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TRACER Splash S wireless speaker with Bluetooth and TWS

The Tracer Splash is a great option for music lovers who like to listen to it outdoors. Using the Tracer Splash speaker, you may enjoy fantastic sound when watching a movie on your smartphone or tablet with your friends. Enhance the sound from your mobile devices.

• Modern TWS technology – pair up the speakers and enjoy flawless sound.
• Wireless and quick Bluetooth connection – no more ‘cable spaghettis’.
• Durable battery – 5 long hours of music.
• Degree of protection IPX5 – perfect for your trips to the lakeshore.
• Compact design.

TWS technology
The True Wireless Stereo technology allows you to pair up several speakers. Use Bluetooth to create one, powerful Stereo set and enjoy perfect sound.

High-class water tightness
The Tracer Splash is watertight, which allows you to enjoy your favorite music on a beach or a boat. The degree of protection IPX5 ensures full protection from water splashed from different directions with flow rate of 12,5 liters per minute. Products with this degree of protection are perfect for sailing enthusiasts (water tightness in the rain or splashing water).

Compact design
Thanks to the compact design, you may take the speaker with you anywhere you want – on a trip, party, beach, or walk. Don’t let its lightweight structure and small size deceive you – it’s a powerful device that, combined with solid bass, will guarantee an awesome music experience.

Enjoy the comfort of Bluetooth function
Listen to your favorite music without limitations of constantly tangled cables. All you need to do is use Bluetooth function to connect the speaker to your mobile device – and you may enjoy the music.

Endless music thanks to a durable battery
The Tracer Splash speaker is equipped with a durable battery that allows you to listen to your favorite music continuously up to 5 long hours! Make your music experience great during meetings with your friends, without worrying about time limits.
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TRACER Superbox wireless speaker with Bluetooth and TWS

Tracer Superbox is a high-quality wireless speaker with 10 W power. This device was designed for those who love powerful sound and clear bass. Play your favorite music from Bluetooth devices – tablets, smartphones, mp3 players or laptops and enjoy wireless operation and flawless sound.

• TWS technology – create a powerful stereo set.
• Integrated FM module.
• Power: RMS 15 W.
• Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connection – no more ‘cable spaghettis’.
• Multi-colored LED backlight.
• Plays music from memory cards and USB devices.

Powerful sound thanks to the TWS technology
The Tracer Superbox speaker with True Wireless Stereo technology guarantees great parties. You may connect two speakers together to make your music twice as powerful. Thanks to the TWS, you’ll be able to create one, powerful stereo set that will allow you to enjoy the music with even better quality.

LED backlight
The multi-colored LED backlight will guarantee perfect vibe at every party. Surprise everyone with colorful light of the Tracer speaker. If you need a karaoke party, just connect a mic, and your karaoke set is ready!

Easy transport
Attractive, modern design and lightweight structure make the speaker very easy to transport. The speaker will be perfect for outdoor parties, city breaks, and holiday travels.

Endless music
The Tracer Superbox speaker allows you to enjoy your favorite music continuously for 6 long hours! Now, you may also play your favorite playlist from a USB device or a memory card inserted in the speaker. If you prefer listening to the radio – no problem! The Tracer speaker is also equipped with an integrated FM module.

Compatible microphones: Dynamic microphone, mono type connector, output impedance at least 600 Ohm.
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Tracer SM6 Opal Smartwatch
Tracer SM6 Opal Smartwatch

Are you looking for an elegant sports watch with smartwatch functionalities? Are sports modes, a calorie counter, water resistance, and calling directly from the smartwatch important to you? In that case, the Tracer SM Opal is right for you! This small device combines communication, sports, and lifestyle functionalities. It's your little mobile command centre.

• 1.28" HD (240x240) display.
• Step counter.
• Incoming text notifications.
• Sports modes and calorie counter.
• Blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen level measurement.
• Breathing training, activity monitor, sleep monitor.
• IP65 waterproof.
• Bluetooth 5.0.
• Answer and make calls with the smartwatch.
• Sleep monitor.

Talk directly through your smartwatch
Answer and make phone calls with your phone away. The Tracer Opal is at your service. The device has a quality microphone and speaker for BT Calling. Just connect your smartwatch to the phone via Bluetooth to manage your calls. It is a convenient solution you will appreciate.

Guardian of your health
The TRACER SM6 Opal is extremely versatile It can monitor key vital signs, such as blood pressure or oxygen level. Monitor your heart rate when cycling, running, or swimming with no special strap. Just the Tracer Opal on your wrist. The breathing exercise functionality will help you calm down your breath after an intensive workout. The Tracer smartwatch can also monitor your sleep. The watch collects sleep history data all night long so you can compare the report with previous nights.

