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Gaming headset TRACER GAMEZONE Hydra PRO RGB 7.1
Tracer Gamezone Hydra PRO 7.1 gaming headset

Are you looking for a gaming headset for beginners that would also be suitable for more advanced gamers? The Tracer Hydra PRO 7.1 headset is designed for novice gamers and pros alike. This Tracer headset offers great surround sound you will fully enjoy during FPS, TPP or RPG gaming sessions. The Tracer Hydra 7.1 headset belongs to the popular GAMEZONE series designed for demanding gamers who are only satisfied with highly advanced gaming features and top-performing gaming gear. High-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship of the GAMEZONE devices warrant long service life despite intensive use.

• 20 Hz - 20 kHz bandwidth.
• Flexible microphone.
• Virtual Surround 7.1.
• Reinforced metal headband made of Memory Foam
• RGB rainbow backlight.
• Cable remote control.
• Braided 2.1 m cable.
• Foldable ear pads.
• 50 mm transducers.
• USB connection.

Communication at the highest level
A flexible microphone with noise reduction will make your every command be heard loud and clear. The headset provides crystal clear voice communication with your team.

RGB backlight
Rainbow-liken RGB backlight lends your gaming gear a unique style. Enrich your visual experience with modern RGB lighting and make your Tracer Hydra headset look really cool during night gaming sessions.

100% focus on the game
The foldable ear pads are neatly profiled and made of a soft material so that you can wear your headset for many hours without any earache or headache. A memory foam headband perfectly adapts to the shape of your head. The USB plug turns the headset into an extremely versatile device, and the long, tangle-free cable will allow you to conveniently and safely connect to devices of your choice.

Superb sound quality
The Tracer Hydra headset offers superb sound quality and deep bass intensity with large neodymium 50 mm transducers and the surround sound technology. The Virtual Surround sound system provides an unforgettable user experience and allows you to immerge yourself in the game. You will be able to hear even the softest sound of a sneaking enemy. Dedicated software downloadable from the manufacturer's website produces the best sounds of shots, explosions, reloading of weapons, your and your opponent’s steps, and allows you to adjust headset settings to your personal preferences while listening to music.

Intuitive volume adjustment
With the integrated controls, you can enjoy even better performance of your headset. You can also quickly set the volume level with a built-in microphone and remote volume control integrated in the cable.
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