Car Charger  TRACER 12V microUSB 2,1A
Car Charger  TRACER 12V microUSB 2,1A
Product End of Life
Product code TRAADA43650
Car Charger TRACER 12V microUSB 2,1A
Technical data
Wire length:1,5
Type of charger:For car
Plug:Micro USB
Car Charger  TRACER 12V microUSB 2,1A
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TRACER LUMINA LED table lamp with wireless charger 5W and USB charger
You like innovations? Your apartment is full of useful gadgets and gizmos? Then our modern desktop lamp - Tracer Lumeria – will be perfect for you! You don’t have to buy several devices that will take up your apartment space: the TRACER Lumeria lamp with wireless charging is a must-have for all tech gadget lovers.

• Cold and warm light options.
• Wireless charging - 5 W.
• USB port with charging function.
• Adjustable arm.
• Four light colors and dimmer.
• Color temperature: 2700-6500K.
• Touchpanel for switching between light colors.

Wireless smartphone charger
The Tracer Lumeria desktop lamp has been equipped with the 5 W wireless charging function that will allow you to quickly charge your modern smartphone. Just put your device on the lamp base and it will start charging in a few seconds. If you have an older generation mobile phone, you won’t be disappointed, either – the lamp base has an integrated USB port that will be perfect for charging many other devices of similar standard, such as speakers, powerbanks, smartwatches, or tablets.

A stylish gadget
Depending on your preferences, the lamp may generate cold or warm light. A modern, fancy design makes it perfect as an interior decoration as well as a tool that you’ll love when reading or that will help you create a pleasant working environment for your children doing their homework.

Comfort and functionality
The lamp arm is fully adjustable – you may use it to set the lamp at an angle that will be just right for your eyes. A modern touchpanel allows to quickly change the light intensity – you may choose between three available lighting modes. Thanks to four lighting color options and an integrated dimmer, the Tracer Lumeria lamp will ensure perfect light when reading your favorite books, and, using proper adjustment, you may create a nice, cozy atmosphere for your evening binge-watching or use it as a night-light.

Safe light – no flickering
The Tracer Lumeria lamp is fitted with 36 LEDs. Light emitted by the lamp is safe for your eyes. High-quality LEDs prevent the light from flickering, which improves eye comfort and lessens fatigue, contrary to traditional bulbs. LED SMD2835 diodes used in the lamp combine intense light and energy efficiency.
Automatic car mount with 5W wireless charger TRACER WIRELESS MAGNETIC
TRACER WIRELESS MAGNETIC - magical magnet, wireless charging

A minimalistic phone holder that also has the function of a wireless charger - reliable and elegant, created for the classic interior of your car. Thanks to the easy-to-install magnetic sticker on the backcover, it keeps your smartphone in check with full stability. At the same time, you can charge your phone while driving thanks to the built-in powerful 5W induction charger. You can rotate the handle 360 degrees and use it in all conditions.

Perhaps, as a fan of modern gadgets, you have already started your adventure with wireless charging phones. It's a really convenient solution. You are no longer looking for a cable desperately, just to fnd it tangled or damaged. You do not have to try the plug at different angles. You put the phone on the base of the wireless charger - and voila, your smartphone gains energy.

What if we told you that you can also have same convenience in the car?
Have you ever dreamed of permanently using the car holder as an induction charger?

With TRACER WIRELESS MAGNETIC it's easy peasy.

Our new product is a 2in1 type solution – a wireless charger + magnetic holder mounted to the car's air vent.

Mount the magnetic sticker on the backcover of your phone, put it on the TRACER WIRELESS MAGNETIC device and enjoy the strong protection of the phone against falling. If two users use the car, do not worry - we offer two stickers in the set. The holder is used for both wireless and non-wireless telephones. If you like comfort, good design, high quality and safety, try our product. Thanks to the mounting on the air vent, the phone screen is always close to you. The smartphone can be operated with one hand, at any time. The magnetic field has no negative effect on the signal, so you can use the telephone without interference.

Induction charger supports 5W charging, it can also charge smartphones with fast 10W charging, of course with reduced power - but this ensures full compatibility. Charging begins immediately after you put the smartphone on it and is indicated by a diode light. It does not matter if you need to charge your battery from scratch, or you do not want to lose the battery level during intensive use, for example using navigation or listening to music from your phone. Now you can safely focus on driving the car. Nothing surprises you on the road if you take the TRACER WIRELESS MAGNETIC charger with you.

Set includes:
- magnetic holder with charging function
- two magnetic stickers
Automatic car mount with 10W wireless charger TRACER WIRELESS AUTOMATIC
As a driver, you usually cannot focus on holding and using your phone. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to make a phone call. The smartphones also feature GPS navigation, which you probably use from time to time. Therefore, a car mount is the best and safest solution for you. The mount for smartphones and small GPS devices will be appreciated by every driver.

• Universal and practical car mount.
• Secure wireless charging in accordance with the QI standard.
• Strong suction cup and high stability.
• USB-C connector

Wireless phone charging in the car? Now it's possible!
The Tracer Wireless Automatic car mount with built-in wireless charger will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users. Charging will start automatically after placing the smartphone in the grips of the mount. The device works in the Quick Charge mode and charges your phone with 10W, does not overheat and provides instant battery refill. The charger is also compatible with devices that support charging with 5W. Energy from the cigarette lighter socket in the car is provided by the USB-C cable connected to the mount.

State-of-the-art technology in the service of your comfort
TRACER WIRELESS AUTOMATIC has built-in top-of-the-class intelligent infrared sensors that spread the grips of the mount after detecting a smartphone, automatically adjusting it to the width of the device, without your interference. From now on, car travel will be even more enjoyable, and the smart mount will recognize your phone and adjust to its size, even if it does not have a wireless charging function. When you unplug the power cord from the mount, the grips gently open to allow you to remove your phone.

