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Spending many hours at your desk may be dangerous to your eyesight. One of the ways to protect it is to choose proper lighting. The Tracer Nero desk lamp provides light that won’t flicker and will lessen eye fatigue.

• LCD display showing time, date, temperature, and alarm clock.
• 3 light temperatures.
• Source of light: LEDs.
• Lifetime: up to 10 000h.
• Elegant, timeless design.

Protect your eyesight using proper lighting
When working at your desk, doing homework, drawing, or performing any other kind of precise activities, you need proper lighting. The Tracer Nero desk lamp can help you with that, providing light in your preferred temperature.

Comfort and stylish design
The Tracer Nero lamp is a small device with a timeless design. It will blend in perfectly in any interior. It is made of durable plastic and fitted with LEDs with lifetime of up to 10 000 hours. It allows the Tracer Nero desk lamp to serve you for years to come. Thanks to SMD LED diodes, used as the light source, the device does not heat, which makes it a safe solution for your child’s room.

Durability and high quality of materials
The Tracer Nero light is made of metal and high-quality ABS plastic which makes it extremely resistant to damage. High quality of materials also ensures long life of the device.

Three light temperatures
The Tracer Nero lamp emits light with power of 5W and a luminous flux of 320 lumens. The adjustment of the light color temperature (warm, neutral, cold) within the range of 2800 - 4500 - 6000K allows to adjust the light to your individual preferences.

LCD display with thermometer
On the back of the device, there are buttons allowing to configure the thermometer, date, and time. The Tracer Nero desk lamp also allows to set the alarm clock. All measurements are displayed on the LCD screen in the front panel.

Supply voltage: 5V DC
Power: 5 W
LED type and qty:: Non-replaceable light source 2835 SMD x 45 pcs. diodes
Lumens: 320lm
Color temperature: 2800k - 4500k - 6000k
Charger input voltage: AC100-240V~50/60Hz 0.3A
Lamp current: 1A
Beam angle: 120°
Working temperature:55°
Power factor: 0.5W
CRI: RA>80
Starting time: <2s
Stareting time up to 60%power: <1s
Stareting time up to 95%power: <2s
Product's life time: 5000h
Recommended switch on-off times: 50 000
Lamp base dimensions: 11 x 17 x 2.5cm
Lamp height: 33cm
Lamp arm length: 28.3cm
Net weight: 470g
Material: ABS
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