Tracer Hydra 7.1 Headset Test
10 Wrzesień 2015

which, according to the manufacturer, are bound to satisfy even the most demanding players. This equipment is to provide users with information about what is going on around them so they can react promptly and adequately. Of course an integrated adjustable microphone is an indispensable element of the set. Is it possible that the headphones which are only ca. PLN 100 perform so well? We have checked that.

Tracer Hydra 7.1 headphones come in spacious packaging with a picture of the device, description and technical data. The set is provided with a concise user instruction offering key information about the equipment. The front part of the package is transparent so we can assess the actual size of the headphones.

Although advertised as an 8-channel device, the Tracer equipment is not provided with eight channels but only the technologies simulating the surround sound. Tracer Hydra 7.1 headset is made of plastic. The ear-muffs are covered in soft cloth and a leather-imitating material with the manufacturer logo on the outer side. The left ear-muff has a microphone attached to it with the noise reduction function. The shells have a characteristic shape which however may not satisfy everyone’s taste. The ear-muffs are fairly large in size which can accommodate any outer ear and should snugly cover the ear, which is a considerable advantage.

The fully adjustable headband allows to adjust the size to fit user head. The headband has a soft spongy lining on the internal side, which is covered in an artificial leather material in blue colour which is in perfect contrast with the black cover. The contact with the head is also acceptable but may weaken with time.

I have got them they are fairly cool I’ve had them since 06.12.2015 and compared them to Krakenfrom Razer. There are 2 downsides: the ear-muffs are stiff and too big and they do not muff the sound from the outside. A great plus is a much better sound and bass quality as well as the price because they only cost 105 zloty while Razer Kraken are 250.


Tracer Hydra 7.1 headset certainly does not look like an armed device, which is clear even on pictures although we have seen headphones of a much worse shape and not at all cheaper. The 2.0 m cable is very soft and ends with a USB plug. Of course the set is provided with a remote controller, which allows to turn the sound up/down, or switch off the microphone, or sound. It is very convenient and matches the colour of the head set.