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Clip clamp metal desk lamp TRACER ARTISTA
Working at a desk often places a heavy burden on the eyes, so it is worth taking care of proper lighting that will not flicker and tire our eyesight. A good desk lamp makes learning easier, relieves the eyes and even helps to concentrate. If you are looking for a functional device that will make your work easier, choose Tracer Artista!

• Adjustable angle of inclination
• Desk mount
• Material: Metal
• Long cable

Ensure comfort of work
The Tracer Artista desk lamp is a robust device that can be easily and securely attached to a desk or other horizontal surfaces. Thanks to a stable mount, you can be sure that you will not accidentally knock it down when working in a small space. The lamp is equipped with a flexible arm with three joints, which allows you to adjust the angle of incidence of light. This will allow you to accurately illuminate the elements you are currently working on. By adjusting the angle of inclination of the lamp, you can also set it in such a way that direct light does not blind you.

Durable construction
The Tracer lamp is made of a combination of metal and ABS, which makes it extremely resistant to damage. The passage of time will not hurt it either – you can be sure that it will serve you for many a year. The device is equipped with a long cable (165 cm), so you will not have to organize your work space near a power socket. The switch located on the cable is a very practical solution – it allows for quick and convenient control of the lamp. Long, metal arm will allow you to illuminate most of your work surface.

Versatile light source
The lampshade is equipped with an E27 thread, which makes it a very versatile device, adapted to most light bulbs available on the market. You can use a light bulb from any energy class, from E to A ++, making Artista an energy-saving and environmentally friendly device. When choosing lighting for the lamp, take into account its other parameters – the best concentration and efficiency will be achieved with a colour temperature similar to daylight and a colour rendering index (Ra) above 80.

Material: Metal + ABS
Cable length: 1.65m
Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 74cm
Net weight: 735 g
CRI (color rendering index): Ra> 80
Supply voltage 230 V AC 50/60 Hz
Rated power: 40W
Insulation class: 2nd class
Type of light source: BULBS WITH THREAD E27 MAX 40 W
Protection against dust penetration: IP20
LIGHTING / Desk lamps
Spending many hours at your desk may be dangerous to your eyesight. One of the ways to protect it is to choose proper lighting. The Tracer Nero desk lamp provides light that won’t flicker and will lessen eye fatigue.

• LCD display showing time, date, temperature, and alarm clock.
• 3 light temperatures.
• Source of light: LEDs.
• Lifetime: up to 10 000h.
• Elegant, timeless design.

Protect your eyesight using proper lighting
When working at your desk, doing homework, drawing, or performing any other kind of precise activities, you need proper lighting. The Tracer Nero desk lamp can help you with that, providing light in your preferred temperature.

Comfort and stylish design
The Tracer Nero lamp is a small device with a timeless design. It will blend in perfectly in any interior. It is made of durable plastic and fitted with LEDs with lifetime of up to 10 000 hours. It allows the Tracer Nero desk lamp to serve you for years to come. Thanks to SMD LED diodes, used as the light source, the device does not heat, which makes it a safe solution for your child’s room.

Durability and high quality of materials
The Tracer Nero light is made of metal and high-quality ABS plastic which makes it extremely resistant to damage. High quality of materials also ensures long life of the device.

Three light temperatures
The Tracer Nero lamp emits light with power of 5W and a luminous flux of 320 lumens. The adjustment of the light color temperature (warm, neutral, cold) within the range of 2800 - 4500 - 6000K allows to adjust the light to your individual preferences.

LCD display with thermometer
On the back of the device, there are buttons allowing to configure the thermometer, date, and time. The Tracer Nero desk lamp also allows to set the alarm clock. All measurements are displayed on the LCD screen in the front panel.

