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As you probably know, road safety is a priority, so it is worth equipping your car with a good quality dash cam. This device will not only take care of potential evidence during an unforeseen event, but also allows you to record your rout as a memory from your car journeys. The TRACER Orion Dash Cam is perfect for this purpose.

• 3Mpix front camera, 150 degrees angle.
• 0.4Mpix rear camera, 60 degrees angle.
• 4.5” IPS touch screen.
• G-sensor.
• Parking mode.
• Loop recording.
• Motion detection.
• Night mode.
• Audio recording.
• Aluminium housing.

A reliable companion on the road
TRACER ORION has many functions thanks to which it provides valuable evidence in every situation. The recorded image comes from two cameras: front camera (3Mpix) with a viewing angle of 150 degrees and rear camera (0.3Mpix) with a viewing angle of 60 degrees. This solution allows you to deliver a clear, detailed recording of a larger space. Additionally, recording with audio function allows you to create a complete picture of the traffic situation or to save your own comments in a recreational or training recording.

Useful parking mode
TRACER Dash Cam is equipped with parking mode, which allows for recording also at a stop, and motion detection, which triggers the recording when a moving object or an impact is detected (G-sensor). Night mode allows the device to maintain its functionality also at night or in poor lighting conditions – none of these circumstances will prevent your camera from working.

Convenient operation
TRACER Dash Cam has an easy-to-read 4.5-inch IPS touch screen, which enables easy, convenient operation and access to all functions. You can also play back recordings with natural, well-reproduced colours. It is made of hardened glass, which makes it resistant to scratches and damage. The device is equipped with a microSD card slot with a maximum capacity of up to 128GB, but you do not have to worry about the lack of memory space – the loop recording function allows you to overwrite older recordings so that nothing prevents you from recording a sudden, disturbing situation.

Easy to attach
The camera is attached to the rear view mirror with a special mount, which enables easy and quick mounting and removal. Its housing is made of aluminium, making it resistant to damage. It is equipped with a USB power connector, which makes it a very versatile device, compatible with generally used computer equipment.
Cameras / Dashcams