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Car Charger TRACER 12-24V Fast charge 2 x USB QC 3.0 PROMO S ET
The Quick Charge 3.0 technology
The Quick Charge 3.0 technology uses dedicated algorithms to estimate current power demand of the device, which is charged with a full capacity up-to four times faster than in case of standard solutions.
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Tracer Soundcharge T1 - a useful gadget for every driver

Soundcharge T1 is a modern car transmitter with a hands-free speakerphone system. FM transmitter allows you to significantly expand the functions of the car audio system. With the Soundcharge device, you can enjoy your favourite songs on a long car journey. If you need to use the transmitter, simply connect it to the cigarette lighter socket. Navigate, talk and listen to music wherever you are!
• Modern design, nice and big screen
• Hands free calls
• Bluetooth streaming (cordless)
• MicroSD up to 32 GB
• Quick Charge 3.0

Impressive design
Nowadays the design plays the key part, which is why the Soundcharge T1 transmitter has been designed to perfectly fit into both the modern and the older interior of the car. This is an extremely functional gadget that will enhance the visual qualities of your car. Convenient to use, the transmitter is equipped with a large 1.4 "display, and the gooseneck helps you adjust the handlebar in any angle.

Hands-free speakerphone system for more driving comfort
Built-in microphone lets the transmitter be used as a set to conveniently have telephone conversations while driving a car. Device transmits voice calls from a mobile phone to the car stereo via Bluetooth, which significantly increases the safety and comfort of travel.

Streaming Bluetooth
This convenient and functional device allows you to stream music from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.2. From now, on while driving, you can enjoy your favorite songs even from the Tidal and Spotify applications.

Music from the MicroSD card
With Soundcharge T1 you can listen to your favorite songs in the popular MP3 / WMA / WAV formats and in the lossless FLAC format directly from the car radio speakers. All you need to do is connect a MicroSD card to the device. The FM transmitter is a great convenience for owners of older car models whose radio sets only support CDs or cassette tapes. The device supports cards with a maximum capacity of 32 GB.

Quick charge 3.0 - fast charging for new mobile devices
Equipped with two USB ports, Soundcharge T1 can act as a charger for smartphone, tablet or navigation. The USB Quick Charge port provides super-fast power source.
Glue Gun TRACER P1 black
Hot glue gun P1 Black is necessary tool in garage and craftmen's works, decor, ormanents, floristry, craft.
Perfect connect little elements together. Adiitional stand helps to put the glue gun on flat surface.
Light and easy to use. Ergonomic shape makes work enjoyable.

- heating time: 4 minutes
- power: 10W
- multipurpose: decoupage, floristry, DIY, small repair
- 8 standard glue sticks 7 x 100 mm
- cable lenght: 100 cm
Digital writing pad Tracer Memo
Tracer Memo – forget about the post-its

With the Tracer Memo electronic notebook, you will forget about hundreds of post-it lists of things to do. You can instantly write down an important note, a shopping list or leave a message for your loved ones. Tracer Memo is a dream device for taking quick notes.

• Eco-friendly
• Handy and mobile
• Perfect for children and students
• Easy to hang

Enjoy at home and on the go
Super light and thin, weighing only 115 g, Tracer Memo can assist you at any time. The digital notepad has an 8.5 inch LCD screen, on which you can freely write or draw with the included stylus. When the note is no longer needed, just press the clean-up button and the image will disappear immediately. The device consumes only a small amount of energy, so you can easily take it with you on a long journey.

A modern whiteboard for your child
Tracer Memo is also a great entertainment for students and preschoolers. With a digital notebook, learning to write or solve math problems will become great fun.

Family info board for the fridge door
Due to a small indent in the casing and magnets on the back of the notebook, you can hang it on a corkboard or a metal surface. Tracer Memo is a perfect gadget to be used as a family info board, e.g. on a fridge.

Fits the modern ecotrends
The Tracer Memo digital notebook saves a lot of paper, making it an ideal gadget also for those who care about ecology.
This simple to use and reliable device will allow you to fully focus on your presentation. Forget about stress, with the Tracer Bolt laser presenter you can freely control your slide show. With the Tracer Bolt presenter, you will always make the perfect impression.

