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Keyboard TRACER Gamezone LoCCar
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Tracer ORES is an ergonomic gaming keyboard that will be perfect for both a beginner gamer and an advanced user. As many as 12 built-in multimedia keys allow you to freely adjust sounds and backlight. Tracer ORES is a combination of modern technologies with useful gaming functionalities. From now on, each game will provide you with an amazing experience. The ORES keyboard belongs to the popular Gamezone line, created especially for gamers who value the combination of the highest quality workmanship and advanced features of gaming devices.

• RGB backlight with adjustable intensity.

• Universal USB connection.
• WinLock key.
• Anti-ghosting – every move is recorded.
• Ergonomic shape.
• Wrist rest.

RGB backlight for fans of all night gaming
With multicolour RGB backlight, you will make evening gaming marathons more enjoyable. The ability to adjust the backlight intensity will allow you to adjust the design of the Tracer ORES keyboard to your mood and the feeling of the game. Additionally, 10 multimedia keys will allow for full keyboard personalization.

Anti-gosting and WinLock key
In the heat of the gameplay, you can not let a sudden click stop the session and return you to the desktop. When starting the game, activate the WinLock function and use it to block the Windows key. You will effectively prevent such unpleasant surprises as sudden interruption of the game. Thanks to the Anti-ghosting function, nothing will prevent you from pressing several keys at the same time. With the Tracer ORES keyboard, you can enter all key commands or characters, even if that means pressing all the buttons on the keyboard at once without worrying that any of them will not be registered. Anti-ghosting function provides optimal gaming performance and full control while issuing multiple commands.

Versatile connection
1.5 m cable and universal USB connector allow you to connect the keyboard to all computers and laptops. Lightweight and durable construction makes the device a perfect representative of the gaming style. Ergonomic shape and a wrist rest ensure comfort both during everyday use of the keyboard and during many hours of gaming tournaments.
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Mechanical Keyboard Tracer GAMEZONE HITT
Log in to the game with a compact mechanical keyboard – Tracer Hitt. It’s a perfect solution both for beginner and advanced video game geeks. Classic keystroke and compact design make it very comfortable not just during gaming, but also during regular everyday work. An interesting visual enrichment is the LED backlight with 6 degrees of luminous intensity, which will make the use of the keyboard even more pleasant during gaming marathons. The Tracer Hitt keyboard is part of our popular GAMEZONE product line, designed for demanding players who expect that their gaming equipment should have advanced gaming functions and parameters. High-quality materials used in our GAMEZONE product line guarantee long life even with intensive use.

• 6-degree RGB backlight.
• Versatile USB connection.
• Classic keystroke.
• 11 multimedia keys.
• Key lifetime: 3 million clicks
• ‘Windows’ key lock.
• Anti-ghosting – every move registered.

RGB backlight
Designer rainbow illumination will ensure unforgettable experience during your evening gaming tournaments. 6-degree luminous intensity of the LED backlight allows you to adjust the appearance of your Tracer Hitt keyboard to your style and mood. Make your gaming experience epic thanks to the modern RGB backlight.

Durable switches
Mechanical switches and classic keystroke, combined with solid design, guarantees high wear resistance even during the fiercest of battles.

Anti-Ghosting and Win Lock
Have you ever accidentally clicked something in the heat of battle and minimized the window, interrupting the game? You don’t have to worry about that anymore: all you need to do is activate the Win Lock function, thus blocking the ‘Windows’ key. It allows you to avoid those unpleasant surprises. The Anti-ghosting function allows to press several keys at the same time to run an important command without interrupting the game. Anti-ghosting ensures optimum gaming performance and full control while giving multiple commands, even if it means pressing every key on the keyboard at the same time.

SB connection
A 1.5 m long cable and a versatile USB interface allow you to connect the keyboard to any PC or laptop. A lightweight, wear-resistant design makes the device perfect for gamers.
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