Adjustable arm and strong suction cup
High-quality materials and sturdy design will protect your phone on every route. Long, 16 cm arm and adjustment of the inclination angle allow you to work freely with your phone on the road, and a strong suction cup guarantees stability when attached to the glass. You can easily mount and unmount your device. The mount has a triangular mounting structure, so that your smartphone will sit securely in the grips even on very bumpy roads.

Set includes:
• mount with wireless charging function,
• adjustable arm,
• USB-C cable
If you have a mobile phone with wireless charging, and at the same time you are an active person and you value unlimited solutions, our device will surely catch your attention. The 10W charger is compatible with all devices equipped with wieless charging function, also with 5W charging. One thing is certain - wireless charging is the future, and we will also secure your phone with strong suction cups! Meet TRACER WIRELESS MOBILITY!

Its advantage is the ease of use of the phone even while charging. TRACER WIRELESS MOBILITY is equipped with 8 suction cups, as well as a head that allows you to easily write messages, play your favorite battles or take photos, even when we are in the process of charging the energy level on our smartphone. Most importantly - the presented product is fully safe for use, because after attaching it to the suction cups, the possibility of dropping the phone also…drops. The temperature is always under control, because the charger does not heat up due to specially selected materials.

TRACER WIRELESS MOBILITY means maximum comfort and easy use. The device is light, portable, easy to take on a journey. It can be used through the phone case, which will not affect the quality of charging. A huge advantage is the extended stand of the device. It can be used as a telephone stand when watching a movie, reading an article or talking on a communicator. Another use is placing it between the fingers of your hand, which makes it easier to use the smartphone while charging. Do not be surprised in any situation!
Car Charger TRACER 12-24V Multicharge 3xUSB 7,2A + PD 18W
The TRACER 12-24V MULTICHARGE 3xUSB 7.2A + PD 18W car charger was created for both the driver and the passengers. It has a total of 3 USB ports for charging mobile devices or navigation as well as a USB-C port with PD 18W function, which allows you to charge selected Macbooks and netbooks that support the newest technology. It is a small and classy-looking device useful on every journey. In total, it supports up to 7.2A.

The TRACER MULTICHARGE device consists of three moduls.
The first is a panel for the driver - the charger is easily mounted in the 12-24V cigarette lighter socket. This part has a built-in standard USB port. It guarantees that the driver stays in close proximity of a 2.4 A power source. They can use this energy to charge a smartphone, tablet, navigation, video recorder or music player. It is compatible with all the accessories mostly needed while driving.

The second part is a 1.5 m cable that connects both MULTICHARGE charger panels. The length is optimal – doesn’t fail to connect you. The cable does not tangle, does not curl, and easily reaches the rear seats of the vehicle. It is flexible, flexible and guarantees stable work for many years and hundreds of thousands of kilometers of journey.

The third part is a panel intended for passengers in the backseat. For the convenience of users, it is supported by a special sliding buckle, which can be attached to support the seat or newspaper holder in the cover. The charger for the passenger has two USB ports that support up to 3A and are used to charge smartphones, tablets, sport cameras, music players and any other gadgets compatible with this method of charging.

The Power Delivery port will also be a treat, which is also on this panel. This is the latest technology, available with a USB-C cable from the latest smartphones and netbooks. Power Delivery (PD) ensures that the device is charged with the maximum current that it is able to support, which speeds up your charging process. We're happy with a really smart choice of charging power, while protecting the battery. The technology is used in flagship smartphones, as well as laptops, portable consoles and many other devices loaded with a USB-C cable. TRACER MULTICHARGE uses 18W (5V / 3A, 9V / 2A, 12V / 1.5A) charging.
TRACER LUMINA LED table lamp with wireless charger 5W and USB charger PROMO SET
You do not need to buy several devices - buy once, but be wise. We offer the TRACER LUMINA lamp with wireless charging, which from now on will become the most useful piece of equipment of your apartment. The lamp generates cold or warm light, depending on your preferred settings. So you can use them as an element of decoration, as well as a must-have for reading or doing homework for children. The device also has a 5W wireless charging function, moreover, the owners of older generation phones can also use the built-in USB port for charging. The port will also be useful for charging other devices with this standard, e.g. loudspeakers, tablets, IP cameras.

The arm of the lamp is fully adjustable to provide you and your eyes with proper viewing angles. You can use one of offered lighting modes: cold and warm. Light can be set by a modern touch panel. It is very pleasant to read a best selling book by LUMINA, you can create a mood for evening binge-watching or put it as a bedside lamp. It also successfully fulfills its function as an office lamp.

The LED light is emitted by 28 diodes. It is healthy for the eyes, it prevents flickering, which improves the comfort of looking. LED technology is also more economical and environmentally friendly. Solutions based on LED light gain more and more supporters among conscious consumers every year.

Power: max 7w
Lumens: max 240Lux(30CM)
Color temperature:5000-6500K
Charger input voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
lamp current: 800mA
Beam angle: 120°
Working temperature: :- 20 ~ + 50°C
Power factor: >0.4
CRI: 85 >Ra
LED type and qty: 28PCS SMD2835
Starting time: <0.5 S
Starting time up tp 60% power: <1 S
Starting time up tp 95% power: <2 S
Life time of the product: 35 000 h
Switch on/off times: 35 000
Protection: IP20
Wireless charger: 5V 1A 5W
USB charger output: 5V 1A
Note: USB chargers sold separately.
Power Supply TRACER 230V Fast charge QC 3.0 white