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Steering Wheel TRACER Roadster 4 in 1
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TRACER Rayder 4 in 1 PC/PS3/PS4/Xone
Dreaming of being successful in virtual car racing? Or maybe dynamic driving in a simulator is your passion, from which you want to get maximum satisfaction? Regardless of your motivation, the Tracer Rayder 4in1 Steering Wheel is the one accessory that you simply must have! Discover the amazing steering wheel made especially for racing – a high-end steering wheel for an amazing driving experience. The Tracer Rayder Steering Wheel belongs to the popular Gamezone line, created especially for gamers who value the combination of the highest quality workmanship and advanced features of gaming devices.

• Compatible with PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox ONE.
• 12 buttons.
• Vibration function.
• Spring acceleration.
• LED indicator.
• Maximum steering wheel turning angle – 180 degrees.
• Spring pedals.
• 180 cm long cable.

Dynamic driving
Thanks to the Tracer Rayder Steering Wheel, you will experience the realism of the game, which cannot be provided by a computer keyboard or even the best controller in the case of a console. The device has 12 buttons which make it is possible to intuitively control and precisely react to any situation on a virtual road. Ergonomically designed wheel has an adjustable turning angle of up to 180 degrees, which will allow you to adjust the steering wheel to various types of racing and rallies. Vibration system is designed to provide you with additional stimuli through a series of vibrations imitating movement on a specific surface. Spring accelerator pedals included in the set will give you the feeling of real control over your vehicle. You will feel like a rally driver participating in a real race.

Comfort of use
The Tracer Rayder Steering Wheel is made of durable plastic, which provides a realistic and precise operation. All elements are perfectly fitted so that you can make smooth movements while playing. The buttons are arranged in an intuitive way, which allows for a comfortable game. Stable mounting system ensures that your steering wheel will always remain firmly attached to the table top and nothing will spoil your gaming pleasure. Additional accessories, such as accelerator and brake pedals, will make you feel like you are in the cockpit of a real racing car.

Versatile solution
Participate in exciting races regardless of the platform. Your Tracer Rayder Steering Wheel is compatible both with PC, as well as with PS3, PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Have more than one gaming platform? Or maybe you are just planning to buy a console? With the Tracer steering wheel, you no longer have to worry about matching the device to the platform – you can freely switch between various systems. An additional advantage is that the device works in both X-Input and D-Input modes.
Game controllers & accessories / Steering Wheels