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Gamepad TRACER Recon PC
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Gamepad TRACER Shogun PRO PC/PS4
TRACER Shogun PRO Gamepad PC / PS3 / PS4

Are you a determined gamer who wants to dominate every gameplay? Or maybe you just like hanging out on the couch playing your favourite game? Tracer Shogun PRO wired gamepad is the perfect solution in both cases. It was developed as a precise tool that will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of virtual competitions.

• Vibration function.
• 4-way dualpad.
• Digital and analogue operating mode.
• 16 function buttons.
• TURBO and CLEAR functions.

Never accept defeat!
Tracer Gamepad is a device necessary for every fan of the latest sports, arcade and virtual racing games. It is equipped with a 4-way dualpad and 16 function buttons, which provides a unique atmosphere and dynamics to the game. The vibration function used in the device additionally increases the realism of the game. The gamepad can work in two modes: digital and analogue, which will allow you to precisely match it to the type of gameplay and gain even better control over the characters and vehicles in the game. Never give up and go for victory!

Always comfortable gameplay
The gamepad is a wired device, which greatly affects the stability of the game, minimizing delays and interference. Long cable (1.5 m) enables convenient connection with home appliances. The gamepad is made of high-quality materials which makes it a perfect choice for many hours of gaming. Ergonomic shape allows a good fit – the device lies securely and comfortably in the hand. The layout of the buttons and their sensitivity, adapted to modern, dynamic games, ensure precision and responsiveness in any situation.

PC or console?
With the Tracer Gamepad, you don't have to choose. The device works with both PC and PS3 / PS4 consoles, using the universal USB connector for signal transmission. This solution will not only allow you to access games compatible with all these platforms, but will also be perfect for a party with friends. So you can choose whether you want to play your favourite titles on your computer in the comfort of your home or visit a friend who owns a console. It is only up to you which platform you choose – just plug the Tracer gamepad in and enjoy the game.
Game controllers & accessories / Gamepads
Game controllers & accessories / Gamepads