PC Format – A GOOD SOUND August 2015
15 Wrzesień 2015

TRACER CITY is yet another line of the 2+1 loudspeaker series. This model is an ideal compromise between good parameters and attractive price. It does not matter whether you want to play, watch films or just listen to music – this model is going to satisfy all your needs!

In September edition, PC Format awarded the "BEST QUALITY / PRICE" prize to the 2+1 loudspeakers!

Here is what they wrote about us:
“A nicely finished headset in the MDF cover. The speakers and the subwoofer with a 9 cm transducer offer the sound quality matching that of Creative T3300 at a much lower price. One can have reservations about the sound; for example, sometimes they lack high tones and the low ones are not as deep as they should be but the general audio quality is very good. The set is not provided with a remote controller and the power and bas intensity is adjusted directly on the subwoofer. We have also received some comments about the blue indicator being too bright; additionally, when the sound is loud, the subwoofer tends to “walk” on the floor. 

ADVANTAGES: A very pleasing sound, Low tone adjustability

DISADVANTAGES: Lack of the headphone output socket