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The TRACER 3.0S FHD CAPRI is perfect not only for drivers who want to make sure they always have their ride recorded but also for those who seek peace of mind when the vehicle is parked.

- dash cam
- Full HD 1080p image
- parking mode, motion detector, G-sensor
- built-in 200 mAh battery
- loop recording
- 150-degree wide field of view (both lanes recorded)
- voice recording

Here are some more points worth knowing:

Parking mode and motion sensor
Thanks to the parking mode, the camera automatically starts recording when it detects movement near the car. It is a very useful solution to protect against theft or vandalism.
The motion detector integrated with the parking mode precisely senses movement near the car. This type of sensor is very effective and helps react to threats quickly.

The g-sensor is an accelerometer for detecting movement and changes in the device's position. It can detect the G-force from undesirable external forces acting on the vehicle. In the event of a collision or an incorrect manoeuvre, the G-sensor responds with a shock signal.

G-sensor and loop recording
Loop recording means the image is recorded continuously regardless of the memory card capacity. Older files are overwritten with new images to save storage. Unfortunately, if a road incident is recorded, it can be overwritten, too. This is where the G-sensor steps in and immediately informs the system about the anomaly. This way, the recording can be safely saved.

The built-in 200 mAh rechargeable battery ensures non-stop recording even when the camera is disconnected from power.

Wide field of view angle
Thanks to the 150-degree wide field of view, the camera easily monitors the road and records events relevant to driver and pedestrian safety.
With both lanes and the verge recorded, any perpetrator is easily identified.
The full overview of the road and its surroundings provides more details, which makes it easier for law enforcement to investigate incidents.
The broad view angle helps identify any relevant events, such as illegal overtaking, parking, or wrong-way driving.
All this contributes to improved road safety and protection of road users.

Voice recording
Dash cam voice recording is one of the many functions that may turn out very useful in the case of a road accident. The recorded sound can provide better insight into the course of events and help determine the guilty party.

The TRACER 3.0S FHD CAPRI guarantees the driver's peace of mind by making sure you always record the road and that your car is safe when parked.
Cameras / Dashcams
Tracer Mensa FHD Dash Cam
Tracer Mensa FHD Dash Cam

Nearly every third car has a dash cam. It is an indispensable travelling partner for many drivers. This ‘third eye’ spots and remembers many minor details from the journey. The dash cam provides uncontroversial proof in the case of a collision, accident, or attempted insurance fraud. With Tracer Mensa you are safe and secure.

• Front cam Full HD 1920x1080, 30 fps, 150-degree viewing angle.
• Rear HDR cam.
• Large IPS 4.0" screen.
• Flat and elegant mirror dash cam.
• G-sensor.
• Parking mode.
• Loop recording.
• Built-in microphone.
• Motion detection.

Full HD recording
The Tracer Mensa records Full HD 1920x1080 videos. Every road incident or irresponsible behaviour of other road users will be recorded in high quality and all details clearly visible.

Rear reversing camera
Record what is happening around you. The Tracer Mensa can record images in the front and rear of the vehicle. It is perfect for reversing and parking in tight spots.

G-sensor and loop recording
The Tracer Mensa has a G-sensor. When the device detects a force during an impact or emergency braking, for example, the current recording is automatically protected so that it is not deleted by accident. This way, you can always access recordings. Moreover, the dash cam records continuously in a loop and overwrites old recordings as standard. There is no need to ensure sufficient storage on the card.

Parking mode
When you leave the car in a car park near your home or a busy shopping centre, the Tracer Mensa automatically starts recording when it detects movement, even if the engine is off. This way, the device records any parking bumps or attempted break-ins and protects the recording.

Easy installation
The Tracer Mensa is very easy to install. The dash cam sits behind the rearview mirror. Just attach it with the clips.
Cameras / Dashcams
Tracer URSA Dash Cam
Tracer URSA Dash Cam

The dash cam is very useful both on everyday commuter streets, for a holiday trip, and in unguarded and not monitored car parks. It is often the only witness of road incidents that can offer proof. Get the Tracer URSA Dash Cam for your car to feel safe and secure.

• Clear 2.2" display.
• High-quality Full HD image.
• Wide field of view: 120 degrees.
• G-sensor.
• Motion detection.
• Parking mode.
• Loop recording.
• Integrated microphone for sound recording.
• Battery capacity 200 mAh.

FHD resolution and wide field of view
The Tracer URSA Dash Cam records Full HD 1920x1080 videos to make sure road details are well visible. With a viewing angle of 120 degrees, you can easily see both lanes. Its sensitive microphone will record all sounds.

Motion detection and G-sensor
The dash cam's motion detection system activates recording when it detects movement in the field of view. It works perfectly in the car park where you can see if someone approached your car when you were not there. Such emergencies as a panic braking or a collision activate the G-sensor, which protects the recording, providing you with evidence.

Parking mode
The parking mode is a very handy function of the dash cam. It provides you with evidence if your car is damaged when you're away. The Tracer URSA immediately starts recording when it detects movement in its field of view. Even with the engine off. It is perfect for those busy car parks at the shopping centre.
Cameras / Dashcams