Move more
Activate one of the watch's sports modes to start a training session or give it a second to detect the activity. The watch will display the current heart rate. After you're done, you can analyse the report to track progress across sessions. Feeling like working out outdoors but the weather is fickle? Check the forecast with your smartwatch. Neither snow nor rain will surprise you with the Tracer Opal. Pick your favourite outfit and start the advantage with the Tracer SM6 Opal.

Breathing exercises
The smartwatch has a feature that covers complete breathing training. It will guide you step by step to make sure the routine is meaningful. Regular breathing exercises are beneficial to many body functions and help curb stress. They also improve sleep quality.
Your stylish and functional everyday assistant

The blend of elegance and comfort:
• Crafted from high-quality materials, the SM8V ONYX smartwatch combines elegant design with comfortable usability.
• Its slim case and soft strap perfectly conform to the wrist, ensuring comfortable wear throughout the day.

Always in touch:
• With the BT Calling feature, you can receive call notifications directly on the smartwatch, without the need to reach for your smartphone.
• Stay updated with messages and notifications displayed on the watch screen.

Your partner in an active lifestyle:
• Utilize various sports modes to track your progress in your favorite disciplines.
• Monitor vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level to maintain health and fitness.

Take care of your well-being:
• Train your breathing, monitor your sleep, and physical activity levels to achieve optimal balance between work and rest.
• The SM8V ONYX smartwatch also assists in calorie burning and achieving your desired physique.

Convenient and user-friendly:
• The large, colorful 1.28" HD screen ensures excellent readability of displayed information.
• The intuitive interface makes navigation through menus and utilization of all watch functions easy.

TRAFON47304 - TRACER Smartwatch SM8V ONYX is more than just an ordinary watch. It's your stylish and functional assistant that helps you tackle daily challenges and takes care of your health and fitness.

Additional features:
• Weather
• Stopwatch
• Timer
• Flashlight
• Find my phone
• Silent mode
• Polish language support
• Vibration notification

Technical specifications:
• Display: 1.28" HD
• Resolution: 240x240
• Bluetooth: 5.0
• Waterproof rating: IP65
• Compatibility: Android 5.0+, iOS 9.0+
• Battery life: up to 7 days in standby mode, up to 18 days

Kit includes:
• SM8V ONYX Smartwatch
• Charging cable
• User manual

TRACER Smartwatch SM8V ONYX - Invest in your style and health!
TRACER T-Band Libra S5 v2 WH
Tracer T-Band Libra S5v2 is a new device from the line of ‘smart wearables’, perfect both for the summer and the winter season. It will prove useful to all those who like to lead an active lifestyle and appreciate new technologies. Libra S5v2 is the latest generation smartband that supports both the iOS and the Android systems and connects through Bluetooth 4.0, which makes it compatible with most smartphones available on the market.

• Large, readable LCD screen 0,96”.
• Multilanguage menu.
• SMS and call notifications.
• Pulse measurement.
• Connection: Bluetooth 4.0.
• Sleep monitoring.
• Battery: 100 mAh.

Your jogging partner
With our Libra Smartband, you may monitor most parameters useful during training and necessary to keep your body in perfect health. Libra allows you to measure your pulse. These functions are especially useful to those who are physically active and wish to control their health. The device tracks the distance covered and calories burned. If it does not detect any physical activity for a longer period of time, it will alert you and prompt you to leave your desk or your couch for a while.

Most important notifications – from your phone to your wrist
T-Band Libra S5v2 displays smartphone notifications. You’ll always be prompted about new texts or calls. For maximum comfort, you can read your texts on the band’s screen. You decide which notifications you want displayed on your T-Band’s screen. Jog, walk, travel the world, and stay in touch with your social media without having to look at your phone. Your Libra S5 sports band will notify you of incoming calls or texts with a vibration signal, even if your phone is buried deep in the bottom of your purse.

Your personal trainer on your wrist
With Libra S5v2 band, you can set your training goals and you’ll be able to keep track with your progress. You’ll plan all alerts and notifications comfortably in order to be able to manage your time more efficiently. The Libra S5 Smartband, thanks to a 100 mAh battery, works for up to 6 days. And charging is incredibly simple – all you need to do is unfasten the strap and connect the device e.g. to a USB port on your laptop. Maximum comfort for any user.
TRACER TW7-BK FUN Black Multifunctional Smartwatch
TRACER TW7-BK FUN Black Multifunctional Smartwatch

The Tracer FUN is the smartwatch for everyone who loves sports and active life. Discover the ample possibilities this small device offers. The Tracer FUN will help you enjoy a healthy life. Answering calls on the watch, text notifications, sports modes, heart rate monitoring, and water resistance are just some of its features. Discover them all!

