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Sensor lamp TRACER PIR 1200mAh
Tracer PIR – lamp with movement sensor

A practical LED lamp with movement sensor will be perfect for wardrobes, stairs leading to garages or pantries. A smart sensor will activate the light as soon as it detects movement.

• 12 LEDs.
• Quick movement detector.
• 200 days on a single charge.
• Color temperature 6000-6500 K.
• Integrated 1200 mAh battery.

You can use this incredibly functional LED lamp in any place where light is needed without connecting it to the electricity network, e.g. Perfect for lighting the corridor, basement, interior of the wardrobe, stairs, shelves in the car, etc. The LED lamp has a motion sensor that detects movement within 100 ° at a distance of up to 3m. The lamp has a sensor thanks to which it reacts only in dark environment. Thanks to this function, it will not turn on unnecessarily when the surroundings are illuminated despite the detected movement.

The lamp has 2 possible settings: dim or bright light.
Lamp has a built-in 1200mAh battery. On a fully charged battery, the lamp will turn on about 1000 times, which on average means that on one charge the lamp will serve us for 200 days. When the lamp is discharged, we charge it with the included USB cable.
Our lamp can be attached to all flat, smooth, dry surfaces.

The set includes a self-adhesive holder that can be easily stuck to a flat surface. The lamp is clipped-in to the holder with hooks on the holder - thanks to this it is easy to unclip the lamp for charging.

Energy efficiency
The lamp will activate only when movement is detected around the sensor. If nothing happens, it will automatically go off a few seconds later. You no longer have to remember to turn off the light in the closet or in a room you seldom use, thus saving energy.

Lighting of poorly accessible spots
The Tracer lamp will be perfect for lighting tight spots, such as closets or small lockers, or as an additional light source in staircases, pantries, or basements.
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