BEST Hacking League
04 Czerwiec 2016

This interesting event was held from 4to 5 June, 2016 at the Warsaw Technical University and its partner was the Tracer brand. Within the Best Hacking League contest, young programmers had an opportunity to show off their skills in the programming languages as well as their team work competence. For beginners, a special workshop was held offering basic knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

BEST Hacking League isa recent pro-student initiative by Stowarzyszenie Studentów BEST [BEST Student Association] at the Warsaw technical University. Within the contest, 4-member teams worked on the development of an application which would be useful in their work at the University. Tracer, being a Partner of the event, founded, among other things, prizes for the best teams.

BEST – Board of European Students of Technology – Student Association is an organisation bringing together students from 96 best technical universities from 33 countries in Europe including 6 universities from Poland. Since 1989, it has been the BEST’s objective to ensure a continuous development of students and improve the level of education across Europe by organising events of research and cultural nature.