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Enter the game with your Tracer Snail mouse. Ergonomic and interesting design, neon RGB backlight, 7 buttons and a roll, along with a sensitive optical sensor – everything you need for your virtual adventure. The Tracer Snail optical mouse is part of our popular Tracer GAMEZONE gaming product line addressed to demanding players who expect advanced functions and parameters from their gaming equipment. Thanks to high product quality, GAMEZONE line devices guarantee long life even with intense use.

• Optical sensor.
• Teflon sliders.
• Pooling rate 125/250/500/1000 Hz.
• Button life: up to 10 million clicks.
• Resolution: 800-6400 DPI.
• 7 buttons and a roll.
• Right-hand profiling.
• Neon RGB backlight.
• Stylish, matte finish.
• 1.5-m braided cable.
• USB interface.

RGB neon backlight
Choose your preferred backlight color in every color combination offered by the Tracer Snail mouse RGB backlight. A beautiful, multi-colored illumination will make your evening gaming more pleasant.

Dedicated to right-handed players
Aesthetic design and profiled shape of the mouse make it perfect for any desk and fits perfectly in the hand of every right-handed player. Special profiling provides good grip and support for the hand and relief to the wrist, even during the longest of gaming sessions.

Lightning-fast communication with the computer
Pooling rate is the frequency with which the mouse signals its location to the computer. The Tracer Snail communicates with your computer with a frequency from 125 to 1000 Hz. It means that the mouse, at its top settings, sends its location to the computer 1000 times per second. Thanks to that feature, your every move will be repeated with highest precision possible.

Optical sensor
Optical sensor guarantees high precision and representation of your every move. The Tracer Snail mouse allows to quickly change mouse sensitivity between 6 levels (800 DPI/1600 DPI/2400 DPI/3200 DPI/4800 DPI/6400 DPI) – thanks to that feature, you’ll be able to adjust the mouse to every type of game.

Perfect slide
Durable, high-quality Teflon sliders ensure smooth and precise mouse movements that will allow you to maintain control of the game at all times. Main buttons are fitted with switches with durability of up to 10 million clicks.
Mice and keyboards / Mice