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Alco Tester TRACER X111 fuel cell
There were probably a few times when you weren’t sure if you can get behind the wheel after yesterday's party. Even after an innocent glass of wine, it is possible your level of alcohol in blood exceeds the allowed 0.2 per cent of alcohol in the blood. The consequences of drunk driving can be very painful. With the Tracer X111 alco tester you can quickly check the level of alcohol in the exhaled air. A highly precise fuel cell alco tester due to its small dimensions is a practical gadget for every driver.

• Minimalistic and elegant design
• Reliability confirmed with laboratory tests EA-402 M:2013 PW-05.
• Unlimited calibration
• Frequent measurements and high accuracy

Unlimited calibration
The producer lets you calibrate the device for free for 12 months after purchase. In order to ensure proper results and smooth operation on the device, alco testers of given model should be calibrated after 500 uses or after a year of work. In terms of calibration, it is a crucial step of maintenance, as time, temperature and storage conditions or even big count of results given, can influence the accuracy of device’s sensor.

Professional fuel cell sensor
Fuel cell sensor guarantees perfect reliability and accuracy. The sensor is consisted with a substance that reacts with alcohol molecules in breathing air, so it can always give precise results. Lifetime of given sensor is even 5 times longer than semi-conductor sensor. Accuracy of Tracer X111 model can be compared to the devices used by police patrols.

Easy operation and elegant design
Tracer’s alco tester is easy to use. If you want to start the measurement, just put the mouthpiece on and push power button. After a few seconds of undistracted breathing, the device will show the result. Tracer X111 enables saving last 10 results. The device is equipped with 5 mouthpieces. Alco tester’s small size is a big advantage also, as you can easily store it in car storage compartment.
• Sensor: fuel cell
• Results: w: 0.00-2.00mg/L; 0.00-4.00g/L; 0.00-0.40%BAC; 0.00-4.00‰BAC.
• Accuracy: ±0.006%BAC at 0.05%BAC.
• Memory: 10 results
• Power: 2x battery AAA (not included).
• Accessories: 5x mouthpiece

If you want to calibrate your device, use the PROMIL-LAB service with headquarters in Wrocław 53-609, Ul. Fabryczna 16H.
The costs of delivering the device for service and service to the customer are covered by the customer. For the first 12 months after purchase, the customer has the right to have unlimited number of calibrations.
Keep the proof of purchase and the serial number of the device in the packaging. These documents are the sole basis for granting the right to a 12-month free calibration.
PROMI LAB is obliged to deny customer's right to have free calibration if the customer didn't use the device according to user manual.
More information about the entity can be found on the website: https://www.promil-lab.pl/