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Join the game with your brand-new Tracer XO mouse. Ergonomic and lightweight design, rainbow backlight, and a sensitive optical sensor, along with its unique look, will make Tracer XO your favorite gaming partner. It’s everything you need for your virtual adventure. The Tracer XO multimedia mouse is part of our popular Tracer GAMEZONE gaming product line addressed to demanding players who expect advanced functions and parameters from their gaming equipment. Thanks to high product quality, GAMEZONE line devices guarantee long life even with intense use.

• Matte, rubber surfaces for a more secure grip.
• 7 buttons and a roll.
• Adjustable resolution from 800 to 6400 DPI.
• Durable Teflon sliders.
• Rainbow RGB backlight.
• Right-hand profiling.
• Braided USB cable.
• USB interface.

Dedicated to right-handed players
Special profiling and rubber surfaces provide good grip and support for the hand and relief to the wrist, even during the longest of gaming sessions. The Tracer XO mouse will be perfect for every virtual adventure – whether you prefer shooting games, RPGs, or strategy games, it will never fail you.

Teflon sliders
The device is equipped with Teflon sliders for a perfect slide. Durable, high-quality sliders ensure smooth and precise mouse movements that will allow you to maintain control of the game at all times.

Optical sensor
Optical sensor operating in a resolution of 1600 DPI guarantees high precision of your every shot. The sensor repeats your every move perfectly. The Tracer XO mouse allows to quickly change mouse sensitivity between 800 and 1600 DPI – thanks to that feature, you’ll be able to adjust the mouse to every type of game with just one button!

RGB rainbow backlight
Check out every color combination offered by our RGB rainbow backlight and choose your favorite composition. A beautiful, multi-colored illumination will make your evening gaming more pleasant. Lightweight, unique design, combined with spectacular backlight, make the Tracer XO mouse perfect for all gamers.

Just connect the device, and you’re all set!
You do not need any additional software to use the Tracer XO mouse. All you need is connect the device to a free USB port in your computer, and you may enjoy your virtual tournament. The Tracer XO mouse, thanks to the Plug&Play technology and a USB interface, is ready for action as soon as you unbox it. Connect it and play – immediately – without having to install any additional, complicated applications.
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Mouse TRACER GAMEZONE Airman RF Nano. The mouse has been designed for people only entering the world of computer games.
Variable resolution up to 2400 dpi gives you the opportunity to quickly and precisely attack your opponent. Rubber surface provides comfortable rest for the user’s hand.
Mice and keyboards / Mice
Enter the game world in an impressive way with the Tracer GAMEZONE Neo gaming mouse, designed specifically for gamers. Aggressive look, RGB backlight, 7 buttons and a sensitive optical sensor are all you need in your virtual adventure. The device belongs to the popular Gamezone line, created especially for gamers who value the combination of the highest quality and advanced features of gaming devices.

• Optical sensor and 4800 dpi resolution.
• Teflon sliders.
• Ergonomic design and e-sport character.
• Perfect for right-handed gamers.
• 10 million clicks.
• Mechanical switches.
• Rainbow RGB backlight

Perfect for right-handed gamers
The right-handed profile provides adequate support for the hand and unburdens the wrist during long hours of gaming sessions. The Tracer GAMEZONE Neo mouse will work with any title, regardless of whether you prefer shooters, RPGs or strategies. By skilfully reading the mouse button clicks, our Tracer mouse will do everything to help you defeat your opponents.

Teflon slides and optical sensor
The precision of shots is provided by an optical sensor working at a maximum resolution of 4800 DPI. Durable teflon sliders are designed so that the mouse movements are smooth and precise, ensuring the highest control over the game. The lifespan of the buttons is up to 10 million clicks, or as many as 10 million commands issued in the game to defeat the enemy, or 10 million shots to raise your stats and develop your character.

Impressive RGB backlight
Check all the colour combinations given by the rainbow RGB backlight. The silent click mechanism and interesting illumination will make every nighttime gameplay more enjoyable. The e-sport character of the mouse as well as ergonomic and durable construction will provide comfort during long hours of gaming sessions.

Do not waste time – plug and play.
The easy-to-use Tracer GAMEZONE Neo mouse is ready to use right out of the box. Plug and play without any additional, complicated software. Equipped with Plug&Play technology and a 1.5-meter Tracer cable, this gaming mouse is ready for action right away.
Mice and keyboards / Mice
Mice and keyboards / Mice
If you put the first steps in the world of gaming, mouse Tracer GAMEZONE Scout USB is the equipment the right one for you. A great designed casing, equipped with the rubber body provide full comfort during long hours of skirmishes. Due to the relatively low weight (90g) and to smooth underside, the mouse moves very freely around any surface. Four gradual DPI (800/1200/1600/2400) in combination with comfortably arranged buttons will check on the RPG games, MMO and the RPF where you need freedom and precision control.
Mice and keyboards / Mice