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Garden solar garland TRACER 100 LED 10 bulbs
Tracer Garden Garland with 10 light bulbs (10x10 LEDs)

Are you planning a garden party or an intimate barbecue on your terrace? Surprise your guests, family and neighbours, and light up your garden with the Tracer garland lights. Thanks to charging via solar energy, you will avoid tangled cables and extensions to reach the power outlet. Garland lights, also known as LED garden lights, are modern lighting that has reached us some time ago from the USA. Currently, it is difficult to imagine outdoor events without these striking and fashionable decorations. They are an inseparable element of the decor of most outdoor events and even restaurant terraces.

• 10 bulbs.
• A total of 100 LEDs.
• IP44 rating.
• Length 5.8m.
• Operating time approx. 6-8 hours.
• Powered by a 400mAh solar battery.

Fashionable and modern decoration
Solar garlands create a unique atmosphere wherever you use them. The Tracer garland consists of 10 transparent, uniquely shaped light bulbs, each of them containing 10 glowing LEDs. Together, they create a stunning effect. The garland makes for very decorative, practical and energy-saving garden lighting.

Perfect for all weather conditions
These lights can withstand any weather conditions. They are resistant to rain, frost and snow. The power cord is enclosed in a special braid, and the lights themselves are secured so that they are resistant to all weather conditions. LED garlands create a magical atmosphere in every room and garden, and they are the perfect complement to both classic and modern interior or garden design. Enjoy your beautiful garden or terrace illumination all year round.
Solar garden garland TRACER 30 LED 30 bulbs
Tracer Garden Light Garland with 30 LEDs

Surprise your friends with a beautiful illumination during an evening garden party. Those fashionable, spectacular light decorations have become an indispensible ornament of garden wedding receptions, outdoor events, arrangements, and restaurant gardens. With Tracer light garland, your terrace or balcony will become a magical place. And your energy bills will not be affected thanks to solar charging.

• 30 lights.
• 30 energy-efficient LEDs.
• Water tightness class: IP44.
• Length 6.5 m.
• Burning time: 6-8 hours depending on battery level.
• 600 mAh solar battery power.
• Perfect for gardens, terraces, and balconies.

Solar charging
Say goodbye to a mess of tangled power cords thanks to solar battery charging. Those small, stylish lamps will go perfect with private garden arrangements and turn up the party vibes. Burning time depends on the charging level and usually lasts 6-8 hours, guaranteeing perfect atmosphere during the longest of parties.

Thanks to proper tightness, the Tracer garland is water- and frost proof, allowing you to enjoy your beautifully illuminated garden both in the summer and winter. And thanks to IP44-class water tightness, even rain and snow will not damage them. Enjoy your beautifully illuminated garden or terrace all year long!
Solar garden garland TRACER MULTICOLOUR 30 LED 30 bulbs
Tracer Garden Garland with 30 coloured LEDs

Do you like original, unusual lighting? Discover modern garland lights that will bring a unique atmosphere to your garden. Do you live in a block of flats and only have a terrace or a balcony? No problem, the Tracer garland lights look great also in a smaller space. Bring some life (and light!) to your balcony and finally start to enjoy it. Light up your garden and surprise your guests and neighbours with interesting illumination during an evening barbecue. Thanks to charging via solar energy, the garland will always be ready for operation, and you will avoid high electricity bills or replaceable batteries.

• 30 small coloured LED light bulbs.
• IP44 rating.
• Length 4.9m.
• Operating time approx. 6-8 hours depending on the degree of charge.
• Two light modes: constant lighting or flashing.
• Powered by a 400mAh solar battery.

Charging via solar energy
Thanks to a modern battery that uses sunlight for charging, you will avoid tangled cables and extension cords in the garden to connect your garland to a power outlet. These small, stylish lamps will bring a unique atmosphere to your garden, enhancing the mood of any party. The operating time depends on the charge level and is usually enough for about 6-8 hours – now you can enjoy the unique atmosphere created by these little, colourful light even longer.

Resistant to rain or frost
Tracer garland lights has been properly secured and sealed, making them water and frost-resistant. You do not have to store them for the winter or rush to remove the lights in the event of rain. An additional advantage of the garland is the unique, multicoloured light they emit. Enjoy your garden illumination all year round.