Tablet mount TRACER 920 (car)
Tablet mount TRACER 920 (car)
Tablet mount TRACER 920 (car)
Tablet mount TRACER 920 (car)
Tablet mount TRACER 920 (car)
Tablet mount TRACER 920 (car)
Tablet mount TRACER 920 (car)
Tablet mount TRACER 920 (car)
Tablet mount TRACER 920 (car)
Tablet mount TRACER 920 (car)
Tablet mount TRACER 920 (car)
Tablet mount TRACER 920 (car)
Tablet mount TRACER 920 (car)
Tablet mount TRACER 920 (car)
Product code TRAUCH42827
Tablet mount TRACER 920 (car)
Headrest-mounted tablet PC car mount.
Headrest-mounted tablet PC car mount.

KUP: Tablet mount TRACER 920 (car)
Technical data
For car (headrest):Yes
Warranty (months):24
Work with:Tablet
Adjustment - height (mm-mm):95 - 210
Tablet mount TRACER 920 (car)
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Phone Mount TRACER P 80 Gravee 2in1 (car)
Gravity phone mount that you can use for dashboard and air vent. Metallic design that will make every car elegant and fashionable. 360 degrees rotation for maximum comfort.
GSM car holder TRACER U33 Telescopic
Tracer Telescopic Phone Holder

The Tracer car holder is a must-have accessory for every driver. Fast and strong windshield or cockpit mount ensures the stability of the phone while driving, which is especially important when the smartphone is used as a GPS. The Tracer holder allows you to safely use the phone while driving. The device guarantees maximum phone protection and ensures the driver's comfort while traveling.

• Designed for smartphones with a diagonal of up to 7”.
• Suction cup allowing to mount the device on the windshield or cockpit.
• 170 mm extendable arm.
• 270 degree rotation.
• Tough and resistant material.
• Stable grip.

Perfect fit
The Tracer car holder is made of high-quality materials - you can be sure that it will serve you for many years. Designed for smartphones with a screen size of up to 7”, which makes it perfect for most popular models available on the market. Its great advantage is the telescopic arm, extendable up to 17 cm, and a rotating phone holder which allows you to set the phone in the most comfortable position. Thanks to a strong and stable grip, you can be sure the phone will not slip and fall to the floor, which might damage it.

Easy installation
The Tracer car holder is designed to be mounted on the windshield or cockpit. A strong suction cup with silicone ensures easy and quick installation, removal of the handle and adjustment of its position.

Safe use and transport of your phone
In the car, your smartphone is used not only to make and receive phonecalls - it usually also becomes a GPS device or a music player. It's not safe to leave it in the space between the front seats or on the dashboard shelf. Sometimes all it takes is to brake or accelerate suddenly to make the phone fall to the floor, which prevents its comfortable use, and often damages the device. Therefore, it is useful to invest in a stable car holder that will ensure safety of use and guarantee convenient access to the mounted device.
Car vent mobile mount UM1
Tracer UM01 Magnetic Holder: Your Perfect Travel Companion!

Are you looking for a convenient and functional holder for your phone or tablet that will make traveling by car easier and reduce stress? The Tracer UM01 holder is the ideal choice for you!

Universal and easy to install:
• The holder attaches to the car's air vent, which is extremely easy and does not require any tools.
• It fits most passenger, delivery, and heavy-duty vehicles, allowing you to use it in different cars.

Strong and secure:
• Equipped with a strong magnet that securely holds the phone, even on uneven roads.
• It has two additional cable holders, allowing you to organize them and prevent tangling.

Convenient and adjustable:
• The rotating head allows you to adjust the device vertically and horizontally, enabling optimal screen adjustment to your needs.
• 360-degree rotation provides even greater convenience.

Solid and durable:
• The UM01 holder is made of high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and reliability for many years.

The Tracer UM01 holder offers:
• Comfort and safety: Your phone will always be within reach, allowing you to safely use navigation, music, or make calls without taking your eyes off the road.
• Functionality and convenience: The holder is easy to install and remove, and its adjustability allows you to customize it to your needs.
• High quality: Solid construction with attention to detail ensures long-term use.

With the Tracer UM01 holder, traveling by car will become even more enjoyable and comfortable!

