Magnetic cable TRACER USB 2.0 AM - micro 1,0m silver
Magnetic cable TRACER USB 2.0 AM - micro 1,0m silver
Magnetic cable TRACER USB 2.0 AM - micro 1,0m silver
Magnetic cable TRACER USB 2.0 AM - micro 1,0m silver
Magnetic cable TRACER USB 2.0 AM - micro 1,0m silver
Magnetic cable TRACER USB 2.0 AM - micro 1,0m silver
Magnetic cable TRACER USB 2.0 AM - micro 1,0m silver
Magnetic cable TRACER USB 2.0 AM - micro 1,0m silver
Magnetic cable TRACER USB 2.0 AM - micro 1,0m silver
Magnetic cable TRACER USB 2.0 AM - micro 1,0m silver
Product code TRAKBK46273
Magnetic cable TRACER USB 2.0 AM - micro 1,0m silver
Magnetic cable TRACER USB 2.0 AM - micro 1,0m silver
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Cable TRACER USB/Iphone 5, Ipad 4, mini Ipad
USB 2.0 Cable to connect peripheral (Iphone, Ipad) devices to a computer.
Tracer Soundcharge T1 - a useful gadget for every driver

Soundcharge T1 is a modern car transmitter with a hands-free speakerphone system. FM transmitter allows you to significantly expand the functions of the car audio system. With the Soundcharge device, you can enjoy your favourite songs on a long car journey. If you need to use the transmitter, simply connect it to the cigarette lighter socket. Navigate, talk and listen to music wherever you are!
• Modern design, nice and big screen
• Hands free calls
• Bluetooth streaming (cordless)
• MicroSD up to 32 GB
• Quick Charge 3.0

Impressive design
Nowadays the design plays the key part, which is why the Soundcharge T1 transmitter has been designed to perfectly fit into both the modern and the older interior of the car. This is an extremely functional gadget that will enhance the visual qualities of your car. Convenient to use, the transmitter is equipped with a large 1.4 "display, and the gooseneck helps you adjust the handlebar in any angle.

Hands-free speakerphone system for more driving comfort
Built-in microphone lets the transmitter be used as a set to conveniently have telephone conversations while driving a car. Device transmits voice calls from a mobile phone to the car stereo via Bluetooth, which significantly increases the safety and comfort of travel.

Streaming Bluetooth
This convenient and functional device allows you to stream music from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.2. From now, on while driving, you can enjoy your favorite songs even from the Tidal and Spotify applications.

Music from the MicroSD card
With Soundcharge T1 you can listen to your favorite songs in the popular MP3 / WMA / WAV formats and in the lossless FLAC format directly from the car radio speakers. All you need to do is connect a MicroSD card to the device. The FM transmitter is a great convenience for owners of older car models whose radio sets only support CDs or cassette tapes. The device supports cards with a maximum capacity of 32 GB.

Quick charge 3.0 - fast charging for new mobile devices
Equipped with two USB ports, Soundcharge T1 can act as a charger for smartphone, tablet or navigation. The USB Quick Charge port provides super-fast power source.
Digital writing pad Tracer Memo
Tracer Memo – forget about the post-its

With the Tracer Memo electronic notebook, you will forget about hundreds of post-it lists of things to do. You can instantly write down an important note, a shopping list or leave a message for your loved ones. Tracer Memo is a dream device for taking quick notes.

• Eco-friendly
• Handy and mobile
• Perfect for children and students
• Easy to hang

Enjoy at home and on the go
Super light and thin, weighing only 115 g, Tracer Memo can assist you at any time. The digital notepad has an 8.5 inch LCD screen, on which you can freely write or draw with the included stylus. When the note is no longer needed, just press the clean-up button and the image will disappear immediately. The device consumes only a small amount of energy, so you can easily take it with you on a long journey.

A modern whiteboard for your child
Tracer Memo is also a great entertainment for students and preschoolers. With a digital notebook, learning to write or solve math problems will become great fun.

Family info board for the fridge door
Due to a small indent in the casing and magnets on the back of the notebook, you can hang it on a corkboard or a metal surface. Tracer Memo is a perfect gadget to be used as a family info board, e.g. on a fridge.

Fits the modern ecotrends
The Tracer Memo digital notebook saves a lot of paper, making it an ideal gadget also for those who care about ecology.
Steering Wheel Tracer GTR USB/PS2/PS3
Tracer Super Seven Wheel belongs to technically advanced devices to be applied in motor, racing and simulation games. Vibration Feedback technology, antislip material application, ergonomic handle and button shape allow a convenient operation and full enjoyment. On the wheel there are 10 functional buttons and 8-direction dualpad. The attached pedals guarantee reality of the game. The wheel can work with PC computer.
This simple to use and reliable device will allow you to fully focus on your presentation. Forget about stress, with the Tracer Bolt laser presenter you can freely control your slide show. With the Tracer Bolt presenter, you will always make the perfect impression.

Convenience without complications
The Tracer presenter will provide you with convenience during presentations. Eight practical buttons allow you to freely change the slides, making it easy to focus on communicating the most important information. Intuitive button layout allows you to focus your attention on the audience, and a bright red laser pointer will be clearly visible on every background.

Reliable connectivity
Wireless 2.4 GHz technology allows you to freely move the pointer around the screen and change slides even from a distance of 20 meters. Forget wires that get in your way. The nanoUSB receiver is stored in the device, in a special built-in compartment. You no longer have to worry about getting it lost or damaged.

High compatibility
The Tracer Bolt laser presenter is compatible with both Windows and macOs systems as well as with any popular slide show software. You no longer have to worry that your indicator will not work during the meeting.

• Interface: USB 2.0
• Power supply: 1 x AAA
• Number of buttons: 8
• Volume control
• Sensor technology: laser
• Receiver: nanoUSB
• Data transmission: Wireless RF 2.4 GHz
• Maximum range: up to 20 m
Tracer Compressed Air Duster 100ml
Compressed gas for dust and dirt removal from places difficult to reach such as keyboard or inside computer case.