About brand

The Tracer brand has been in constant development and evolution since 1999, adjusting its offer to the newest trends and technologies, as well as to changing user needs.

In order to ensure the highest quality of customer care, we have developed, along with our offer, the structure of our Marketing and Commerce Team responsible for customer care and cooperation aiming at co-development of the business. Currently, we operate in all European distribution channels.

Tracer’s offer is created on the basis of market tendencies, customers’ expectations, as well as experience and competencies of the team responsible for our brand’s development.

Tracer’s Home &Office products are a broad range of computer, multimedia and mobile accessories, supporting and facilitating the everyday use of modern technologies in offices, homes, and on-the-go.

Tracer GameZone is a line of products addressed to demanding gamers who expect specific functionalities and operational parameters of each element of their PC.

Production line management
Selection of factories manufacturing Tracer’s products is a key issue in terms of timeliness of deliveries as well as in terms of high production quality.

Quality Control
Thanks to strict testing procedures on the design, production and release stages, all products are covered by a guarantee of reliability and performance.

Product preparation
The information provided and communication with potential customers is of utmost importance. A reliable and comprehensible product information allows the customer to evaluate the product properly and make the right purchasing decision.