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Paper Sheredder TRACER Cutter TRX-119
Destroy all the documents that you don’t need anymore
Tracer CUTTER TRX-119 shredder is a perfect choice for the office. It is simple to use and destroys documents very efficiently. It is the quickest way to destroy old papers.

Destroy credit cards to feel safe
Tracer CUTTER TRX-119 gives you a hand with cutting your old credit cards to pieces. Now you don’t have to worry anyone will use your money or personal information.

Destroy old files from CD
If you have any files stored on CDs, you can easily destroy all the data in one simple step. Just use CUTTER shredder and forget about the trouble.

Ensure higher level of security in your office
Tracer CUTTER TRX-119 works like clockwork. It cuts the materials into cross type. It ensures high standard of security and compliance with EU regulations P-4, O-3, T-5 security level.

Quickly get rid of risky documents
Don’t wait, don’t waste your time. Just use CUTTER TRX-119 that shreds with 1,5m/min speed. 10 sheets at one go and you are ready.

Big bin capacity
Don’t run to the basket every minute, we give you 21-liter bin to save you some trouble.
HOME & OFFICE / Shredders & Laminators