Supply voltage: 5V DC
Power: 5 W
LED type and qty:: Non-replaceable light source 2835 SMD x 45 pcs. diodes
Lumens: 320lm
Color temperature: 2800k - 4500k - 6000k
Charger input voltage: AC100-240V~50/60Hz 0.3A
Lamp current: 1A
Beam angle: 120°
Working temperature:55°
Power factor: 0.5W
CRI: RA>80
Starting time: <2s
Stareting time up to 60%power: <1s
Stareting time up to 95%power: <2s
Product's life time: 5000h
Recommended switch on-off times: 50 000
Lamp base dimensions: 11 x 17 x 2.5cm
Lamp height: 33cm
Lamp arm length: 28.3cm
Net weight: 470g
Material: ABS
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Notebook screen lamp Tracer 54 LED
TRACER 54 LED Notebook lamp

If you are a night owl and you like to work in the evenings or even at night, then a laptop lamp is an essential accessory for you. Of course, you can buy traditional desk lighting, but a TRACER Notebook Lamp will be a much better solution, because you attach it to your device and take it wherever you want.

• Luminous Flux: 250 lm for a narrow 90° cone.
• 3 colour temperatures (3000K, 4500K, 6500K).
• Power – 5W.
• 54 LEDs.
• The clip is designed for monitors with a thickness of 7mm and less.

Comfort at work and at leisure
Working in difficult conditions, in the evening or at night, while the rest of the household is asleep, requires appropriate equipment. The answer is the TRACER Notebook Lamp. It is equipped with 54 LEDs, thanks to which the light beam is strong enough to enable comfortable work. The lamp provides three colour temperatures: 3000K, 4500K and 6500K, which makes it easy to adjust its operation to your needs. Cold light will work well when you need maximum concentration, and warm light will allow you to relax while reading.

The lamp is powered via USB directly in your laptop. This makes it an efficient and energy-saving solution during long hours of work at night. Thanks to the convenient clip, you can easily mount the device on your notebook – the lamp works with monitors with a thickness of 7 mm and less, which includes most laptops on the market. The device uses only 5W of power, so you do not have to worry about high electricity consumption. It is also worth remembering that LEDs are extremely efficient light sources – their durability will make your lamp serve you for a long time.
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Sensor lamp TRACER PIR 1200mAh
Tracer PIR – lamp with movement sensor

A practical LED lamp with movement sensor will be perfect for wardrobes, stairs leading to garages or pantries. A smart sensor will activate the light as soon as it detects movement.

• 12 LEDs.
• Quick movement detector.
• 200 days on a single charge.
• Color temperature 6000-6500 K.
• Integrated 1200 mAh battery.

You can use this incredibly functional LED lamp in any place where light is needed without connecting it to the electricity network, e.g. Perfect for lighting the corridor, basement, interior of the wardrobe, stairs, shelves in the car, etc. The LED lamp has a motion sensor that detects movement within 100 ° at a distance of up to 3m. The lamp has a sensor thanks to which it reacts only in dark environment. Thanks to this function, it will not turn on unnecessarily when the surroundings are illuminated despite the detected movement.

The lamp has 2 possible settings: dim or bright light.
Lamp has a built-in 1200mAh battery. On a fully charged battery, the lamp will turn on about 1000 times, which on average means that on one charge the lamp will serve us for 200 days. When the lamp is discharged, we charge it with the included USB cable.
Our lamp can be attached to all flat, smooth, dry surfaces.

The set includes a self-adhesive holder that can be easily stuck to a flat surface. The lamp is clipped-in to the holder with hooks on the holder - thanks to this it is easy to unclip the lamp for charging.

Energy efficiency
The lamp will activate only when movement is detected around the sensor. If nothing happens, it will automatically go off a few seconds later. You no longer have to remember to turn off the light in the closet or in a room you seldom use, thus saving energy.

Lighting of poorly accessible spots
The Tracer lamp will be perfect for lighting tight spots, such as closets or small lockers, or as an additional light source in staircases, pantries, or basements.
LIGHTING / Desk lamps