Cable TRACER USB/Iphone 5, Ipad 4, mini Ipad
Cable TRACER USB/Iphone 5, Ipad 4, mini Ipad
Cable TRACER USB/Iphone 5, Ipad 4, mini Ipad
Cable TRACER USB/Iphone 5, Ipad 4, mini Ipad
Product code TRAKBK43616
Cable TRACER USB/Iphone 5, Ipad 4, mini Ipad
USB 2.0 Cable to connect peripheral (Iphone, Ipad) devices to a computer.
USB 2.0 Cable to connect peripheral (Iphone, Ipad) devices to a computer.

KUP: Cable TRACER USB/Iphone 5, Ipad 4, mini Ipad
Cable TRACER USB/Iphone 5, Ipad 4, mini Ipad
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TAKE ME USB NOTEBOOK LIGHT is specially designed for notebook users. USB power supply enables you to light up your notebook anywhere you wish.
Wattmeter Tracer Powersale
Nobody likes to pay high bills, especially for electricity. Electronic devices have more and more presence in our homes, they improve our work and everyday life, but often use a lot of electricity. Incorrectly selected electricity tariff can lead to high expenses. Now you can control energy consumption and cost. Using the wattmeter, you will quickly identify the biggest "energy vampires" and be able to enjoy greater savings by changing the devices to use less electricity or a more favourable tariff.

• Large, legible display.
• Easy operation and large buttons.

100% control over energy consumption
The wattmeter, when connected to a given device, measures the energy it consumes. After setting the electricity tariff, you can calculate electricity consumption of your TV or game console during operation and stand-by periods. Power consumption is displayed in watts / volts / ampers and hertz.

Useful operation modes
The meter has 7 operating modes enabling reading of such values as the total amount of energy, voltage / frequency, power factor, maximum and minimum power as well as cost of electricity consumption. The device has all the required certificates, so you can be sure of its safety and accuracy.

– displayed values: power factor, energy consumed, frequency, power consumption, load, voltage, current time, fees amount
– measurement accuracy: 1%
– load: max. 3680W
– outlet for the grounding pin
– battery: Ni-Mh 3.6V
– operating temperature: -10° C to +40°C

Wide range of measurement:
– electricity measurement: 0.0 ~ 9999,9kWh
– power measurement: 0.0 ~ 9999W
– current measurement: 0.01 ~ 16A
– voltage measurement: 200 ~ 240V; 50 / 60Hz

Modes of operation
– mode 1: Time / Watts / Cost
– mode 2: Time / Total amount of energy
– mode 3: Time / Voltage / Frequency
– mode 4: Time / Current / Power factor
– mode 5: Time / Minimum power
– mode 6: Time / Maximum power
– mode 7: Time / Price
Digital writing pad Tracer Memo
Tracer Memo – forget about the post-its

With the Tracer Memo electronic notebook, you will forget about hundreds of post-it lists of things to do. You can instantly write down an important note, a shopping list or leave a message for your loved ones. Tracer Memo is a dream device for taking quick notes.

• Eco-friendly
• Handy and mobile
• Perfect for children and students
• Easy to hang

Enjoy at home and on the go
Super light and thin, weighing only 115 g, Tracer Memo can assist you at any time. The digital notepad has an 8.5 inch LCD screen, on which you can freely write or draw with the included stylus. When the note is no longer needed, just press the clean-up button and the image will disappear immediately. The device consumes only a small amount of energy, so you can easily take it with you on a long journey.

A modern whiteboard for your child
Tracer Memo is also a great entertainment for students and preschoolers. With a digital notebook, learning to write or solve math problems will become great fun.

Family info board for the fridge door
Due to a small indent in the casing and magnets on the back of the notebook, you can hang it on a corkboard or a metal surface. Tracer Memo is a perfect gadget to be used as a family info board, e.g. on a fridge.

Fits the modern ecotrends
The Tracer Memo digital notebook saves a lot of paper, making it an ideal gadget also for those who care about ecology.
Steering Wheel Tracer GTR USB/PS2/PS3
Tracer Super Seven Wheel belongs to technically advanced devices to be applied in motor, racing and simulation games. Vibration Feedback technology, antislip material application, ergonomic handle and button shape allow a convenient operation and full enjoyment. On the wheel there are 10 functional buttons and 8-direction dualpad. The attached pedals guarantee reality of the game. The wheel can work with PC computer.
Glue Gun TRACER P2 purple
Hot glue gun P2 Purple is necessary tool in garage and craftmen's works, decor, ormanents, floristry, craft.
Perfect connect little elements together. Adiitional stand helps to put the glue gun on flat surface.
Light and easy to use. Ergonomic shape makes work enjoyable.

- heating time: 4 minutes
- power: 10W
- multipurpose: decoupage, floristry, DIY, small repair
- 5 neutral and 3 glitter glue sticks 7 x 100 mm
- cable lenght: 100 cm