Additional information:
• No restrictions on the size of the phone - the holder fits all smartphone models.
• Color: black

Included in the package:
• Tracer UM01 Magnetic Holder
• 2 cable holders as standard
• Metal elements for the phone
TRACER UT2 Phone/Tablet Mount
TRACER UT2 Phone/Tablet Mount

The TRACER UT2 will make travelling with children much more comfortable and less stressful for both the driver and the passengers.

• tablet/phone mount for the headrest
• folding arm (up to 24 cm)
• rotating ball for setting it in any horizontal and vertical position
• perfect for long rides with children

Here are some more facts about the product:

Easy installation
The mount is very easy to install and remove. It is so universal, it will fit most car headrests.

Folding arm
The mount's folding arm can reach up to 24 cm for a safe and stable tablet or phone grip even in a moving vehicle.

Rotating ball
With the rotating ball, the holder can be positioned in any vertical or horizontal arrangement for optimum adjustment to your needs.

Durable and reliable
The TRACER UT2 is made of high-quality materials, which guarantees durability for years of reliable use.

To sum up, if you need a convenient and functional tablet or phone mount to facilitate car rides and reduce stress, the TRACER UT2 is the go-to solution.
Phone mount for the rear view mirror U11
TRACER U11 Rear mirror holder

Car holder U11 is an extremely practical accessory for everyone who spends a lot of time driving. It allows you to use your phone safely and comfortably when you’re at the wheel, which is especially handy when you use your smartphone for navigation. This device guarantees both maximum protection of your phone and the driver’s comfort while driving.

? Designed to fit smartphones with a diagonal of up to 7”
? Can be attached to a rearview mirror
? Can be tilted up/down or right/left
? Durable material
? Stable grip

Perfect match
Tracer car holder is a product made out of high-quality materials, which will allow you to use it for years. It is designed to fit a smartphone with a diagonal of up to 7”, which means that it is perfect for almost any popular smartphone model. One of its great features is that it can be tilted to any side. This function guarantees an optimal positioning of the screen. You can also be sure that a stable grip will prevent your device from slipping out and falling.

Easy to install
Tracer car holder is designed to be placed in a rearview mirror, which guarantees easy access to your phone. Thanks to its simple construction and intuitive operation, this holder can be easily mounted, demounted or regulated. Placing it under the mirror allows to look at the screen comfortably, while still having your eyes on the road. It also makes tracking your GPS positions easier. It should also be noted that the holder has an additional adapter that enables the device to be placed on the steering wheel. This feature is perfect for fans of two-wheeled vehicles.

Safe use of the smartphone
A smartphone in a car has many other functions other than making and receiving calls – it can be used as navigation or as a music player. Leaving it next to a gear lever or on a dashboard is not really safe. Sometimes all it takes is a sudden speed-up or sudden braking for the phone to fall on the floor, which may damage the device or make it impossible to use. It is worth investing in a stable car holder, which will guarantee the safety of use and easy access to your device.
Mobile phone stand TRACER TV79 - with BT, FM, USB, Powerbank function
Tracer TV79 Bluetooth Speaker Phone Stand

Tracer TV79 is an innovative device with a retro TV look. A designer Bluetooth speaker with a phone stand will quickly refresh your interior arrangement. The Tracer TV79 stand is incredibly compact and provides full stability and security for your smartphone. The built-in 5W loudspeaker provides crystal clear sound. Just put the phone on the stand and you can easily watch all kinds of content: movies, sports broadcasts, recipes.

• Up to 5 hours of battery life.
• Built-in 500 mAh battery.
• FM radio.
• USB and SD card reader.
• 5W loudspeaker.
• Dimensions: 190x90x130 mm.

Take your music with you - anywhere
Thanks to Bluetooth wireless connectivity, you can use this mini TV wherever you are. The Tracer stand works with any smartphone equipped with a Bluetooth module, which means that to play a party playlist or broadcast a match, all you need is a smartphone. The Bluetooth 5.0 standard ensures a stable connection within a 10 m radius.

Long-lasting battery
The Tracer TV79 stand with a speaker is equipped with a powerful battery that provides up to 5 hours of uninterrupted operation. You no longer have to worry that a discharged battery will ruin your evening. The built-in USB port makes it easy to recharge the device by connecting it e.g. to a computer.