Convenience without complications
The Tracer presenter will provide you with convenience during presentations. Eight practical buttons allow you to freely change the slides, making it easy to focus on communicating the most important information. Intuitive button layout allows you to focus your attention on the audience, and a bright red laser pointer will be clearly visible on every background.

Reliable connectivity
Wireless 2.4 GHz technology allows you to freely move the pointer around the screen and change slides even from a distance of 20 meters. Forget wires that get in your way. The nanoUSB receiver is stored in the device, in a special built-in compartment. You no longer have to worry about getting it lost or damaged.

High compatibility
The Tracer Bolt laser presenter is compatible with both Windows and macOs systems as well as with any popular slide show software. You no longer have to worry that your indicator will not work during the meeting.

• Interface: USB 2.0
• Power supply: 1 x AAA
• Number of buttons: 8
• Volume control
• Sensor technology: laser
• Receiver: nanoUSB
• Data transmission: Wireless RF 2.4 GHz
• Maximum range: up to 20 m
TRACER LUMINA LED table lamp with wireless charger 5W and USB charger PROMO SET
You do not need to buy several devices - buy once, but be wise. We offer the TRACER LUMINA lamp with wireless charging, which from now on will become the most useful piece of equipment of your apartment. The lamp generates cold or warm light, depending on your preferred settings. So you can use them as an element of decoration, as well as a must-have for reading or doing homework for children. The device also has a 5W wireless charging function, moreover, the owners of older generation phones can also use the built-in USB port for charging. The port will also be useful for charging other devices with this standard, e.g. loudspeakers, tablets, IP cameras.

The arm of the lamp is fully adjustable to provide you and your eyes with proper viewing angles. You can use one of offered lighting modes: cold and warm. Light can be set by a modern touch panel. It is very pleasant to read a best selling book by LUMINA, you can create a mood for evening binge-watching or put it as a bedside lamp. It also successfully fulfills its function as an office lamp.

The LED light is emitted by 28 diodes. It is healthy for the eyes, it prevents flickering, which improves the comfort of looking. LED technology is also more economical and environmentally friendly. Solutions based on LED light gain more and more supporters among conscious consumers every year.

Power: max 7w
Lumens: max 240Lux(30CM)
Color temperature:5000-6500K
Charger input voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
lamp current: 800mA
Beam angle: 120°
Working temperature: :- 20 ~ + 50°C
Power factor: >0.4
CRI: 85 >Ra
LED type and qty: 28PCS SMD2835
Starting time: <0.5 S
Starting time up tp 60% power: <1 S
Starting time up tp 95% power: <2 S
Life time of the product: 35 000 h
Switch on/off times: 35 000
Protection: IP20
Wireless charger: 5V 1A 5W
USB charger output: 5V 1A
Note: USB chargers sold separately.
LED Ring Lamp (diameter 30cm) with 210cm tripod
Even the best cameras or video recorders cannot provide high quality image if the object is not properly illuminated. Whether you're streaming on Twitch, recording videos on Tik Tok, or running an Instagram account, the Tracer RING USB ring light will bring a new quality to your creations!

An indispensable piece of equipment for gaming streamers
Streaming games, usually in the evening hours, requires intense, but properly diffused lighting so that the image from the camera is not overexposed and does not create undesirable shadows on the face. The biggest streamers on Twitch already know it, replacing the previously used lighting with ring lamps, connected directly to their PCs!

Tik Tok and Instagram creators’ must-have piece of equipment
Ring lights are used not only in the gaming world, but also in other areas of streaming! Compact design, perfect lighting conditions and the ability to adjust the colour temperature will also be appreciated by content creators on platforms such as Tik Tok or Instagram.

A PC accessory essential for video conferences and e-school!
Built-in or accessory PC cameras, even those with LEDs lighting, do not illuminate the user sufficiently to ensure high image quality. They convey a dark and grainy image in low light conditions. In the era of more and more common online communication, video quality is becoming increasingly important – a ring light connected to the USB port is the perfect complement to your video conference station!

