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Paper Sheredder TRACER Cutter TRX-119
Destroy all the documents that you don’t need anymore
Tracer CUTTER TRX-119 shredder is a perfect choice for the office. It is simple to use and destroys documents very efficiently. It is the quickest way to destroy old papers.

Destroy credit cards to feel safe
Tracer CUTTER TRX-119 gives you a hand with cutting your old credit cards to pieces. Now you don’t have to worry anyone will use your money or personal information.

Destroy old files from CD
If you have any files stored on CDs, you can easily destroy all the data in one simple step. Just use CUTTER shredder and forget about the trouble.

Ensure higher level of security in your office
Tracer CUTTER TRX-119 works like clockwork. It cuts the materials into cross type. It ensures high standard of security and compliance with EU regulations P-4, O-3, T-5 security level.

Quickly get rid of risky documents
Don’t wait, don’t waste your time. Just use CUTTER TRX-119 that shreds with 1,5m/min speed. 10 sheets at one go and you are ready.

Big bin capacity
Don’t run to the basket every minute, we give you 21-liter bin to save you some trouble.
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Paper Sheredder TRACER Opencut
The Tracer OPENCUT shredder is a high-quality device, necessary for office work. Nowadays we are all aware of important the data security is and how the information can be worth. Especially after updating GDPR in Europe, the focus is getting more and more vivid. Perhaps you have already used some basic models of shredders available on the market. Our product is a real step forward in terms of work efficiency as well as user convenience. All thanks to the unique design with a detachable basket.

Tracer OPENCUT is the answer to the needs of consumers. Many private users and employees of any workplace have difficulties to clean the basket, because in order to do this, the whole device must be dismantled with patience. Often, the upper panel of the device, which should be removed before cleaning, is very heavy and sturdy. OPENCUT gives you the possibility of cleaning the basket without having to unfold the entire shredder. The basket is also large enough (15 l) and you do not need to clean it very often.

This is not the only advantage of the presented shredder. OPENCUT simultaneously shreds up to 10 sheets of 80g basis weight paper, which proves its power and efficiency. In the same device, we can also destroy credit cards and compact discs. The shredder cuts paper cross-cut style for size 4x35 mm, which secures the confidentiality of customers’ data, commercial contracts, important documents, etc. The shredder guarantees P4 safety level in accordance with DIN 66399 standard. It meets all the standards required on the market so that the user does not have to worry about anything.

Ease of use is also ensured by a modern panel - all tasks are selected from the position of a convenient slider. The device has a high level of protection against overheating, it also signals it with a special diode. We can also easily clean the jammed paper if an occurrence happen. The cutting speed is 2m/min. This is enough for both individual work as well as for a small/medium enterprise or a company department.

Maximum number of sheets: 10
CD function: yes
Credit card function: yes
Basket capacity: 15 l
Safety class: P4 / conforms to security classification according to GDPR! /
Cutting type: cross type, 4x35 mm
Additional functions: reverse, forward, overheating protection (diode), overfill protection
Noise level: below 72 db
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Desk lamp TRACER Smart Light WI-FI
Illuminate your workspace with the Tracer Smart Light Wi-Fi Desk Lamp

• Eye protection with the Eye-Protection system.
• Intelligent smartphone control.
• Mobility – work wherever you like.

Take care of your sight with the Eye-Protection filter
Eye-Protection is a modern technology that protects your eyes during work. The filter installed in the lamp diffuses the light to optimally illuminate the working area. Additionally, the Tracer Smart Light is designed to avoid glare when used appropriately.

Mobility – use wherever you like
Forget about limitations and work wherever you like the most. You can place the lamp anywhere without having to look for a wall outlet. By adjusting the angle of inclination, you can quickly set the desired light angle. Stylish and minimalist design makes the Tracer Smart Light desk lamp match any interior.

Intelligent smartphone control
Built-in Wi-Fi module allows you to conveniently control the lamp using a smartphone with the Smart Life app. The Tracer lamp is also compatible with Alexa and Google Home voice assistants. The lamp also features a three-step smooth adjustment of colour temperature (warm, natural or cold) in the range of 2700-6500K.

• Rated power: max. 6W
• Illuminance: max. 350Lux (30 cm)
• Colour temperature: 2700-6500K
• Mains charger included
• Charger voltage: AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz
• Lamp current: 500mA
• Working temperature: :- 20 ~ + 50°C
• Power factor: 0.4
• CRI (colour rendering index): 85 Ra
• LED parameters: 36PCS
• Start time: 60% of the illuminance value: 95% of the illuminance value:
• Security level: IP20
• Mains charger included
• Adjustable angle of inclination
Paper Sheredder TRACER Razor TRX-503
Razor Shredder is ideal for those looking for an inexpensive and yet reliable shredder. Shredder Razor is the smallest member of the family shredders Tracer, it will satisfy the needs of users and home offices.
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