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Paper Sherdder TRACER Cutter TRX-119
Tracer Cutter Micro Cut Shredder

Every office and home has old invoices and other documents with confidential data. To prevent them from falling into the wrong hands, they need to be disposed of adequately and securely. The Tracer Cutter TRX-119 guarantees just that by shredding your documents, credit cards, and CDs into micro-cut particles.

• High security level: P-4 according to German standard DIN 66399.
• Cut particles 5 x18 mm.
• Quick – up to ten sheets per pass.
• Shreds CD/DVDs according to the O-3 standard.
• Shreds credit cards according to the T-5 standard.
• Overheating protection.
• Reverse function.
• Sheet gauge.
• 21 l bin for shreds.

Get rid of redundant documents
The main advantage of the device is that it's quick and efficient. The Tracer Cutter shredder can process ten typical office 80 g A4 sheets in a single pass. Its performance is perfect for home and small-office applications. The documents are reduced to tiny shreds measuring 5 x 18 mm, which makes them effectively illegible.

High security level
The Tracer Cutter TRX-119 will easily handle office documents, CD/DVDs, and credit cards. The high security level, P-4 according to DIN 66399, means that the Tracer is perfect for shredding documents with particularly sensitive and confidential data, such as personal files, payrolls, tax documents, or medical files. The small size of the cuts makes the data, commercial contracts, invoices, and other important documents that should be kept out of the wrong hands completely secret.

Easy and convenient to use
With the Tracer Cutter, you don't need to remember about emptying the bin all the time. The bin below the upper panel can store 21 litres of shreds to keep your workplace nice and tidy. You can also easily clean the bin if the paper jams by lifting the upper lid. The Tracer Cutter TNX-119 has a thermal switch to prevent overheating. Useful functions, such as start/stop, reversing, and sheet gauge, make everyday use much more efficient.
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TRACER RAZOR 2 Shredding machine
TRACER Razor 2 Home Shredder

Tracer Razor 2 is a compact shredder for medium loads. It is perfect for shredding old receipts, contracts, and all redundant documents quickly and efficiently at home and in small offices. The wide slot accepts up to six sheets of a typical 80 g office paper for a single pass. It can also handle credit cards.

• Data security.
• 10 l bin.
• Up to six sheets per pass.
• Shreds: 6 mm cuts, P2 standard.
• Reverse function.
• Quick and quiet.
• Shreds credit cards.
• Clear control panel.
• Easy and convenient to use.

Quick and safe document shredding
The shredder cuts documents into 6 mm pieces. The small size of the cuts makes the documents that should be kept out of the wrong hands completely secret. The Tracer Razor 2 conforms to P2 security level according to DIN 66399 (for sensitive and confidential data, GDPR compliant). With the Tracer, you don't need to worry about the confidentiality of your documents.

High-tech and clear control panel
Tracer Razor 2 has overheating protection and useful start/stop and reverse functions that make everyday use much more effortless. In addition, its compact dimensions make it perfect for desktop use.

Easy and convenient to use
Are you tired of having to empty the shredder bin so often? With Tracer Razor 2, you don't have to worry about it. The 10-litre bin lasts longer to keep your desk tidy. You can also easily clean the bin if the paper jams by simply lifting the upper lid.
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