.

Your own Hollywood
Tracer photography backdrop allows you to work in the Chroma Key (Green Screen) technique, which involves replacing the real background with any image – a solution commonly used in the film and television industry to generate any scenery around the recorded or photographed object. With the help of the Tracer product, you can appear in your dream location: in the mountains, on a beach, in a tropical forest, or even in a completely made-up reality – it all depends on your imagination. You can also add interactive or animated elements. This is certainly a great way to personalize your videos and convey your content in a visually appealing way.

For amateurs and professionals alike
The Tracer photography backdrop has the form of a circle with a diameter of 110 cm, which will allow you to accurately fill the frame with the selected scenery. It is made of high-quality material, which makes it very durable, resistant to scratches and mechanical stress. The backdrop material does not generate light reflections and has a saturated, deep colour, which makes it ideal for post-production processing. It is also very flexible, so it can be easily adapted to the user's requirements, as well as creaseless and resistant to fading.

Easy to attach
The backdrop has a convenient mounting system and can easily be attached to a chair or other surface, which makes it easy and comfortable to work with.
LIGHTING / Ring lamps
LED Ring Lamp ( diameter 26cm) with mini tripod
LIGHTING / Ring lamps
LED Ring Lamp (diameter 30cm) with 210cm tripod
LIGHTING / Ring lamps
RGB RING Lamp TRACER 26cm with tripod
TRACER Ring RGB ring light with stand

The LED ring light is a unique type of steady light that allows you to evenly illuminate the photographed object. The ring light with modern LEDs accurately reproduces colors and imitates daylight, which makes it perfect for taking portrait photos and shooting vlogs. The Tracer ring light will ensure perfect lighting, no matter what it is used for - it will help you prepare sophisticated makeup as well as take a cute selfie.

• Useful luminous flux of 600-1700 L.
• 153 LEDs.
• 18 colors of light.
• Pilot.
• Lamp diameter 26 cm.
• Phone stand.
• Color temperature 2800-7000 K.
• Compact size.

High performance LEDs
The Tracer ring light is an incredibly compact device. Equipped with LED diodes which ensure better light and greater durability than traditional light sources. LED diodes are also very energy-efficient, which is very important if you plan to use the lamps every day, for many hours at a time. The device allows you to adjust the brightness level, which makes the lighting power fully adaptable to your needs.

Perfect for work
The Tracer light is equipped with LEDs with a color temperature from 2800 to 7000 K, allowing you to obtain the light temperature similar to the temperature of daylight. This lighting is perfect for any kind of activity: work or studying; it is also great if you need natural color reproduction. So if you're planning a photoshoot, preparing professional makeup, and want to get a well-lit effect with a realistic color palette, choose the Tracer ring light.

Remote control
The lamp comes with a wireless remote control. In addition to switching on and off, brightening and dimming, it also allows you to precisely select one of 18 colors and to operate the lamp from a distance.
LIGHTING / Ring lamps
SELFIE ring lamp TRACER 28 LED
Tracer Ring – LED selfie lamp with phone holder

Discover new video quality using LED light. Tracer Ring lamp allows to obtain a unique type of steady light, evenly lighting the object you want to photograph or record. The Tracer ring lamp will help you obtain perfect lighting for any application: selfies, videos for your blog or preparing the perfect makeup.

• 10-step brightness adjustment.
• 48 LEDs
• 3 light temperatures.
• Color temperatures: 3000-6000 K.
• 4-cm wide desktop clip.
• Phone holder width: 9.5 cm
• Lamp diameter: 8.5 cm.
• Compact size.
• 5 V adapter.
• Elastic arms.

Efficient LEDs
The Tracer Ring lamp is a compact device equipped with more durable LEDs than those in traditional light sources. LEDs with service life of up to 10 000 hours are very energy-efficient, which is important if you want to use the lamp for many hours daily. The lamp offers 10-step brightness adjustment, which will allow you to regulate the light power according to your needs, depending on the application: headshots, blog video recording, makeup, or an additional light source when working on your computer.

Versatile selfie lamp
Ring lamps become more and more popular in various fields. Perfect lighting conditions will be appreciated by photographers and videobloggers, as well as Facebook and Instagram influencers. Now that online working, studying and communicating has become part of our everyday lives, the Tracer Ring lamp is indispensible during your video meetings. A practical holder with elastic arms allows to place your phone in one of them, and adjust the other lamp holder so that the light is angled perfectly.

Place it anywhere you want
The Tracer lamp set includes a clip that will make your device even more versatile. You may install your lamp exactly where you need it and angle it so that the desired surface is perfectly lit.
LIGHTING / Ring lamps