Floor version of the Tracer RING ring lamp, with even more LEDs, designed for people who require more power and greater ability to adjust the position of the lighting source.

12” lamp | 160 LEDs
Our 12” ring lamp has an inner diameter of 24 cm (30 cm outer) and 160 LEDs, evenly distributed in the housing of the lamp. The lamp has light intensity adjustment in the range of 600-1300 lm and colour temperature adjustment (3 modes) in the range of 2700 to 7000 K.

It features a telephone holder mount included in the set, which allows you to place your smartphone in the centre of the ring.

Illuminated remote control on the USB cable
The lamp has a dedicated remote control on the USB power cable, allowing you to turn the lamp on and off, change light intensity and colour temperature. In order to facilitate the management of lamp parameters in difficult lighting conditions, the buttons on the remote control are backlit. The length of the power cable is 200 cm.

Adjustable tripod with swivel head
In the set, the user gets a massive studio tripod, made of durable materials and with a wide range of adjustment possibilities. In the folded (transport) form, it is only 68 cm long, and in the assembly mode, the tripod can work in the range of 68-210 cm. The tripod has non-slip feet, which makes the set more stable.

Along with the tripod, the user gets a dedicated mounting head that connects the tripod to the light ring. It allows you to adjust the inclination of the ring in relation to the tripod, in each direction.

• The set features a 30cm ring lamp, a 210cm tripod and a remote control to adjust light intensity and colour
• The lamp has 160 LEDs
• Our model emits light with a temperature of 2700-7000K. This means that the colours on the model or the photographed object will be perfectly rendered on the image.
• 3 colour temperatures: cold, warm, neutral. Each of the colours has 10 levels of light intensity, which in total gives 30 different variations.
• 14.5W lamp – emits light with a power of 900-1700 lumens, depending on the selected mode. The lamp in mode 10, regardless of the selected light colour, emits a very high-quality light.
• The tripod has non-slip feet, which makes the set more stable
• The tripod measures 68cm when folded, which makes it very handy and easy to carry, allowing for outdoor shoots. It can be adjusted to different heights. When fully open, it is 210cm high.
• The tripod has a swivel head that allows you to set any angle
• Flexible phone holder
• The lamp is powered by a 200 cm USB cable.

The lamp requires a 5V DC power supply with a minimum intensity of 500mA (can be connected to a computer USB port). However the full declared power is achieved when connected to a 5V / 3A power supply.
TRACER T-Watch Luna S9
Discover a new dimension of mobile communication with Tracer Luna S9. A modern Tracer T-Watch is a comfortable and functional device fitted with a large and clear touchscreen with 1.3 inch diagonal. It supports both the iOS and the Android system and connects through Bluetooth 5.0, which makes it compatible with most smartphones available on the market. Tracer T-Watch Luna features functions helping you organize your time and work, e.g. calendar or alerts; the device will also be perfect for those who like to live actively – it has a sports mode and an integrated sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, and pedometer.

• Screen: 1.3”.
• Resolution: 240x240 DPI.
• Bluetooth connection.
• Integrated camera.
• Blood pressure monitor.
• Heart rate monitor.
• Sports modes.
• Water tightness: IP54.
• Sleep monitoring.
• Pedometer.
• E-mail and social media notifications.

Most important notifications – from your phone to your wrist
T-Watch Luna S9 displays smartphone notifications. You’ll always be prompted about new texts, calls, or social media notifications. You choose which of them you want displayed on your T-Watch screen.

Stay in touch
With our Luna smartwatch, you’ll always stay in touch. All you need to do is pair your social media apps with the watch, and you’ll receive notifications of each message, text, or invitation to an event. You’ll be able to read them all on your T-Watch screen without having to look at your phone.

T-Watch Luna has an integrated camera that allows to take pictures discreetly. You’ll be able to capture every moment without having to take your phone out of your pocket or purse. Moreover, water tightness allows you to take pictures even in the pouring rain.

Your personal trainer on your wrist
With Luna S9 watch, you can set your training goals and you’ll be able to keep track with your progress. You can plan alerts and notifications in order to be able to manage your time more efficiently. Keep it healthy by monitoring your sleep, number of steps, and blood pressure.