• 1.83" HD (240x286) display.
• Sports modes.
• Calorie counter.
• Step counter.
• Blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen level measurement.
• Breathing training.
• Activity tracker.
• Sleep monitor.
• IP65 waterproof.
• Weather forecast.
• Hydration reminders.
• Dedicated Fitpro app.
• Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.
• Bluetooth calling function.

Many diverse functions
The Tracer FUN has a 1.83" clear, colour HD display. The device can be conveniently navigated with the touch screen. You can easily pair the watch with your phone using a dedicated app and a Bluetooth module. Thanks to built-in Bluetooth, you can see social-media and text notifications and make and answer calls from the watch without tapping your phone. The Tracer FUN combines multiple functions in a single device. With this solution, you can use the built-in pulse oximeter and step counter and monitor your sleep.

Bedtime smartwatch
Leave the watch on the wrist for the night and see your sleep history. With the Tracer FUN, you can monitor the duration and quality of your sleep. The device collects data all night and generates reports you can check in a dedicated app. The reports include daily sleep ratings, sleep duration, and a chart with NREM 2, NREM 3 and REM phases. This way, you can improve your rest quality to have more energy.

Sports modes
One of the device's functionalities is to trace your daily activities, such as walking, running, swimming, cycling, and other sports. Take a hike or plan outdoor training. You can see the route in an app that uses your phone's location.

Control your heart rate and form
It is easy to check the current heart rate zone during training. You'll see if you're burning fat, doing cardio, or approaching your maximum heart rate at a glance. Modulate the intensity to match your objectives.

Calm your mind and body with breathing training
Run the breathing session on your smartwatch and take care of your wellbeing. Contrary to appearances, breathing exercises are vital for your health. Mindful breathing to calm down the mind soothes nerves, improves focus, boosts creativity, and is necessary for meditation. Regular breathing training can improve blood parameters and brain oxygenation, which affects the entire body.
TRACER TW7-BL FUN Multifunctional Smartwatch
TRACER TW7-BL FUN Multifunctional Smartwatch

The Tracer TW-7 FUN is a small smartwatch with an iconic design and many functions that will add convenience to your life. They include various sports modes, monitoring of vital signs, sleep monitoring, water resistance, or notifications. But it's not all. With this smartwatch's BT Calling, you can make calls directly from the watch. It features a high-quality microphone and speaker. Discover the convenience this small gadget will bring you.

• 1.83" HD (240x286p) display.
• Sports modes.
• Calorie counter.
• Step counter.
• Heart rate and blood oxygen monitor.
• Breathing training.
• Activity tracker.
• Sleep monitor.
• IP65 rating.
• Weather forecast.
• Dedicated Fitpro app.
• Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.
• Bluetooth calling function.

Everyday assistant
The 1.83" touch display is intuitive to help you use the device with ease. Thanks to its large screen, every message is clear and legible. The smartwatch has many sensors that constantly monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen level, step count, and calories burnt. Moreover, dedicated software will remind you to drink water or stroll a bit if you've been sitting down for too long. The Tracer FUN combines multiple functions in a single device.

Call directly from your watch – BT Calling
You can answer and make calls directly from your smartwatch. Talk to your friends and family without touching the phone. The Tracer FUN has a quality microphone and speaker, which makes it a convenient device to keep in touch. All you need is to keep it paired via Bluetooth with your smartphone.

Sleep under control. Every night
If you leave the smartwatch on your wrist for the night, the Tracer FUN will monitor your sleep. You can access all the data it collected through a dedicated app. Some of them are sleep duration and quality divided into phases: NREM 2, NREM 3, and REM. Analyse the data to improve your rest quality.

More activity in your life
The sports modes and automated activity detection will surely motivate you to do more sports. You can check the running distance, calories burnt, and swimming achievements at any time. Walking counts, too! Remember that every exercise is good for your health and wellbeing. Data from the smartwatch will undoubtedly motivate you. The device comes with such sports as biking, walking, swimming, jogging, in-line skating, rope skipping, and many others. If you feel like taking a walk, you can check the weather forecast on your watch and never be surprised by rain. You can then track your route on a map. Just remember to switch on the location on your phone.

Heart rate always under control
Regardless of its intensity, every training affects your heart rate. With the Tracer Fun, you can verify your heart rate zone on the go when exercising and adjust it to match your goal.

Breathing exercises
Regular breathing exercises are good for your circulation and brain. Correct breathing helps handle stress, improves focus, and boosts creativity. The smartwatch will guide you through a breathing practice to soothe your nerves, calm down breathing after intensive training, or prepare for meditation. Just start your breathing training.